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  • How to quickly and easily bypass her "bitch shield" that she always keeps up -- to keep most men out. (Most guys who approach her are predictable and boring, at best. But, you will learn to come at her in such a new way, that she will open wide to happily take you in.)
  • How to show her that you understand her "world"... and thus, create an instant bond with her. (Most people have no clue about how the modeling world operates. But, you will! And you use that knowledge will instantly separate yourself from all the other guys that try to talk to her.)
  • How to easily figure out where models live and hang out - during the day - so you can have a steady supply of hotties to strike up a conversation with. (Most guys try to talk to her where she's working - high-end clubs, premieres, ritzy parties, etc...which is the worst time to approach her. That's, IF you can even get in to those events.)
  • How to set things up so that she will give you her phone number, without your having to ask for it. (This works a heck of a lot better than asking for a number, and accidently reminding her of all her past, bad experiences with giving her number out to a stranger.)
  • The one "proof" element you should show her right away, if you want her to view you as a potential date, "bedroom buddy," or even a boyfriend. (It's easy to do this. And when you do, you would be a "shoe-in." If you don't, she will have a difficult time letting you into her world, and life.)
  • How to create a strong connection with her, over a matter of minutes, that she won't soon forget. (Use this if you want to dramatically increase your chances of getting future dates, sleepovers, or even something a lot more serious! Be careful with this one - it's powerful.)
  • How to use "sneaky" psychological tactics to get her excited and aroused at the thought of seeing you and being with you.
  • How to get her to think romantic, sensual or sexual thoughts about you, even when you're not there. (How eager do you think she'll be about seeing you again!)

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Now, YOU too can easily approach, attract and seduce hot, sexy models!

Discover the "insider" secrets of attracting the most stunning and most desired women in the world...even if you don't have the money, success or "looks"

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