Dear Friend...

If you own and operate a virtual online business (even an offline one) the chances are that you are over stretching yourself already, or if not, you soon will be. And that one crime will sink your business or kill you!

Trust me, I have been there. Working 18-20 hour days to get it all done and to bring home the income this month, yes I know everyone tells you that Internet Marketing is a breeze and you only need to work 30 minutes per day to make millions, but let's leave fairy land for the moment and get back to reality. Anyway, as I was saying, you work your guts out to make the monthly targets and earn that all important income to pay the bills, feed the family and get your kids into a better school. Then you sit down at the end of another long day and talk to yourself (because your significant other was in bed hours ago), then it hits you...



This unfortunate fact hits many of us that actually reach the point of making an income from the net. Whilst around 80+% seem to fail, the next 17% get stuck at the next hurdle and never move further. The 3% who work this next bit out and then adopt it are usually destined for success.

If you actually have the time to analyze your business properly, you may be surprised to find that 60-70% (often more) of your time is actually sucked up with unnecessary tasks, jobs and sidetracks.

Purchasing a new domain, a new hosting account, forwarding nameservers, uploading, blog posting, tweets, writing on your Facebook wall, uploading videos, posting to article directories, rss directories, link building, answering support tickets, reading forum posts, downloading, research, SEO, gathering reports and pulling out the info we need, refunds, creating affiliate tools, graphics, videos, spinning content, setting up redirects, tracking, split testing...

I think you get the idea?

What if you could magically make 80% of this go away for good? How would you spend that free time effectively?
Could you improve your business income if you had just a few more hours per day to spare?


Allow me to offer an example to show my point!

Let's say you have now reached the dizzy heights of super stardom, earning $500 per week in your Internet Business. You work on average 40 hours per week (on top of your day job you cling to at this point for safety) but you know your energy is falling fast and your enthusiasm dropping by the moment. After all, you got started in this to not only replace your J.O.B income, but to also get more time for your family and social life. But that aint happening!

Taking our example of 60% of your time being non profitable, this means that your $500 comes from 16 hours per week of actual productivity. So you earn around $31.25 per hour for your business.

If you could replace you, and free up that other 24 hours of the week for income generation, then its possible you could bring in a further $750 per week in revenue. Now, lets not be silly here. We know you will never replace all your time. First of all, someone else may not work as hard and fast as you. Second, some tasks you will likely keep hold of, especially in the beginning, and you may not be quite as productive in your new found hours.

Even if you only added a net bottom line of $250 per week, would that make a difference to a $500 current income? Of course it would, that is a 50% increase :)


If you free up more time to plan your business to work on your business rather than in it. You will very likely increase your revenue generation to a higher hourly amount, not less, just because you changed your mindset. You are no longer tired all the time, which means when you focus, you do so with more gusto and enthusiasm. This will lead to better ideas, better follow through, better results. The insane thing is that the one step you will not take, the one thing that is holding you back is also keeping you from reaching that ultimate goal of freedom.

Freedom in financial terms to do what you want in your life, and in time to spend doing those things you always wanted to do, but could never get around to.





What Jobs Can Your V.A. Do?

How to Get the Hiring Right First Time

How to Ensure Productivity

How to Avoid Trouble Along the Way

How to Keep Tabs on Your V.A's Tasks

How to Keep Your V.A Effective, Efficient
& Keen to Help you Build Your Business

Plus you will see over my shoulder as I walk you through processes, and how to get your recruitment right if you are hiring locally or overseas!

With all this content & Help from your new V.A. You will be full of
new creative ideas and itching to start making more money!



No course would be valid unless it walked you through from the very beginning and showed you the ropes and how to get it all right from the very first attempt. We walk you through each process holding your hand as we go!




Introduction Video

In this video, we take a look at the content inside the course, and get the low down.

What Jobs Can a VA do and Why You Should Hire One!

Want to know what you can give to your new V.A and Why you really do need one? Its all in this video running to 15 minutes!


How Much Time Does Each Task Take - How to Get This Right First Time!

As it says on the title. Know how long tasks should take and how you ensure its done right first time and every time!


How and Where to Find Your V.A

The Typical places to find and recruit a good V.A (you may be surprised) and the information you need to find out!


Recruiting a VA at home or Overseas!

Where in the world do you find them? We look at home and abroad!


What to Pay a V.A

We cover guidelines on what to pay, but also on how to pay your virtual assistant the right way and not get screwed!


How to Keep Tabs on your V.A's work progress

We look at the software tools you can use to make sure you get the value you need in your new recruit.


Train You V.A to be Effective and get the information you need.

Each V.A Works differently and has different goals and aspirations of their own. Learn to recruit the right person for the right job(s) at the right time.


I know how hard it can be to take the leap of faith and recruit someone else to do the work that you are so attached to right now. But think about it this way. Once you learn to step away from working in your business and begin to focus working on it, you will wish you had made this decision a long time ago. The truth is that most people hire in help way to late and even at time to the detriment of their business and their own health. Do not make that same mistake, get your first Virtual Assistant today!

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To your future Success





I have included two short bonuses for you in this course. The first is the tasks report which will help you in planning what you can outsource to your Virtual Assistant(s) over time. The second is a memory jogger for your consideration when recruiting your V.A's. It covers some typical questions you may forget to ask which will assist you in making the right selection at the interview stage.

I may take these down at anytime and make them an upsell offer, so grab your free bonuses today when you order fast!

P.S. For every day that passes from now, its a day when you gave up the opportunity to increase your profit potential, all because you were too afraid to take the obvious and necessary next step your business needs. Do not fall victim to this one small hurdle when you have already come this far!