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I used to hate blogging!, and I still do. Too much work. All that writting, all that publishing. If you're like me, you're probably the proud owner of piles of dust collecting PLR articles. That's great content, but putting it on blogs was such a pain. So I looked for a solution. And couldn't find one.

Till Now there simply didn't exist any automated and centralized software that would do it all for me on autopilot. So I built one and now you can have it too! And you can even save 95% today!

It's well known that having a blog is a critical component of web promotion. Search engines love blogs because they inherently possess the web 2.0 properties that search engines go nuts for - constantly updated and fresh content, commenting and viewer interaction, and built in RSS feeds. Whatever their new changes (Panda, Pinguin, White Bear, White Shark...just predicting the future here :-) ) you need blogs and you need regular and curated content onto those blogs.

The problem is, the constant updating with fresh conent is too much work for almost anyone who doesn't sleep on top of their computer. So how can the average person take advantage of a blog while still living a life outside of the internet?

The answer is is having an army of virtual assistants to manage all your blogs and pos content (from your ghostwriters or from your PLR collection). This will quickly turned out as a non profitable solution.

One virtual assistant could probably post a few articles per day to 2 blogs and would cost you $30 to do so (if you're lucky), or $1000 per month to just update 2 blogs and still you would have to manager her and control her work, and so on. Now what it you have 5, 10 or 100 blogs in different niches. You won't do it, neither would you manage 40 virtual assistants to do so!

That changes now, for the people smart enough to take advantage of our software. Your content will stop collecting dust on your hard drive, you will stop procrastinating not knowing where to get started, you will stop blaming others for getting traffic, and you will see how it all becomes possible.

With PLR Poster, you can take all that PLR content, shuffle it, tag it, emphasize and bold key phrases, replace key text with affiliate links of links pointing back to your sales pages, randomize or order the dates the posts will appear, and then put them on your blog in minutes.

Here is what it can do for you in a nutshell

  • Grab all the content from a folder and upload it to your WordPress blogs (can post to multiple blogs of course)
  • Reads html, txt, rtf, and html files
  • Curate your content to send Google love to your blogs
  • Optimize all your content for better search engine rankings
  • Can optionally randomize the order the content if shown on the blog
  • Can set the post dates to be evenly distributed or randomly distributed
  • Can automatically create the tags for each post based on the content and title
  • Ability to create Hyperlinks from phrases in posts
  • Ability to Italicize phrases in posts
  • Ability to Bold phrases in posts
  • Automatically find 2 and 3 word phrases
  • Add blog categories
  • Add call to action before or after each post (banners, text links...)
  • Each post can have multiple categories
  • Hyperlinks can have "no-follow" attribute
  • Hyperlinks can specify "target" attribute
  • Specify incremental post time
  • Multiple posts per day
  • Export posts to HTML
  • Ability to Edit and Restore individual posts
  • Post to unlimited blogs from one machine
  • Open and Save Projects
  • No scripts to install
  • No file zipping required
  • Free updates


Here is what people are saying about PLR Poster:

Pretty impressive, right?



Watch the video below to see how I did it with one blog site.

And remember, PLR Poster will manage all your blogs without ever asking for food, salary increase, vacations, or complain in any way!

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When you start using PLR Poster, you'll never want to go back to blogging the old-fashioned way again. Simply put, PLR Poster is the best centralized blogging and publishing tool on the market!

Since this initial version of PLR Poster, we've released many versions.

Current version (as of June 2012): 1.35 (Fully compatible with WP 3.3+ and future versions as well!)


Fast Action bonus: Free Software Updates

Free Upgrades


Includes Free Updates - a $149 value!

Your purchase entitles you to free upgrades of new releases, even if we raise the price!

So far we have already enhanced the software twice and the next version will add some amazing features!


We know people don't want to be left alone after they download the software. we're just like you, and we don't want you to let this gem collect dust on your hard drive!

So, we've put together a set of 10 extensive training videos you can access at any time, anywhere in the world so that you're never left alone. These training videos cover everything you need to know about PLR Poster and its best practices!


That's 10 training videos and nothing is left aside.


Quick Recap Of PLR Poster Features compared to hmm, competition

Feature PLR Poster Wordpress Plugins Blog Auto Poster Pro
One install for all blogs  
Posts must be combined in a zip file    
One-click posting    
Choose where post title is found    
Create tags on the fly    
Limit tags per post    
Get tag ideas from posts    
Edit tags before posting    
Automatically bold phrases    
Automatically italicize phrases    
Create hyperlinks on the fly    
Hyperlinks can have "no-follow" attribute set    
Hyperlinks can have "target" attribute set    
Hyperlinks for multiple phrases    
Create headers for each post    
Create footers for each post    
Add headers/footers randomly    
Add headers/footers in rotating order    
Edit headers and footers for each post    
Randomize post dates  
Minimum and Maximum date intervals    
Even interval post dates    
Set maximum posts per day    
Set random post time    
Limit post times    
Incremental post times    
Edit date for individual post    
Edit time for individual post    
Preview and edit post title    
Preview and edit post content    
Create categories on the fly    
Posts can belong to multiple categories    
Specify category for individual post   Post must be in a folder
Posts can be organized on-the-fly    
Automatically find common phrases in posts    


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Requirements: PLR Poster runs on the Windows platform and requires Microsoft .Net 2.0 or later to operate. It currently supports the Wordpress Blogging Platform.

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