Instantly Protect Your Amazon(tm) Links In Just A Few Clicks!

Protect Your Amazon S3 Links Now: Don’t Leave Your Links Exposed

Your Amazon Links Are Exposed!

If You’re Taking Advantage of Amazon S3 Links For Your Digital Products, You’re At Risk And You Don’t Even Know it!

Are you using Amazon S3 to handle your digital goodies?
What steps are you taking to avoid those links being used over and over again, taking full advantage of your product?
Do you have the technical knowledge to make the best use of Amazon?

NEW! Introducing for the First Time Ever….

TurboS3 Expire

The easiest, most effective, and highly RELIABLE way of protecting your links by expiring them. Finally, a solution!

What’s awesome about TurboS3 Expire? It’s super easy to use and it gives you COMPLETE CONTROL! You don’t have to worry about the process!

With TurboS3 Expire, YOU can take back control over your links for good!

Dear Amazon S3 users,

We know your pain.

You know just how powerful Amazon S3 is – and you are having a lot of success using it in many cases. But, did you know that, even without your knowledge, anyone that has the link can download your file? That is, ANYONE who gains access to the URL itself can download the file. That means EVERYONE that gets ahold of that link gets a FREE copy!

Gone is all of the work and effort you put into not only making those products but also marketing them and selling them. And, someone else is getting access with no fee paid to you. That’s not okay. But, worse yet, it is hurting your bottom line.

Here’s The Problem:

You are using but not getting the most out of Amazon S3 – and you want to do something about it!

You need a place to store your digital products but you need them safeguarded at the same time.

You want to protect your URL.

You need a technological solution you can rely on and that’s easy to use.


Within just a few minutes, you can have the best level of protection possible.

With TurboS3 Expire, you get exactly what you need without any risk!

TurboS3 Expire SOLVES your Amazon S3 problems and gives you all of the flexibility and functionality that you need. Even better than this, it is super easy for you to use!

It’s NEVER Been Easier to Protect Your Digital Products!

You don’t need any advanced technology skills to do well here!

There’s no advanced training or tech aspect to worry about – it’s an install and go product!

You maintain all of the security you need.

We’ve designed a super easy to use solution. You’ll only need a few minutes of your time to put it into place, too.

Here’s how you’ll use and benefit from TurboS3 Expire:

1. You can easily upload all of your files to a directory. You can use your own server. You can also use an existing hosting account if you like.

2. Put in some basic information about your account. All of your Amazon info is stored here, totally secure and protected.

3. Then, enter the URL of the file that is currently being used and hosted on Amazon S3.

4. Enter the expiration link that you desire.

5. You are good to go!

In just five simple steps, you can have all of the control you need to protect your digital products. You don’t need to worry anymore.

TurboS3 Expire provides everything you need to get started.

No WordPress knowledge necessary.

No technical experience needed.

No need to hire a developer to use the technology that Amazon provides to you.

No need to use any MySQL database for installing and using the software.

Here’s another nice feature:

Since Amazon S3 charges for the kilobytes sent per request, by expiring Amazon S3 links like this, YOU save money.

Now, only AUTHORIZED customers can download your files. You are not paying any extra for links shared all of the Internet. That’s exactly the level of protection you need!

Do you REALLY want to let just anyone
with access to your URL use it?

Why not make them pay for it like everyone else does?

TurboS3 Expire is exactly what you need to finally get the most out of your digital products. Digital products are the hottest item right now, but if you are not using TurboS3 Expire, you are not taking the steps necessary to keep your products protected. Who is using your products? Could someone be downloading them and even reselling them?

With TurboS3 Expire, you have a simple solution that’s EASY to use.

There’s no risk either!

Take full advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

With our NO Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee, we make it as easy for you to get the protection you need as is possible. We’re confident you will be impressed with just how simple it is to get started with and use TurboS3 Expire on a regular basis. We want to encourage you to act now to get your protections in place.

NO Risk. NO Questions Asked.

With our affordable product, you can start earning more and protecting your digital products in no time.

Why would you wait any longer to get your hands on this amazing tool that’s super easy to use?

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see.

See you on the other side!


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