ATTENTION: All video marketers alike, this message is for you....

"Now You Can Get Top Tier Royalty-Free Audio Without The Massive Price Tag And Limited Usage Licensing Issues..."

This Means Never Having To Worry About Copyright Issues,
And No More Of Your Videos Being Removed For Unlicensed Audio...

Finding Quality Music Costs Time

Why waste your time and efforts trying to find quality music with clear licensing terms? With the right toolkit in hand, you'll be able to pump out videos without a regards for any sort of licensing fees or hazards arising down the road.

Stock Audio Sites
Are Overpriced

Most of the well known websites are very pricey for just one track of a set length. We're talking up to $10 and more for one song along with a limited usage license agreement. Why would you even subject yourself to that solution?

Repercussions Can Be Expensive

By just going about your business and using any track for the background music in your video, you can face a hefty fine of up to $150,000 USD PER incident. You may also be sued by the copyright owner. Can you actually afford that kind of money?

Video Marketing
Is Hazardous

It's been widely discussed that websites like YouTube, Vimeo and more, can all mute or even remove your videos at the drop of a hat. That means your hard work is gone, and you could catch a bad reputation as a result of poor planning.


The Truth About Royalty-Free Music

From: Your Name
RE: Your Video Marketing Campaigns Are At Risk...

Dear Fellow Marketer,

What I'm about to reveal to you will send you for a loop...

You see...

Most "Royalty-Free" Music Is Not Truly Royalty-Free.

Far too many marketers out there are utilizing some of the biggest advertising networks in their primary marketing efforts. Networks like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.

The problem is that many of these networks have very strict guidelines regarding the (background) music you can use in your projects.
What this means for you is that if you're just using improperly licensed background music in your videos, advertisements, or any sort of projects, you run a major risk of having your video removed, muted, or even having your account suspended and deleted.

Consequently, you may also be facing some legal issues just from violating the copyright laws.

So... the solution? Royalty-free background audio.

However, there's still another problem even with this.

Well.. truly royalty-free background music is often times quite expensive, just for a very limited usage license. We're talking anywhere from $5 up to $50 (or more) per song.

At the same time, you also need to be very wary of the licensing agreement that comes with the purchase of stock audio from anywhere nowadays.

Often times, the composer or producer of the music in question may still need to get compensated for it's usage or at east, credited for their work.

Trust me, the entire process can be really confusing and painful.

What I'm Getting At Is, If You...

Own a YouTube account with a large following, with engaged fans, traffic pulling videos, and a lot of views...

Use YouTube to share content that establishes authority in your niche or marketing campaign(s)...

Rely on YouTube for traffic generation purposes to your own site, business, or affiliates pages...

...Then You MUST Follow The Terms of Service & Guidelines

Your Videos Could Be Taken Down Without Notice.
This Could Lose You Fans, Prospects, Leads, And Clients.
Ultimately, You Lose Traffic, And Most Importantly...
You Lose MONEY.

Not only that, but should we get into the legal aspect of pandora's box that you could potentially be opening? Copyright laws are nasty to violate, and in some cases if the other party decides to take you to court, you could be fined up to $150,000

A copyright owner may elect to recover statutory damages at any time prior to final judgment; such damages can range anywhere from as little as $200 for innocent infringements to $150,000 for willful infringements.

- The Copyright Act

Think About It... Is Your Business Worth Risking For Even $100?

Your Sales Could Plummet From Not Having Properly Licensing Background AudioLet's say that you do decide to venture out and try to buy royalty-free music to use in your project. Maybe you're in a hurry or maybe you're feeling ambitious

Once you find the track you're happy with, which can take FOREVER, you still have to account for the price you're going to pay just to buy the song and use it in your project.

Take a wild guess what you could be paying?

$5 per song, $19 per song, $49 per song, even $99 for a bunch of songs

It's actually pretty crazy to see the prices, especially as a marketer myself. It really narrows down the potential for creativity.

Furthermore, if your work revolves around using plenty of royalty-free music, it can really add up quickly.
Avoid The Risk Of Having Your Video Campaigns Ruined And Use Royalty Free Background Songs
It could very easily cost you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars just to own a measly handful of quality royalty-free songs.

But wait... you still have to account for the fine print on the license you received when you paid an arm and a leg for each song.

Between the headache that is searching for high quality stock audio that has a flexible licensing agreement...

The myriad of consequences you could face for simply ignoring the usage of royalty-free music in your projects...

And the quite frankly put, mundane aspect, of just using nothing as background music at all...

It can honestly seem like there isn't a cost-effective yet safe to use solution.

Let's Be Realistic Here...

Your answer to these 3 questions will determine the decision you should make.

Have you done any work for any clients that may not have had the proper licensing for the music used?

Do you actually have the license agreement on file for the music you used in your very last video or product?

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to use affordable high quality royalty-free music fast?

We Have The Final Solution For You:

Your Company Presents...

The Lounge Beats & Chill Out Collection

Completely Original 100% Royalty-Free Background Music

  • The Lounge Beats Collection Features:
  • 35 Royalty-Free Fully Licensed Tracks
  • 100% Original Lounge & Chill Out Compositions
  • Each Track Is Split Into 4+ Length Segments
  • Contains "Ending" / "Fade Out" Clips For Every Track
  • Every Audio File Can Be Looped Seamlessly
  • A Combined Total Of Over 300+ Audio Files

It's no surprise that video making has taken over in so many aspects of online advertising.

With Google search queries showing videos as the top of results, it can be assumed that video marketing will only continue to flourish.

We've already talked extensively about the ins and outs of making your videos look professional and high quality. We've also discussed the means of obtaining royalty-free background audio and it's importance.

Now you can make the ultimate decision to secure over 300 audio files with completely royalty-free license attachment to them. All for a ONE TIME payment.

This package contains 35 professionally recorded, arranged, and mastered audio / music tracks in the lounge beats and chill out music style.

Each one of these 35 tracks is split into 4 OR MORE length segments. Such as (approximately) 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 60 seconds, and then 2 to 4 minutes total.

Additionally each one of these segments can be seamlessly looped to create customized lengths by using one or more of the accompanying lengths of tracks.

Finally, you can ease your background music track out with a perfect "ender" / "fade out" audio clip / segment.

All of this comes packaged along with a very clearly outlined royalty-free license agreement, allowing you to use these audio files for your own projects as many times as you'd like.

You can save a ton of money, pay one time, and know all of your options plus have MORE options all in one shot.

Listen To Some Of The Included Tracks

These demo tracks only show a few of the super top of the line quality background tracks that you'll get with your purchase of the Lounge Beats Collection V1.

Keep in mind that each of the 35 unique songs comes in a minimum of 4 lengths:

  • ~15-20 seconds
  • ~30-40 seconds
  • ~60-80 seconds
  • ~Full Length (120s-240s+)

  • And then an ending / outro segment as well.

    Each track is able to be seamlessly looped as well, ideal for creating the perfect length every single usage.

    Here's A Breakdown Of The Track Variations...

    ~15-20 Seconds
    Intros / Stingers

    This length is perfect for introductions, swells, stingers, sweeps and just about any production that requires just a snippet of some music. There is often several variations of the ~15-20 second clip in this package.

    ~30-40 Seconds
    More Variation

    While also ideal for intros and outros, this segment very often contains variations on the initial track. This track section often progresses over time allowing you to easily loop the file for any length you'd like for your project.

    ~60-80 Seconds
    Long Loops

    The perfect solution for shorter length videos and other media productions. This version, like others, also evolves over time as the track progresses. Especially great for looping seamlessly because of it's length.

    ~2-4 Minutes
    Full Length

    This is the full production of the song. Meaning it has the shape and arrangement of a full song. Excellent choice for really any type of project. You can also loop this segment to achieve the desired length

    Section Building Block Loops
    Craft Your Own Soundtrack

    This is something we have never seen done before with stock music. We're giving you several variation segments all of the same length. For instance, you will have an intro segment, a main segment, a variation on the main segment, and then maybe a bridge or interlude segment. Each audio file will be say, about 20 seconds in length and capable of being looped seamlessly. You can then take these audio files and arrange them to create the perfect length and variation of the chosen song. This allows you full creative control of the music in the project you're working with. On average, most songs in this section will have 4 segments provided.

    Ending / Outro Segment
    Finely Tuned

    Let's surmise that you decide to loop one of the segments included in this package so that it meets the length requirements for your project. You could always just do a fade out of the audio towards the end of the video. But in this case, we wanted to give you options to choose from. Every track in this package comes with a ready to go "ending" clip so that you can slap this at the end of your audio track and seamlessly end your presentation.

    What Can These Audio Tracks Be Used For?

    • Websites
    • Videos of ALL kinds
    • Television Commercials
    • Software
    • Mobile Apps
    • Video Games
    • Physical Products
    • Podcasts
    • Tradeshows
    • Audio For Rolling Credits
    • Radio Broadcasting
    • Audio or Video Postcards
    • Hold Music
    • Logo Stingers
    • Sweepers
    • Radio Advertisements
    • Audio Background Tracks
    • Video Testimonials
    • Audio Books
    • Films
    • Screencasts
    • Business Presentations
    • Promotional Videos
    • Teaser Videos
    • Seminars
    • Powerpoint Presentations
    • PDF Documents
    • Teleseminars
    • Introductions
    • And So Much More!

    What You'll Receive In This Package:

    Module #1:

    300+ Original Audio Tracks
    Value $500

    This package contains 35 completely royalty-free background tracks in the style of lounge and chill out music. Each track in this package is split into various lengths (4+) and even other variations of different lengths. A grand total of over 300 audio files are in this package.

    Module #2:

    Royalty-Free Usage License
    Value $400

    Worry not about your rights, as they are clearly outlined in the easy to understand licensing PDF document that you will receive with your purchase of this package. You can use these tracks as many times as you'd like in any way you see fit.

    Module #3:

    Quick Start Training Guide
    Value $50

    Many individuals would be surprised to find out how easy it can be to tweak and edit audio files to better suit the project being created. This quick and informative training guide shows you exactly how you can maximize your usage of this product and even others.

    In these 3 awesome modules, you'll be fully set and ready to start utilizing this audio in your projects again and again.

    It's really that easy to have amazing quality background music for your videos and more.

    With the included licensing documentation, you'll know exactly what your guidelines are for this music.

    There's no guess work and no worrying.

    The songs contained in this product are truly royalty-free and non-copyrighted.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are the tracks contained in this product completely original and copyright-free?

    A: Yes, the music productions in this specific package were written and arranged specifically for this product and this product only.

    You will not find these tracks anywhere else on the Internet or on the market. The productions are completely original to this offer.


    Q: What file format(s) will I receive? What is this OGG audio file format?

    A: You will receive the OGG format, which is a free, open container format maintained by the Xiph.Org Foundation. The creators of the Ogg format state that it is unrestricted by software patents and is designed to provide for efficient streaming and manipulation of high quality digital multimedia.

    Because of the different loop segments we provide in our packages, we need to use an audio file format that is completely gapless. MP3 files actually have a very very small amount of silence at the beginning and end of the song / track / file. When you try to loop an MP3 file version of one of the loops in our packages, there will be a slight stutter when the track ends and the loop (new track) starts.

    The OGG audio file format comes out to roughly the same file size as the MP3 counter part, and better yet – there's no tiny (annoying) gap of silence at the start or end of any of the files. This allows us to provide you (the consumer) with an awesome arsenal of audio files that truly are able to be looped, chopped, and customized to fit your project(s).

    Furthermore, the OGG file format is widely accepted and used among many different video and audio editing software platforms. This means that you don't have to do any searching for software that allows you to use the awesome OGG audio file format. We include more documentation and information in the package you'll receive.


    Q: What is the price that I have to pay for every usage of a track from this package? Is there a limit to the amount of projects I use these tracks in?

    A: Absolutely nothing after today. You receive a royalty-free unlimited personal usage license along with your purchase. You will never have to pay another cent to use the Lounge Beats Collection on your personal projects again.


    Q: Will I receive license documentation with my purchase?

    A: Yes, you are going to receive a PDF document that outlines exactly what your rights are that come with the royalty-free license for this package. This means you don't have to guess what is and isn't allowed. You can simply check the licensing agreement and ensure what you're doing is allowed.


    Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

    A: Yes, there is a 30 day money-back guarantee. Although the nature of this product and the contents are clearly outlined on this page, we want to ensure that you are fully 100% satisfied.

    In the event that you're not completely happy with your purchase of the Lounge Beats Collection Volume 1 background music package, just contact our support and let us know.


    How About A Money-Back Guarantee?

    To spruce this deal up even more, I'm offering you my exclusive, highly regarded, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee.

    Just check it out below:

    Your purchase is absolutely risk free. Try the product for 30 days, and if you're not totally satisfied, just send me an email and I'll send you a refund right away - no questions asked. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

    *Note: In order for this guarantee to be valid, you must request your refund via e-mail so that it can be processed properly. If you open a dispute via PayPal, then this entire guarantee will automatically become null & void at that moment.

    However, I'm certain you're going to be fully stoked on your purchase of this kick butt product.

    ...And Look At The Flexible Licensing Terms

    In the spirit of being completely open, honest, and on the table - here are the exact licensing terms that come packaged with this product:

    • [YES] Can use on as many personal projects as you'd like (Personal Use License)
    • [YES] Can use without paying royalties towards any of the tracks (Royalty-Free License)
    • [YES] Can use without giving credit towards any of the tracks (Royalty-Free License)
    • [NO] Cannot sell with a personal use license.
    • [NO] Cannot offer this product as part of a PAID membership site.
    • [NO] Cannot give this product or any part of this product away for free.
    • [NO] Cannot sell (or giveaway) resell rights to this product.
    • [NO] Cannot sell or giveaway this product to any client or work associated business.

    Yes! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that with my purchase, I will receive:
    • An immediate download of this full package sent to my email inbox.
    • The royalty-free for all of the audio files in this package, allowing unlimited usage of the tracks.
    • Lifetime support for this sweet product - if you need help, contact us.
    • All of the modules listed upon this page
    • An iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee, if you're not satisfied with this product within that time frame.

    OGG Edition:

    ONLY $97
    ONLY $47

    $17 TODAY

    * Instant Access Even At 2AM

    I promise you that you will be thanking yourself time and time again for grabbing this product at the ridiculously low price that it's currently at. Take action now and purchase your copy today so you can get a super low price while it's still available.

    To Your Success,

    Your Name

    P.S. You really have nothing to lose with this. With my 30-day money back guarantee, I'm taking all of the risk. You're backed by my no questions asked guarantee, so if you're not satisfied - just come back and ask for your money back. You seriously have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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