Do You Want an Endless Stream of Quality Content For All of Your Websites?


Dear Friend,

As you know content is King! The problem lies in creating this content yourself. You may not be great at it or you may be so busy that you just don't have the time to sit down and come up with suitable content.

Not sure how to outsource?

Don't know where to look and how to hire someone?

Read our helpful Solution!

We have put together a detailed book on Outsourcing Content for you. This book includes tips and advice on how to Outsource including where to find great freelancers, how to actually hire someone and what to do if and when things go wrong.

Plus we have included a list of our favorite recommendations for outsourcing content!




Content Outsourcing

How to Find Quality Content for All Your Websites

Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • What is Content Outsourcing?
  • Swapping Skills
  • Why it is Important to Outsource
  • What You Can Outsource
  • Places You Can look For Content Outsourcers
  • The Hiring Process
  • Referrals
  • Ensuring You Get Good Quality
  • Paying for your Content
  • Create Project Outline Manuals
  • When Things Go Wrong
  • Pre Made Content
  • Best Practices
  • Conclusion & Points of View

This is a done for you outsourcing resource. We have taken the time and effort to outline easy steps to help you outsource successfully.

We have included fantastic tips on how to find great outsourcers and how to hire them. Including one simple step that will eliminate unsuitable applicants immediately!

Outsourcer's will finally discover how to attract great freelancers to work for them.

You will have no more worries about finding quality content.

Our guide is your solution for anyone interested in discovering what it really takes to outsource content successfully.

Order your Outsourcing Content Guide Today and Soar your business to new heights.


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