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"Have You Ever Wanted To Create & Insert A Custom Widget Into The Body Of The Posts Or Pages On Your Site?"

With This Brand New Plugin,
Now You Can Do Just That And So Much More...


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Hey there,

If you're a Wordpress user, then today I have something that will save you a ton of time AND you can get really creative with it too. But before I dive into this, let me just ask you a quick question...

What if you could create different widget presets and
insert them into the MAIN BODY of any post or page?

Think of all of the ways this could save you time.

Well... now there IS a solution for this, and it couldn't be more simplified for you...


WP FlexiWidget

Insert ANY WIDGET Into Any POST or PAGE, Not Just In The Sidebars...

With WP FlexiWidget, you can easily create as many widgets as you'd like and using a menu on your post / page editor, easily insert any of the widgets into the main content of your post - AT FULL WIDTH.

This means that you can create widgets for images, text blurbs, certain scripts, and even commonly used features on your Wordpress website. And they will display on the main section of your post, rather than in the sidebar like they usually do.

You can then easily recall them in any page or post that you create, as many times as you'd like, using the built-in short code.

The possibilities are limitless with this plugin. You can save time and get extremely creative with the functionality of this product.

The best part is: this plugin is easy to install and will seamlessly integrate with your Wordpress installation and work space.

You can add your widgets to old posts and new pages alike because FlexiWidget incorporates itself into the panel of your editor.

Every widget that you create has a space to add a custom name, so that you can effortlessly remember what each widget contains. That way you don't have to go back and forth between sections of the Wordpress dashboard.

Using the built-in option on the editor bar (where you can change your font settings), you'll be able to choose your widget from a drop down menu and then insert it anywhere into your post.

Here are just a few examples of widgets you could create:

  • Commonly used features within your pages or posts

  • Hard to remember scripts for calling up different plugins or other options

  • Images for advertisements (affiliate offers, PPL offers, or anything else)

  • Attention grabbing headlines or call-to-action buttons

  • Different script based advertisements for affiliate networks, etc.

  • Customized author and editor blurbs that you can use over and over again

  • Interactive features to increase the overall click through rates of your pages

  • And much much more... the possibilities are endless with this plugin.

Additionally - if you act now, you will receive an...


So that you can install this plugin on as many of your domains as you'd like. You can even install it on your client's domains or on sites that you flip as well.

Now Let's Take A Look At Just How Easy It Is To Use
WP FlexiWidget In Any Page Or Post On Your Site:

In essentially 4 simple steps, you can configure your "FlexiWidget" and incorporate it into a post or page.
There's absolutely nothing complex about it.

Create Your Widget...

Go about creating your widget and adding your details to the WP FlexiWidget box. You can add as many widgets to the WP FlexiWidget box as you'd like. Just make sure to label them and know what's inside each widget.

In this step it's very important that you remember which order you're placing the widgets in, and that you know which each "widget" contains. If necessary, make a list in a text editor or somewhere that you can quickly access it.

Create A Post or Page...

Next you'll want to create a new post or page (or even edit an older already created post or page). From within the editor panel, select the "Visual" tab and then click on the "WP FlexiWidget" option which will display a drop down selection list. Select the desired "widget" from the menu and it will insert a shortcode within your post / page that connects it to that specific selected widget.

You can add as many or as few widgets to your content as you desire.

*Note, this is why it's important to remember what ORDER you placed the widgets in. It makes the entire process easier.

Select Widget From The Menu...

This step is simple. All you need to do is save your changes or publish your post / page to your website. Make sure that everything is positioned how you want it, in terms of where the FlexiWidget shortcode is located within your content.

You can even put markup around the shortcode (in the "text" view) and center align it, place it inside of a DIV element, and more.

Publish Your Page or Post...

Next, you want to display the post or page that you just edited or created. Make sure it's showing the correct widget that you selected, and then make any minor necessary changes.

Repeat this process as many times as you'd like, arrange the different elements, and create as many widgets as you need. Just make sure to follow these steps, remember which order your widgets are in, and always save your work often.

* Note: Keep in mind that this plugin will display your widget's title in the content. So if you don't want a title, leave that blank in the widget

It really is an entirely hassle-free process. You can be up and running within minutes of installing and activating the WP FlexiWidget plugin on your Wordpress site.

"With our team making such a wide variety of posts each week, it was a headache. Copying and pasting snippets of code into the posts depending on the category and so on. With WP FlexiWidget, I was able to easily create widgets for each of our editors and all of the advertisements we use."

Steven Howard

"It's amazing how many different scenarios you find yourself using this plugin for, once you actually have it. WP FlexiWidget allows us to save a ton of time creating our daily blog posts keeping our visitors and followers up to date."

Colton Gamby

You probably didn't even need to read those testimonials, just knowing all that this plugin can do.

The truth is... our customers were so excited about this product that we had far more feedback than we could actually cram onto this page.

Anyways, enough about testimonials...

What Do You Get With WP FlexiWidget?

Let's recap and take a lot at everything you'll be receiving when you purchase this plugin today:

The most up to date version of WP FlexiWidget.

Step by step instructions on how to use this product.

Developers License / Unlimited Site License Included.

Lifetime Updates and Plugin Support As Well.

Here's The Burning Question
You're Probably Asking By Now...

How much will this innovative and easy to use Wordpress plugin cost you?

For a limited amount of time...

You can secure WP FlexiWidget with an unlimited site license, all for the meager price of...



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I'm Even Giving You My Word...

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Your purchase is absolutely risk free. Try the product for 30 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund right away. So there's absolutely no risk on your part. All the risk is on me.

So...What's It Going To Be?

Alright, so you know everything that comes with this product and all of the features, and now you need to make a decision:

  • You can continue to stumble through the process of creating posts, and often thinking back to this plugin and how often you'd be using it.

  • Or...

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    • Lifetime support for this plugin - if you need help, contact us.
    • My iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied with this plugin within that time frame.

    I promise you that you will be thanking yourself time and time again for grabbing this plugin at the ridiculously low price it's currently at. Take action now and purchase your copy today.

    Your Partner In Success,

    P.S. As you can see, the price is rising with every few sales, so you need to get in quick so you can secure this product at the lowest price possible. Not only that, but this plugin will only be available for a limited time. Then it will be closed and re-released at a MUCH higher price. Don't regret not taking advantage of this killer chance today.

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