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“Here's A Free And Powerfully Effective Way To Skyrocket Your Site Rankings And Boost Your Profits!”

You're About To Discover How To Use The Most Effective Way Of Leveraging On Your Articles To Drive Hordes Of Traffic And Hit Consistently High Page Ranks Like Clockwork!

From the Desktop of: <YOUR NAME>

Dear Friend,

You've probably had times where you needed information online so you surfed for it. Whilst doing so, you came across articles that gave you loads of information written by some author who owned a website.
So what's the big deal, you may ask. Well, that free information you just read for your knowledge was in fact a marketing tool.

That's right. We're talking about article marketing. 

Now before you go ' I've heard this before', there are thousands of marketers who think they know how to write articles to raise awareness and drive traffic to their sites.

But when they write loads of articles and launch them out, strangely, nothing happens and they get all upset. The fact is, article marketing may seem easy-pheasy but it's not as simple as it looks!

Many marketers often make one of the following mistakes unknowingly:

  • Simply grabbing PLR material and dumping it into their directories without changing anything

  • Making their article sound like a sales pitch

  • Not doing keyword research on the keywords that will transform the article into a powerful marketing tool.

And they wonder why their articles never gave their marketing efforts that extra muscle in achieving consistently high page ranks or how come the article seems to rot and die in the marketing directories.
Well, today all that can change. 

You see, I used to struggle too when it came to creating search engine friendly, content rich articles that Google would index quickly. But after a year of trial and error, I realized where I went wrong and with a couple of minor alterations, my articles have been helping my webpages propel up the search engine ladder!

And today, I am going to share the no B.S, straight forward ways of pulling loads of traffic and having your articles push your webpages up the search engine page ranks.

“Article Marketing Profits ”

In this comprehensive, step-by-step report, you will learn everything there is about leveraging on the might of well-written articles to give that steroid jab to your marketing efforts!

Tactics and strategies of article marketing you will learn include: 

The reasons why article marketing is a highly favored tool of marketers 

One negative trait you have to vanquish if you want to successfully create loads of red hot articles

Key word research and powerful, free keyword tools that will help you to easily grab your audience's attention by the eyeballs

Having Google's keyword tool churn out ultra targeted, lucrative keywords in just a few simple steps!

How the LSI system works to pick out your articles and some simple tricks to increase your LSI density
Why the length of your article really does not matter at all
Simple, straightforward ways to create a winning title that will pull in prospects like bees to honey!
The four letter word which will help you sculpt a body that entices and hypnotizes the reader into reading further!
The common mistakes people make while submitting their articles to article directories
Why using PLR material to create articles may have a detrimental effect on them...

And much, much more!

Many marketers were shocked when I let them in on a sneak preview of this amazing guide. One of them even advised me to charge at least $67 because of the number of online businesses it would revolutionize.
I've decided NOT to listen to his advice, thanks to two reasons:

I. People who are struggling really need this. And they won't have much money to pay for anything, because their bills and their food is more important. And I understand. I've been broke and hungry before, you know.

II. I want to build up a reputation for over-delivering and undercharging. A good reputation is worth more than $10,000 and I intend to keep it that way. 

So I have decided to make this guide easily accessible for just about any struggling person for the meager price of only...


Lets be honest here. I am not running a charity, because there was a certain amount of effort invested into creating this guide. Neither am I going to be a sleaze-bag guru and slap a large price on this product. 
This guide works. Period. If after purchasing it, and you feel it didn't help you at all, there's the :

For the price of a dinner for two at a fast food restaurant, you could have returns in the form of hordes of traffic and consistent page ranks, which in return equal huge profits.

That's a lot of fruit for a small seed sown, isn't it?

However , here's the bad news: I won't be offering this guide at $17 forever. The introductory price will either be increased or this guide will be taken underground, so not every marketer around will get their hands on it.

Imagine having huge amounts of hungry buyers and interested prospects knocking on your door simply because you gave them free content that helped them so much they wanted more from you, and to the point of paying you for those nuggets of information.

It's not a dream...and it could be your reality in moments. Simply move your mouse below, and:

Yours Sincerely,


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