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What If You Could Triple Your Productivity And Profits, Instantly While Working LESS Than You Do Right Now?

“Discover The Millionaire's Secret Method Of Dramatically Boosting Productivity While Working LESS Than You Currently Are Right Now!"


From: Your Name

Dear Online Entrepreneur,

There are only so many hours in a day.. and as much as you fight to stretch that time out so that you are able to meet deadlines, finish projects and still find time for your family, the clock continues to tick as you run out of time.

How do they do it? How do so many successful marketers and online business owners manage to market their websites, recruit new business, establish a brand, make money on auto pilot and STILL have time for hobbies, interests and vacations while you are strapped to your keyword, deperately aching for a break but knowing there is absolutely no way you can fit in it.

So, you continue to drain yourself, day in - day out, hoping that eventually all of this work will pay off and you will find that magical ability to freeze time.. at least long enough to re-charge your batteries.

Do you know that all of those long hours you are putting in could be completely eliminated while you are still able to GET MORE DONE in LESS time than you are currently spending on your work?

Did you have any idea that marketers and business owners, just like you, are leaps and bounds ahead of where you are right now simply because you aren't effectively managing your time?

And finally, do you realize that those power sessions where you are half asleep on your keyword trying desperately to get just 'one more thing done' is actually PREVENTING you from being as successful as you can be?

Try driving a car with no fuel.. it's impossible, right? Well, your body works the exact same way. Come on, you know you are draining yourself from not only energy and focus, but the ability to be creative.. to think with clarity, to master as much as you can and do it as best as you can.

In other words, you are robbing yourself of the opportunity to be even greater, to do even more, and to life a well balanced life of working hard and playing hard.

But there's a solution for even the most dedicated workaholic out there..

“Step Up Your Game With A System Designed To Guarantee That Every Moment You Spend Working Is A Profitable And Productive One!"

Even if you have tried traditional "time management" strategies
in the past.. THIS is something different.

I've been called a severe workaholic by friends and family. I can't tell you how many times I ate dinner at my desk simply because I didn't have time to step away. I was burned out, de-motivated and feeling stuck in one spot, spinning my wheels as I tried my damnest to get ahead.

I stared at the clock (doesn't help slow it down, by the way), wondering how the heck I was going to fit my workload in.. how I was ever going to get around to the low end of my priority list when I couldn't even seem to tick off the top tasks on my check list.

And I watched, as you're doing now.. as everyone in my industry zoomed past me at breakneck speed..

It didn't seem fair.. and quite honestly, if you're not following a strategy that will instantly take your allocated work time and shift it into overdrive, you are going to be light years behind your competition in a matter of months.

Learning how to effectively manage your time and increase productivity is no longer something you should do, it's something you NEED to do if you want to protect yourself from being completely slaughtered by the competition..


"I've boosted my productivity by 1,000%!

As a serious workaholic, I was mismanaging my time and without even realizing it, losing so much money in the process. While I thought I was working as hard as I could, after reading the Time Manage Strategy, I realized that I could actually beef up productivity easily, without actually working more!

I have since found time to launch four projects, grow a massive list of buyers and gain a foothold in 4 new markets and I STILL only work 5 hours a day!"

Thank you, Thank you!!

Steven Harmon,
Vancouver BC, Canada


You've heard the old phrase "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line", but if you take a close look at how you begin your work day.. are you following that structure?

You'll be shocked at just how much time is wasted going from point A to P back to B and then finally to Z.. and all the other things you were supposed to get done that day get pushed back into the list for tomorrow..

It's not that you are a procasinator, you aren't.. you just aren't following a productive system that will manage and control your time for you.. and if it's left up to you to figure out, well, you know the drill, you simply don't HAVE the time to learn how to MANAGE your time!

Here's your instant solution..

“Download The Ultimate Guide To Tripling Your Existing Productivity Without Spending
23 1/2 Hours Trying To Get It Done!"

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WARNING: The methods taught are unconventional but effective. These management plans will instantly transform the way you approach your workday and super charge your productivity so that at the end of the day you've gotten more done in less time.

Think about how much you could accomplish if you had an extra 6 hours in every day!

Spending time with family or friends.. recharging your batteries, brainstorming new ideas, expanding on your knowledge by being able to learn a new skill or explore new markets..

You are moments away from experiencing true freedom.. after all, isn't that why you started working for yourself in the first place?

Here are just a few of the many things you will learn:

Discover exactly how you are sabotaging your productivity and eliminate time wasters and time management disasters, instantly! (Few even realize just how many tasks can be chiseled down, saving hours of your time!) - See Page 5

Learn how to add TWO entire work days into your regular work week while working LESS and getting MORE done! These tactics will change the way you do business! (See Page 24)

Follow a proven formula for effectively managing your time, setting tasks lists,schedules and goals that you can EASILY reach! Never again will you give up in frustration simply because you just can't organize your business schedule!

Learn how to avoid daily interruptions that suck your productivity (and profits) and leave you drained, distracted and de-motivated! You won't believe how many elements are within your control that once tweaked will dramatically shift your productivity into overdrive! (See Page 39)

Find out how you can easily maximize every hour of your day so that you are making more money, getting more time and finding MORE free time to learn new skills, take breaks (or entire days off!) and enjoy the life you deserve to lead!

And Much, Much More!

Here are just a few recent testimonials from customers who have instantly maximized their productivity and profits with the strategies revealed within the Time Manage guide,,


"This is by far, the easiest guide to time management for businesses that I have ever read. The strategies are SO easy to follow and make so much sense once you begin to implement these into your daily schedule.

The amount of time that you can free up just by eliminating "time wasters" (not always ones you even realize you are entertaining), will literally shock you.

I am able to work half the time I currently was while getting three times more done.

I thank you and my family thanks you!"

Vanessa Williams,
Atlanta, Georgia



"I'm writing in to thank you for such an incredible guide to time management. As a stay at home mother, I had struggled to find time for housework, kids, and still grow and nurture my online business.

After reading your techniques and putting them into action, I immediately saw a HUGE difference in the amount of work I could get done, while finding more time to spend with my family.

I am thrilled that I purchased your guide when I did, but I still shudder at the thought of how much more time I could have 'saved' had I purchased it sooner!"

Thank you so much,

Valerie Everson,
Lexington, KY


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Time Manage Strategy

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