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Dear Friend,


I hope all is well today. If it isn't then please sit back, take a deep breath and read this. I want to share my story of how I went from struggling entrepreneur to earning a living in the business world.

First thing though - this is not a get rich quick type of sales letter. If you are looking for get-rich-by-doing nothing type of claims then you might as well close this page and move on.

I want to talk about real business and everyone in real business knows - it doesn't come easy. Success is the outcome of taking specifc actions and working towards a goal.

I have been in business for myself for almost half a decade, and if I had to give advice on how to make sure you succeed, I would mention three things...

Network. Network. Network.

Nothing aids or predicts success like having a strong network of like minded individuals in your inner circle.

I have a super quick exercise that may open your eyes a bit. Take a second to picture one of America's greatest inventors: Thomas Edison. How do you picture him working on one of his thousand plus inventions?

Have you thought about it? What did you picture?

I will tell you waht I pictured...A man feverishly working in solitude, in a dark room by himself, totally immersed in his creations. Is that what you thought too? Most of the people I have talked to share the same idea of the man.

We couldn't be more wrong!

Any Edison historian will tell you that he thrived in a soclal setting. Quite often he was surrounded by assistants helping him work on his inventions. Apparently, when he created the first practical light bulb, he did so in the company of OVER 30 assitants.

Why is that important? It helps prove the importance of a strong social network. If one of the countries greatest inventors in history realized the power of a network...why can't we?

Networking is a key skill that we all need as business people. It is oft time overlooked, while some people simply stink at it. The good news is - ANYONE can get better at it. It just takes some knowledge, that is why I present...




Building Your Personal Network

This eBook was designed to help people harness the immense power of a personal network!

Once you open this guide you will instantly learn about...

  • What is Networking
  • Why Should I Network
  • Key Networking Skills
  • Preparation
  • Presentation
  • Follow-Up
  • Obstacle to Good Networking
  • Taking Action
  • Using Social Networking
  • 20 Social Networks for Business Professionals

If you haven't been carefully building and curating your own personal network then you are quite simply leaving money on the table. You have no more excuses, grab this guide and instantly start to broaden your personal network...




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