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Why are so many men attracted to Asian women?

Is it their gorgeous smiles... their radiant skin and hair... their tight and toned bodies (no matter what their age)...

Or is it their sweet and friendly demeanor... or the fact that they make extremely loving, faithful and loyal partners...?

Whatever it is that makes them so special, you can't deny that you're attracted to them... and you would love to date them, have a "fling" or relationship with them, or even marry one of them.

(I'm referring to Asian women who were born and/or raised in an Asian country, with Asian values... even if they are now living in a Western country.)

Trying to attract - or even talk to - an Asian woman can be quite an ordeal if you don't know what you're doing...

The cultural differences alone make it almost impossible to know what to say without scaring, embarrasing, or deeply offending them... let alone trying to get them interested or attracted to you!

BUT... what if I could give you some "insider" secrets that reveal exactly how to approach these Asian beauties for the very first time... to instantly make them comfortable and interested in you... and even get them thinking about wanting to go out with you!

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  • How to finally understand how an Asian woman thinks, and learn the 6 secrets that will instantly make you attractive in her eyes - even before you say a word to her!)
  • Learn the most important, and often misunderstood, cultural differences that cause most men to fail in the approach and pickup of Asian women from the very start. (Without knowing these, you can just forget about getting anywhere with these exotic beauties.)
  • The 4 major mistakes that you should never make, if you ever want to make it to the second date with an Asian woman. (Nail these and you will be bedding her very soon after.)
  • How to push all the important "potential boyfriend" triggers in mind so that she will start to see you as "boyfriend material" very early on in the interaction. (Mess this one up and you will gently be shoved into the "friend zone.")
  • How to use an easy, and somewhat "sneaky" technique to quickly get her phone number, the very first time that you approach and talk to her.
  • Learn about the 2 clear situations of when not to approach her. If you ignore these, she will ignore you completely -- even if she is attracted to you! (If you wait till these situations change, she will respond much better to you!)
  • The one all-important thing you should never do, if you want to enjoy a "fling" or casual relationship with her. (If you mess this up, you'll immediately chase away the women who are ready for short-term, physical relationships.)
  • The 3 things you should never say to her, if you ever want your dates to turn into a long-term relationship, or even marriage.)
  • How to get physical with her using a sneaky tactic that will make her more responsive to your touch...and will even make her crave your touch more and more. (Most guys get so close, but they blow it as soon as they try to touch her. You won't have that problem, if you use this clever tactic.)

And that's just a partial list of what you will discover here...

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