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Dear Friend:

Getting a start in afffiliate marketing can sometimes feel like you've been tossed onto the world's largest treadmill. The more you learn, the more work there is to do - and every new technique you learn usually results in more work, not less. Most affiliate marketing courses - even the fancy $500 dollar ones - offer the same advice over and over again:

The toughest part of struggling as an affiliate isn't hearing your family tell you to get "a real job". It's not even spending hours cramping your hands making tedious articles and seeing nothing in your Paypal or Amazon account. It's the hopelessness - knowing that even though you've heard enough about affiliate marketing to get a diploma in the stuff, it's still not helping you make a dollar! That's the real reason why so many people get desperate and fall for fly by night schemes and overhyped, worthless nonsense.

But what if there was a smarter path towards passive income? =

First of all, I've got good news - if you've been sticking with your marketing efforts long enough to have these kinds of struggles, you've absolutely got the right stuff to make it as a professional affiliate. Even better, I have a simple, stress-free solution that will pump your brain with the "hidden in plain sight" secrets that separate the serious affiliates from the losers.

I learned these techniques because I HAD to.

Like you, I spent a lot of time learning about affiliate marketing, and each new course intoxicated me with the prospect of success. I'd spend hundreds of dollars on expensive courses and clubs and insider secrets - hell, sometimes I'd treat myself to expensive restaurants just to congratulate myself for being smart enough to find these methods (promising to pay myself back when the money rolled in).

It never quite worked out.

Maybe the Cheetos and Mountain Dew crowd had time to spend fourty hours a week pasting in backlinks, but I had a full time job, a family, and this little thing called a "social life". It's not that I was lazy or unmotivated - but I didn't have mountains of time to spend, and I certainly didn't have it to waste.

I wasn't giving a lot of thought to whether my own lifestyle fit these programs. But I always wondered, whether it was at home or at the call center where I worked, why I was doing such a terrible job at this passive income thing.

My boss was having a great time making passive income, though. He was what we called a "seagull manager". He'd fly out of his office in the back every few hours, dump all over whatever we were doing, and then fly away again. In the middle of one of his twenty point tirades, I finally got fed up asked him what he was contributing to our sales goals.

He looked me in the eye and said, "My job is to know what you're supposed to be doing."

Well, that shut me up pretty quick.

That night, I took all those files on my desktop, "Insta Clickbank Zillionaire" this and "Commission Crucifier" that, and I dumped them in the Recycle Bin. All those 183 page PDF's and buggy "Three Click" Wordpress plugins weren't a tenth as valuable as an offhand comment from my boss.

Think about it - how many of those high level super-affiliates do you think are actually sitting in front of the computer all day writing articles to distribute to their Web 2.0 sites? Or seeking out blogs on vaccuum cleaners to post comments on so they can get a PR2 backlink?

Managers work less than grunts. And owners work even less than managers. If I wanted to get off the bottom rung, I needed a team.

My plan wasn't fully formed - and I had a lot of the same worries that you might have starting a project like this:

But I was more than ready to try something different. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, and months turned to a brand new perspective on affiliate income. Something I dreaded became really, really easily once I invested in the right facets of my business.

Don't buy into the delusion that "slogging" is a mandatory part of getting a business off the ground. The fact is that no matter what your resources are, you can work smarter and earn more money in a shorter amount of time. Outsourcing works like crazy, and it's irresponsible to go it alone.




I promise that once you take the most important step - taking action - you'll actually lighten your load and do fractions of the work you were doing following "the old rules". This program is "layered", because I want everyone to have the ability to succeed once they buy it no matter what their level of understanding is.

Layer One: Manual, Free Methods

The less you know, the easier it is for bottom-feeders to take advantage of you. That's why I'm going to teach you everything worth knowing about the most important ascpects of affiliate marketing - everything from market research, to picking the perfect digital or physical product, to writing content that sells, to SEO and more. I also know that while it's a great idea to outsource every aspect of your business, that's not practical for everyone. By learning the most effective manual methods for doing everything, you'll be able to specialize at what you're good at and give instructions to your workers. That means you can hold people accountable for their work, or, if you're planning on having a lot of affiliate sites, you can absorb the costs up-front and save yourself a lot of money by doing it yourself with a few clicks!

Layer Two: Outsourcing It

You're going to get my personal sources - quality workers who helped me build my business. This means that you're not going to struggle with communication problems or stress out over people that can't get their work done well or done on time. This kind of information is priceless! If that wasn't enough, use the Enlightened Outsourcing guide. You'll learn the exact questions you need to ask in order to get your own skilled team of specialists at an incredibly low price.

If you don't know how to do this stuff, you're completely screwed! No one can afford the costs of not knowing this kind of information. Are you ready for the details?

Here's what you'll discover inside ENLIGHTENED AFFILIATE:

MODULE #1: NICHE SELECTION 101... How To Analyze A Market And Guarantee Success Before You Type A Single Word!

No matter how much work you put in, you'll get less done than someone who can:

  • Avoid outdated niche selection techniques that practically force you to fail
  • Discover the money keywords that will unlock the hottest niches ever revealed and help you bank sales - over and over again
  • Here's some free advice - are you looking to sell digital products on Amazon? Forget the conventional wisdom - marketers who tell you to go straight to high dollar products are either holding back or they aren't for real! Inexpensive items and accessories can still boost your overall commission rate, making your total check that much higher. You'll find this and other smart criteria for physical product selection inside.
  • What about digital products? You'll find out how to screen for niches and products that you can quickly rank and cash in on.

MODULE #2: KEYWORD RESEARCH... How To DIg Out Keyword Gold In ANY Niche Within A Few Minutes

  • Step by step, guided strategies for finding worthwhile keywords.
  • Which "trusted" SEO measurements are important and which ones are based on Google Guesswork.
  • Four quick questions that will help you make sure that a keyword that looks good actually is.
  • Hate poring over numbers? I'll hand you high quality, low cost options that get the job done without lifting a finger!

MODULE #3: WEBSITE DESIGN & FORMATTING - Want To Leverage Bleeding Edge Features And Get Wordpress Promoting Your Site On Autopilot?

  • Your website design isn't just fluff!
  • Are you looking for a design that looks good? Completely wrong. Here's a picture you should be looking at for every step of your affiliate process.
  • A little known tool that allows you to customize any Wordpress theme to look the way you want - even those "ugly-looking" free themes.
  • My personal sources for getting high impact, high credibility Wordpress themes that don't look low budget for absolutely free.
  • Don't spend days goofing around looking for plugins. You only need a handful - the ones that save you time, boost your search engine rank, and make you money.

MODULE #4: ENLIGHTENED CONTENT - What To Say, How To Find It, Format It, And Publish It For Maximum Impact!

You don't need to be a brilliant writer to get customers reaching for their credit cards!

  • The Enlightened Content creation method is an "emotional template" that creates high quality content and practically hypnotizes people into opening their wallets! Use it yourself - or share it with your employees for hands off, world-class content.
  • Is your goal to review a product... or to provide free information that entiices readers to take more steps? Bot arecovered inside. Just follow the steps.
  • Does your site look lifeless and drab? I'll show you how to get free images and infographics - and how to make free graphics of your own in a pinch.
  • Claim "diplomatic immunity" from search engine raids by formatting your information like this.


There's a reason why the SEO superstars never get bumped from the search engines, while other people get slapped down to obscurity. That's because they stay in touch with Google's principles instead of chasing algorhythm changes. But that's not much comfort when you get to get your site ranking YESTERDAY.

That's why smart backlinking isn't about just linking, it's about leverage. You need to find links that:

  • Are leveraged for power (so you didn't need many of them)
  • Are leveraged for volume (so you can spend less time backlinking)
  • Are leveraged for price (so you don't spend more than you need to)

While you're spending 40 hours a week on affiliate marketing, your competition is doing this - and laughing at guys like you!


Are you still spending money on WSO's and "secret tactics"? If you can spend $20 a week on your own business instead of someone else's for a couple of months, I'll show you how to get your site ranking totally hands off.

  • Weekly action - you'll never be at a loss for what to do next.
  • On a budget? No problem, I'll show you how to get the ball rolling with a few minutes a day of work.
  • Apply the resources within to an affiliate site, ranking local pages, or anything that applies to SEO.
  • You won't have to fend off loudmouthed hobbyists with a dozen different "might work" theories about online income. You get strong links from a variety of sources instead.

You've got no excuses this time. None.

I want you to make passive income by the truckload, and I know you want to snatch up the time and money you deserve before your competitors do. That's why I worked to make this the first and last affiliate marketing course you'll need. In fact -

Look at what else you get!



This introductory report is your affiliate wake up call. It shows you the right places to look for talent, and how to separate the serious talent from the wannabes. Most people make mistakes here because they're in a rush - they're too busy thinking of paychecks to save themselves a lot of pain. You'll be way to smart to fall for that - guaranteed.


You won't even have to hire help - I did the research for you. I'm going to reveal ten of the hottest hidden markets for high-dollar physical products online and give you a field report that will let you dominate these niches quickly.


You won't even have to hire help - I did the research for you. I'm going to reveal ten of the hottest hidden markets for high-dollar physical products online and give you a field report that will let you dominate these niches quickly.

I'm serious. You can take this guide, modify it, and sell it to others. You'll get all this:

  • Enlightened Affiliate and Enlightened Outsourcing- You'll receive it in an editable Microsoft Word .doc and in .PDF format

  • Professionally Written Salesletter - Includes professionally designed minisite with unique graphics & buyer triggers known to convert into sales.

  • Graphics Collection with Smart Covers - You'll receive a TON of different banners and ebook sizes to help you promote your site! Just as importantly, you'll be able to make your own very easily

  • 35 Affiliate Marketing Articles - Starting a blog? Start it right. This big collection of articles will you can even add it to your main product.

  • Squeeze Page and 10 Letter Autoresponder Sequence - The easier you make it for people to subscribe, the better you'll do long term. That's why I made a custom squeeze page and a set of ten autoresponder messages so that you can build a relationship with your subscribers.

  • Pre-made Thank You Page
Here are the exact rights you get:

[YES] Private use
[YES] Can be sold
[YES] Can put your name on it and call your own product
[YES] Can be edited and changed
[YES] Can be used as web content, ecourses, blog posts.
[YES] Can be packaged with other paid products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus with paid product
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus for affiliate promotions
[YES] Can be offered as a surprise bonus
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Full translation rights in any language
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights
[NO] Can put in article directories
[NO] Can be given away

I'm blowing the roof off everything your competition is doing to stay ahead of you, and I'm doing it for a rock bottom launch price. I wish that I could tell you that you'll be first to take advantage of the information inside, but people are already using this stuff to make money.

You're about to be part of the crowd, but trust me - it's much better to be part of a crowd of serious moneymakers than a crowd of message board deadbeats. If you're ready to actually take action and raise those "affiliate trainwrecks" you didn't have the skill to finish back from the dead, or push a new site to the top of the rankings, you'll do it for an amazing introductory price.

NOT $97

NOT $47


$14 Gets You EVERYTHING.


YES, <YOUR NAME>!  I’m finished flailing, and I'm ready to commit to this plan. I know that with Enlightned Affiliate, I'll maximize my return on investment, learn detailed tactics on every important area of affiliate marketing, and become a master marketer a few hours from now!

I'm ready to learn the formula that combines smart high converting affiliate marketing with hands off automation and outsourcing so I can start generating piles of permanent passive income forever. I also understand that my order is INSTANT, and that I'll get my hands on this stuff

Remember, you aren't getting a revelation in affiliate marketing, you're getting a plug-and-play online business you can profit from immediately! Just click the "Add To Cart" button below, and let's get started!



So now, you've got a choice.

You can either keep doing what you're doing, cross your fingers and hope for success, or you can stop hoping and start moving - with a failure proof blueprint for painless, high dollar affiliate campaigns that's immune to Google's bipolar attitude.

You click the button. I'll send your download link instantly, and together, we'll start making you money.


PS - With this program, your knowledge is your most important asset. If you know that you're too smart to stay at the bottom of the barrell and you've been looking for that "secret ingredient"... trust me, this is it!

PPS - Remember, you're getting my personal list of real, human resources and my SEO blueprint. Do you really have time to waste? Get moving and I'll see you on the inside!