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I would like to introduce to you VideoThemer - in short it is a beautiful simple video themer, video brander, where you can take any .flv video and use a new skin for the video. You can also make the video redirect to a affiliate when it is over.

A Deal Like This Does NOT Come Around Often...

We take pride in what we create, and you will not find a deal like this anywhere, and we are only doing it for you warriors, so listen up!

Fill The Gap In The Marketplace...

In our market video branding is HOT without a doubt, but their are two solutions. The first is to brand camtasia videos, and that is not easy. First, you have to download the HUGE camtasia video file, and host yourself!

No way...

I know you do not want to do that, and neither does anyone else. Which brings me to the other solution on the marketplace... Affiliate Video Brander. This is a nice script but it has been saturated in the marketplace. The technology behind AVB is far less seperior to Video Themer for the simple reason; This is a video player, and the affiliate redirect is BUILT-IN to the player, and it is not a clunky meta-tag refresher...

VideoThemer is a super slick, and super simple php script that the user just needs to upload some files to their FTP, and then they are good to go. The script is fully documentated with support, so there will be little to no support tickets, so you dont need to worry about that!

Put Your Name On This Product, ReBrand It, RePackage It or RePosition It!

Your In Control - Sell Your Own Web 2.0 Application!

That is right, you can put your name on this, and sell it as your own product. You have the chance to sell your own web 2.0 application that looks amazing, and is something that many markets need!

We have priced the private label right license low enough so that even newbies can take advantage of this amazing piece of software. We are only selling 30 licenses, and then we are NEVER offering rights to this product ever again.

Without further a do lets get into what the application looks like...

VideoThemer can brand any .flv and allow anyone to make the video look beautiful. There is no branding on the video players, so these are perfect sales pages and blogs. This is the perfect alternative to using youtube players, and the google video player.

This package comes with 10 different designs, and all of them are professionally designed. Since VideoThemer is a php script they host, they also host the .swf players, so the video skins will never go down unless there website does. So they wont have to worry about their videos not working!

This is a high quality product on all fronts, you simply can not miss out on this deal!

Where VideoThemer shines is the ability to brand any video with any affiliate link. Even if the video is on youtube, google video, virb, where ever! All you need is the .flv link, and then enter into the affiliate, and it generates a unique embed code.

As you probably know... The affiliate video brander that was recently sold, had a HUGE response in the marketing world, however, it didn't do all the things you wish it did. This is where VideoThemer and you come into the picture!

Videothemer uses a built auto-redirect, no meta-refresher, and this is a far more superior technique then AVB. The redirect works with all the designs, and all they need to do is just copy and paste an embed code.

This is SO easy, anyone can do it... Really! We designed the entire application to be really user friendly with a high quality design, and stlye.

You will be able to put your name on this, and help others make money with video marketing!

Easy To Install Php Script

The installation process is a breeze, and anyone can do it

Like I said before... VideoThemer is a PHP script where the buyer simply copies and pastes the folder into their FTP and they are done!

No mySQL, no root access, nothing techinical!

You wont have to worry about people not knowing how to install the script. Anyone who has a host will know exactly how to use their FTP, and since there is no mySQL or anything technicial, anyone can simply & easily start using VideoThemer.

Easy To Brand The Software With Your Name

ReBrand VideoThemer In Seconds & Start Profiting Right Away!

Most PLR software it is extremely hard to brand, and we made it dead simple for you to rebrand VideoTheme. All you need to do is edit ONE image, and upload it into your product download, and your all done!

There is no hoops to jump through, and it is all documentated so you can simply follow the instructions and have your own web 2.0 application you can sell for 100% profits!

Built-In Backend For Passive Monthly Income

Don't worry about the backend, we got it covered!

VideoThemer can only brand the videos, and have a redirect. Inside of the application they have an option to upgrade to our premium service at which will get you 50% commission on every sale, EVERY MONTH!

You will be earning an extra $23 a month for every new member who signs up to VivaVideo using your new web 2.0 application. Having a back-end in place is exactly what every big business does, and we took care of that for you.

You can not beat a passive monthly income back end. VideoThemer has everything in there so that they can use the script without joining VivaVIdeo, but to really get the full stats and tracking VivaVideo provides they can upgrade earning you passive monthly income!

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Get your license to rebrand this now & start profiting today!

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