Is Your Pop Up Plugin Killing Your Conversions?

Downright 'Evil' Sales-Psychology Trick Grows Your List on Steroids and Makes Your Paypal Account Explode!

All of the Benefits of a Traditional Pop Up Plugin,
Without the Drawbacks!

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

“Traditional” Popups Are Killing Your Conversions & Affiliate Commissions!


Here’s the problem:

Popups are awesome at interrupting your visitors! …

… Always At The Wrong Freakin’ Time!

Talk about rubbish user-experience!

In fact, most people HATE popups! (and leave your site faster than you can say “bounce-rate”)

Just ask yourself:

what do YOU normally do?”

You simply click them away … and then continue reading the piece of content you were engaged with!

To make things worse, research shows:

even though in some cases you get more signups and more clicks with popups, the quality of those clicks tends to be MUCH lower!

All of this, just because with traditional popups you’re annoying your visitors when the popup comes up at exactly the wrong moment:

whilst they’re engaged in your content …


Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could fire off your popup precisely when your visitors are ready for it and actually WANT to check out your offer?


WP Popup Subversion

New Popups Pop Up When the Visitor WANTS them To Pop UP!

A brand-new WP plugin that solves the “Ineffective Traditional Popups” problem using some sneaky, subvertive sales-psychology:


Subversion Step #1:

an unobtrusive slide-in captures their attention and gets them interested with an enticing call to action.

Your visitor now has the CHOICE to continue reading, or engage with the slide-in.

And that’s the KEY! Giving your users the CHOICE!

They are now in charge – creating a much more positive user-experience!


Subversion Step #2:

The very moment they decide to pay real attention to the slide-in, and navigate the mouse to the ‘slide-in’, the real popup fires:



Highly engaged visitors who actually WANT to check out your content!

Keeping all the benefits of the traditional popup, minus the drawbacks!


Added Benefit: Sneaky Sales-Psychology Trick On Steroids!


Of all of Cialdini’s psychological principles from “Influence”, there’s one that probably the sneakiest of them all:

The “Commitment & Consistency” Principle!


Because this is the one where you don’t even notice when it’s “done to you”!

You just act on it!

If you haven’t read “Influence” yet, the “commitment & consistency” principle is this:

When someone takes a small action, they are much more likely to take a bigger action later on.

Now, let’s put this on steroids:

When they take that initial small action voluntarily, they are MUCH more likely to take a bigger action later on!

WP Popup Subversion does exactly that:

1.    Commitment & Consistency Subversion Step 1: move mouse to the ‘slide-in’

2.    Commitment & Consistency Subversion Step 2: check out your main offer!


Even More Sneaky Sales-Psychology: Personalization Using Geo-Targeting


WP Popup Subversion supports geo-targeting.

Meaning you can put offers in front of your visitors that are most relevant to where they’re from!

Optin-bribes? Make them relevant to where they’re from!

CPA offers: use country-specific ones, instead of the generic offers with the lower conversions!

Affiliate-links: pre-sell with some stats or interesting facts relevant to their country




 2 slide-ins, one at the top, one at the bottom.

You can use either of them, or both.

Height & colour fully user-definable.

Time-delay fully configurable for both slide-ins.


You are in charge!

Anything that’s HTML goes!

Images, optin-boxes, FB like-buttons, if you can think of it, you can put it in here!

Size is fully configurable!



Target individual countries (or the whole world)

Conversion Tracking:

Track the conversion of each of your slide-in-popup-combos:

How often were they watched (reported separately for header & footer)?

How often were they clicked on?

You’ll quickly know what converts and what doesn’t! No more guess-work!



The Only Traffic Training You’ll Ever Need

With all the options available to us business owners for driving traffic and generating leads, more often than not it feels like a gamble:

Which ‘traffic’ source is actually going to be profitable?

Which one is simple enough so I can actually implement in a reasonable time-frame?
(that’s right, I don’t want to spend all day posting rubbish on FB, I’ve got a business to run)

And which ones are a waste of my time and money?

And when you look at just a few options like blogging, participating in Facebook groups, posting graphics to Pinterest, tweeting, making connections on Linkedin, running Adwords ads, creating Facebook pages, advertising on PPV, purchasing solo ads, recruiting affiliates, optimizing for the search engines, writing & publishing ‘real’ or Kindle books, good ol’ fashioned offline advertising, direct mailing and everything in between …

what’s the correct order of doing these?

Well, turns out, there’s

1.    Only really 3 different traffic/lead-generating activities you ever need to master, and

2.    One (and only one) correct order in which you execute these 3 activities.


And that’s what the LIVE “Traffic Trifecta” Training is all about:



Always having 100% clarity on what traffic/lead-generation strategy to use at every stage of your business growth, and having the certainty that it’s not a gamble, but instead you’re guaranteed results.

When: This coming Saturday (Oct 26, 2013), 9am EST

And YES: If you can’t make it to the call, there will be a recording!


It’s simple: 30 days, no-quibble, your satisfaction guaranteed!

If you don’t get more optins, higher clicks to your offers, or if you don’t like WP Popup Subversion for any other reason, just us know at our support desk, and we’ll gladly refund 100% of your investment!

What You Need To Do Now:


Simple, choose between the single or the multi-license:


Note: this offer is open until this coming Saturday (Oct 26,2013), 8am EST.

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Looking forward to having you on board!


To higher (and better) optins, CTRs and EPCs!