Do You Want To Magically Get An Endless Stream of WILLING Tweets From Other People Without Doing Any Work Yourself?!

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A WordPress Plugin For Smart Internet Marketers Who Want To Control And Make the Best of Their Freebies’ Delivery!

Dear Internet Marketers,

Social media is everything. Especially if you’re looking a free and fast way to sell your product, service or self.

Twitter in particular has become the fastest way to break news.

We are seeing more television programs display their Twitter handles and hashtags because they know this. The power of Twitter was witnessed by millions when Ellen DeGeneres tweeted “the best photo ever” at this year’s Oscars and garnered over 3.4 million retweets on it and counting. Pretty much everyone knew she was at the Oscars because of one tweet.

So you can imagine how important retweets are for your exposure and your popularity. They can change everything overnight.

Celebs know this. After all, if you take a bath tonight and tell your followers… the likelihood of the world knowing you’re in the bath is slim, but if Rihanna does it….

There’s ten million people know what she’s doing tonight. Why? Because they tweet and people share, retweet, like and favourite it very quickly.

That’s how it works. And it’s genius.

The trick is – when you’re not so famous – HOW DO YOU GET PEOPLE TO TWEET? LOTS OF PEOPLE?

More than that ….

“How – As A Standard Internet Marketer – Do I Get People To Really WANT To Share My Tweets?”

This is how. And it’s very smart. But also easy. And good internet marketing sense…


1. You Can’t Force People To Do Anything. Without This.

…. UNLESS… They have a reason. An incentive. You know this.

2. You Won’t Even Need To Be Interesting To Get Tweets.

….With this plugin, all you have to do is set it up and run your incentive of choice. The Turbo Plugin will take out all the other steps for you.

3. You Can Control The Whole Process.

…..What to Deliver, What to Display to People In Order To Get Their Reward…

OK… Let me take you through the vision….

Why Do I Absolutely NEED This As An

The purpose of Twitter: to have fans, to have an audience, a social platform to pass on messages, keep current, up to date in an easy way and presellor hype up products or upcoming /current services. Right?

Free advertising.

But it works better with two elements:

The more the followers the better

The more RE/TWEETS the better

Because the more people post about YOU, the more you spread.

More potential sales and exposure.

It’s that simple.

So imagine you post…

Hey... look at my free gift (insert topic)-link here"

That link would go to your blog or site where you can tell them what you deliver for free asking visitors to tweet your message for downloading the file:

“Hey... look at Greg/Sarah’s awesome (insert topic)– link”

You see… what YOU say in your Twitter feed is obvious, (you’re selling something – that’s most people may think!) but what I say FOR YOU is called credibility.


But it gets better…

“Imagine Now 100’s Of Your Friends On Facebook (With Twitter Accounts) Publishing YOUR MESSAGE To Their Twitter Feed... Can You Imagine The Exposure?”

And that is WITHOUT counting the indirect retweets the post can have from your FRIENDS' FRIENDS in their twitter accounts…. THIS IS HOW CELEBS DO IT.

It’s smart marketing and now it can be yours.

So… how do we do it?

How can you “FORCE” 100 or even 1000 people to allow YOU post to THEIR Twitter account…

…this message of yours…?

How can you make this happen?

You just give them something they want.

That incentive we talked about.

And leave all the rest to Turbo Tweet Multiplier…

Here’s an example:

Your digital book

A picture of you people will gasp for

A limited edition piece

A secret or bit of info

A free session with you

A personal letter from you

Something hot, something cold… it doesn’t matter, the beauty is you choose depending on what your audience is all about.

Anything that can be downloaded, that is.

So you tell people clearly:

Post this message to your account and…

“You will get a naked photo of mine with my autograph.”

Haha. Only joking.

Or you might not be… it’s whatever, as I said, you represent. That’s the excitement of it.


So the plugin controls all the process.

Verifying nobody cheats and we both honor the deal.

The Turbo Tweet Multiplier is a simple but intricately plugin you install on your WordPress blogand it works like this: rly:

1. Say you order this plugin today

2. You install it on your blog

3. You set it up…

4. Thenyou simply activate it in a post or page…and spread the word of your deal…

"Do you want to get ___this____ from me?"

You tell them…

“All you have to do is post my tweet in your Twitter account,
then download the file ASAP.”

So people see the gift and want to get it…

"Do you want to get ___this____ from me?"

You tell them…

“All you have to do is post my tweet, once per day for 20 days and keep each post live for 24 hours. Once done then you will automatically get a message with instructions on how to get my gift.”

So people see the gift and want to get it…

Mr. X goes on your blog and sees the deal, your message and the “Tweet and Download” button… He clicks on a button, post your message on his Twitter account, then comes back to your blog to download your gift.

The benefits of this are as such:

You pay nothing for advertising…. You get all tweets and retweets pointing to your link for free (that’s the best traffic you can get: from real life people)

And you PROVE to people and to yourself that there are no TRICKS. You are showing them this is not a scam. And you’re also not scamming yourself. It’s a plugin that -

Does not lie to them or trick them

Let them know that you will not just post anything you want

They will get see what it will be posted

And they will have to agree to the exact deal before THEY proceed with the posting.

They click on the button and it’s done.


“Once Your Visitors Are Onboard, THE PLUGIN

That's what the plugin is and does.

“This Is A USEFUL PLUGIN For Anyone Serious About Internet Marketing & Making Their Tweets Viral As A Result Of Running ONE SIMPLE plugin.

The funny AND SO REAL thing is:

Even Madonna could use Turbo Tweet Multiplierand makeher people post for getting an autograph or picture….

- just saying.

Is it hard to install?

Of course not.

Installation is a breeze:

1-click installation and it's online; an installation AND a usage manual are also delivered to you.

NO Risk. NO Questions Asked. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I am so certain that you will love this pluginand are going to use it many many times with joy that I am willing to let you ask for every penny back if after a month you haven’t found a benefit. I do this because I know it’s worth and so I’m not afraid of you asking for a refund. There will be no questions. What I want you to do is invest in this, play with it and really love the free traffic you will get risk- free.

It’ll not just be vital but it’ll be fun and tailored to your personality.

Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see.


To the other side

Name here

PS. Again you are covered by a full refund promise if you are not getting full use of this and disagree with me. Play with it first. There is no risk and there is much to gain as an Internet Marketer.

PPS. This is the easiest way to make the best of your freebies online and create viral tweets in a way that traffic will come from real people, and real people who are mutually respected and willing to do so, with a reward prospect too. Everyone wins. And there is no hard work steps to set it up. Install, Activate and Use it. That’s it.

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