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Fast Cash Mechanics
Introduction To Course
In this video, you'll learn how to best use the principles in this course to start making money in the next few days and also be able to replicate this success over and over again.
Elance Success Factors
Elance is an amazing site with enormous money making opportunities. There are certain success factors that you need to consider so that you can make it work for you. This video teaches everything.
Profile Success Factors
Your profile is everything. It's your image and your brand. We go through all the important success factors that you'll need to be recognized as a celebrity to the public.
Getting Your First Client
First you need to get ONE client so that you can jumpstart the system. We walk you through all the incredible business principles that you can implement to make it a success.
Competiting For Clients On E-Lance
Compete or die. That's the business law. But the good news is that there are certain strategies to be followed so that you can thrive even with tough competitors. This video reveals it all.
Your Elance Proposal
How to make a business proposal? What is the right way to do it? When to do it? These are the important elements you'll learn in this video series.
Build your Profile
As you progress in your business journey, your profile will change and we explain to you how to give it the most credibility as possible in the marketplace.
Doing E-Lance Bid
Failing to bid correctly on a project will get you into troubles. Learn our simple process that we've laid out to get balance cash and time. Your profit will be worth the time spent on this project.
What To Offer
Offer the right product to the right audience. That's how you make money. Not doing this right will most likely complicate your life and will cost you time and money. This video explains it all.
Offer Success Factors
In this video we go into the key elements of a winning offer. We show you examples of how to get it right and how to adapt these business principles in your everyday business.
Profitable Topics
How about we give you some hints? We even present you some very profitable ideas on how to bank fast on the internet. These are topics that keeps selling over and over again.
Projects To Avoid
There are certain projects that you should avoid like plague. I mean it. Selecting the right project to take is so vital for you to keep your business momentum. We explain everything inside.
Be A Follow Up Expert
Experts make money and are being modelled. Become one of them. This video tells you all.
Practices To Avoid
This one is a big NO. Never ever do things that will hurt your credibility. Avoid them. In this video we reveal these practices.
Building A Large Business
Let's sum it up and build a large business that keeps making money day and night. Why just stop at making quick cash when you can build residual income? That's the goal.
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