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Secret Blog Posting Software Allows You To...

"Quickly & Easily  Schedule Hundreds Of Articles In Your Wordpress Blog With Just A Few Clicks Of The Mouse..."

This Software Undoubtedly
Saves Me 70% More Time And Effort!

Another great product from Calvin and Jonathan!

I used to manually post to my blog EACH of the hundreds of articles I subscribed for every month and have WP get them live on the future dates I specified for each...

Not until this software came which
saves me 70% more time and effort!

Now I can just edit the article text files' filenames as the posts' titles
and voila! - IBF manages to automatically post hundreds of them on the dates I set WITH their titles and tags in their respective categories and pages!

Now maintaining my blog is almost hands-free!

Two thumbs up to you guys! ;)

Andy Immotna

From: Your Name

Dear Internet Bloggers,

If you are still wasting a ton of hours manually updating your niche blogs every single day...

...then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read!

Let us first ask you a question 'Do you still remember how it first felt when you first started blogging?'

Chances are, you were pretty excited.. But as time goes by, you soon got bored with having to constantly update your blogs manually.

You might have even collected hundreds and hundreds of PLR Articles on every niche possible with the plan of creating a content site for each of them. And the truth is, content sites or niche blogs are indeed lucrative and they have the potential to make you alot of money. 

But it can be time consuming and requires lots of discipline to upload your PLR articles every single day. And because of that, most people fail to follow through and develop those niche blogs.

Let's face it... 

We all have 24 hours in a day and we wanna make the most of it by spending more quality time with our loved ones. Or perhaps you are yearning for a very long vacation completely away from the daily work activities?

But the sad truth is you can't do it because your online business constantly need your presence for it to grow continuously. 

You are caught in a vicious cycle where you are working hard to achieve the real freedom, that you so desire... And as your business grows, you keep amassing more and more work and...

...your dreams? It now seems to drift further away. You are increasingly frustrated and get upset over everything. And you are starting to wonder if one day you'll be able to get out of this madness!

But hey! Relax... 

If you wondering how to create a network of self-growing niche sites that will grow on autopilot based on content you could provide once and for all, we have the SOLUTION for you!

The key lies in automation and with our cool piece of software you only have to work once and schedule all your blog posts for months ahead without you ever lifting a finger again...

Presenting To You...

Instant Blog Feeder

IBF Works, And It Works FAST... 

Just follow these 5 SIMPLE Steps!

Step 1: Enter your blog URL and blog settings

Step 2: Enter your posting schedule

Step 3: Add tags to your blog posts


Step 4: Select the pages to post


Step 5: Select the blog posts to post

And That's It! Your Auto-Posting Blog Is Created!

Here are 9 Reasons Why You Should Use IBF
For ALL Your Wordpress Blogs:

Queue up your all your blog posts at once for months and even years to come so that you never have to worry about updating your blogs again.
The scheduling feature allows your blog to grow on complete autopilot even when you are on vacation.
Randomize your time posting schedules so that it will look as if it's completely human based and the growth will appear natural for the search engines.
Automatically insert relevant Technorati tags for each post so that you can benefit from extra backlinks and rank higher in search engines.
Automatically upload articles in correct categories so that your blogs have a tight related theme which will further increase your rankings.
Password protection so that ONLY you will have access to the blog postings. 
Automatically create headlines in each blog post according to filenames or the first line of your article. This feature offers you a complete control on each posting you make.
NEW! Post unlimited PAGES in your wordpress blog and schedule them all in just a few clicks!
NEW! Automatically add custom wordpress tags for all your posts at once so that you'll never have to do it manually.
  And much much more...

Ok, perhaps you are now wondering how much will cost you to own this cool piece of software and whether we are going to ask for charge an insane price for it.

Let's be frank, we are not interested in making an insane amount of money selling this tool. We are here to help you grow your online business by providing you tools to automate most of your tasks so that you can have more time to spend with your loved ones.

Before we go further and reveal the price, here are some facts you need to know:

First up, understand that there are only a couple of other similar tools out on the market today‚Ķ and one of them sells for $97! 

That may seem a tad overpriced but when you weigh it against the potential benefits, you'll realize it can help tremendously in creating more blogs that will grow on complete autopilot and increase the amount of your sales exponentially. Hence, it literally pays for itself... Possibly in just a few days time!

Furthermore, 'Instant Blog Feeder' was designed with the end user in mind... We've made it ultra simple for you and all you need to do is to follow some step-by-step instructions and you're able to schedule hundreds or even thousands of blog posts for months to come in no time. 

Put it simply, this is a complete no-brainer!

Here's the deal:

Now we certainly do not intend to charge you $97. Yes, the returns and amount of time saved it can bring for you by using Instant Blog Feeder could quite be worth more than this fee.

But we know for a fact that by charging such a steep price, it might effectively shut out many marketers who should be taking full advantage of such a fantastic tool but simply can't afford it at this point of time. 

You see, we've been well-known for over-delivering on the software we create and making it really affordable for the masses. Our past customers have all testified to that and we certainly want to keep it this way.

So we have decided to make this technology easily accessible for just about any struggling marketer and set the price at just a low one time fee of...

$47 only! 

And For A Limited Time, The Insane Price of Only... 

$27 Only!

It's NOT a typo! 

Ok we shall be frank here.. We are doing this for a couple of reasons. One is we're seeking testimonials for this new software. Another is we would like to recruit JV partners to promote this software. Once we've gathered enough testimonials, the price WILL increase without warning!

So again, $27 is all it will take to own your own copy of 'Instant Blog Feeder' . 

Instant Blog Feeder Makes
Blogging So Much Easier!

Instant Blog Feeder will be one of our products at

I have been using my beta copy of Instant Blog Feeder for several of my niche blogs and it
makes blogging so much easier.

I've been waiting for you to finally release this so I can tell my readers about it. Drip Feeding blogs is something I am asked about all the time, and your product is
something I will recommend to everyone.

The way you guys
constantly upgrade your software will make this one of my top recommendations for a long time.

Dennis Graves

I Can Start in 5 ins & Queue Up All of My Wordpress Blogs In 30 Mins With Content For Months!

Calvin Woon & Jonathan Teng,

Incredible! I can start in 5 minutes and queue up all of my WordPress blogs in 30 minutes with content for months.

It upload my articles to exact category that I want, exact time I need and... whoop,
all of my blogs are Hands FREE!

Thanks for your great creation!

Le Tuan Anh

Instant Blog Feeder Makes
Blog Posting Such A Breeze!

Hi Calvin and Jonathan!

How on earth did you find out that I love software that makes everything in life automated? :)

It's so wonderful this new software of yours - Instant Blog Feeder. It makes blog posting such a breeze! That way, switching from one site to another which may be confusing at times won't be so difficult.

One click and that's it! It's right there where it's supposed to be!

Congratulations and may your tribe increase as well!


Irresistible Incentive: Lifetime Upgrades and Full Technical Support

You get lifetime upgrades completely free of charge. So when we add in more features as time goes by, you'll receive them without having to pay a single cent. Even when we raise the price in the future, you do not have to pay extra.

In addition, you receive full technical support for Instant Blog Feeder.

So now the only other question is "What are you waiting for?"

Let's face it... 

If you are serious about increasing your sites rankings over time, you'll download IBF right now and start creating dozens of blogs and automate every single blog post for months ahead.

Your online income will also drastically improve. Traffic, leads and sales will keep coming non-stop from the search engines and you'll never have to worry again about continuously update your blogs manually one by one.

You only need a low one time investment... Which will eventually convert into thousands of dollars in the long term. So we urge you to take action at this very moment.

Remember to click on the 'Return to Merchant' button after you purchase to receive your download instantly!!

To Your Blogging Success,

Your Name Here

P.S. Remember, you're backed by our no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose as the risk is on us! Click here to order now!

P.P.S. In just a few hours time, you can potentially have dozens of blogs in all kinds of niches acting as automated sales profit machines for your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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