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Dear Entrepreneurs,

You can literally earn your first or next dollar online with this.

Earn Your First Dollar Online Quickly...While Learning

Over the next few minutes I want to introduce you to our unique system that we refer to as our “earn while you learn system”. 

This offer is for anyone interested in adding additional income streams to your business.

Whether you are new online or a seasoned expert, you will find some refreshing ways to earn money online.

One such method is exactly how the product created started and launched his online business.

This is the information you have more than likely been searching for. 

People right now all over the world are already doing it every day. They are providing for their families through the Internet.

"Print Money On Demand..."

This system will empower you to literally print money on demand. 

Before I get you too excited now, let me introduce you to us.

So Who Am I?


(Tell a brief story here about who you are. It is best to be honest here. Let people know if you ar e new. Let them know you acquired rights to this training and wanted to pass it along)

One of the biggest questions I had and many others had...

One of the biggest questions I know I had, and I know others have is how does someone make their first dollar online, or how do you quickly build a sustainable online income? 

That is exactly where this brand new Rapid Cash Marketing course comes into play.

It was so frustrating to be working hard on your online business, but not seeing any results. It can make it easy to give up. So I set out to put together an offer that really helps people. 

The course creators started their online business with these methods...

Since the people that created this course started their online business using methods I knew this was going to help. They decided to lay it all out in an easy to follow 5 module system that educates you on starting from scratch, to earning your first dollar, to scaling it into a full time income if desired.

I can imagine I just peaked your excitement level.

Over 4 years ago this course was first created. It was a comprehensive video course to help people generate their first dollar online in a short amount of time.

There were some great successes from students that first time around. 

We decided to take the same “earn while you learn” concept of the original Rapid Cash Marketing, and redo the product to apply to all the new methods available today.

More places online than ever to generate rapid cash...

You are in luck because methods of making money online have changed over the years in a big way, and that is a positive. You now have more places that you can go to, than ever before to generate rapid cash. 

When the first version of this course was released there was only a fraction of the places you could go online to generate cash quickly. Now you have a lot of options for earning money when you need it most. This course points you in that direction.

With our unique 5 module Rapid Cash Marketing Modules system here is a taste of what you will discover:

  • Piggyback Marketing and how to effectively profit quickly from popular products, trends, and product launches. 
  • Ins and out of flipping websites. Everything covered in detail in this 2 part training.
  • Simple web services for quick profits. How I scaled this to a full time income online in this 2 part training.
  • Creating and running special offers on high traffic sites that are loaded with buyers.
  • Steps to quickly start building an email list, plus how to monetize that list, and what to offer them.

Each one of the 5 modules is about an hour, or over an hour in length so no details are left out. In just the 3rd module you will discover at least 5 different simple services you can do for people to generate rapid cash online. 

In that 3rd module alone you discover 5 simple ways to generate quick cash online, including ideas to build a sustainable income from those methods.

We have essentialy removed your roadblocks...

On top of the 5 modules we wanted to really make sure there were no questions asked, so we have included with each module short technical trainings that correspond with each method. So if the course talks about setting up a simple Wordpress site as one of our methods we have a screen capture video showing you just how to do this.

You will find several look over your shoulder tutorials. 


To further help you go through this training we are including the PDF version of the PowerPoints so you can easily read the training and use it as a quick reference guide as you move forward with your rapid cash methods. 

Since some of you like to learn by listening to audio we are also including the .MP3 versions of each module so you can listen on your iPod, iPhone, portable device, or in your vehicle. 

Learn methods proven to work...

Making that first dollar is probably the biggest obstacle you are facing. Learning techniques and methods that are PROVEN to work is exactly what you want! These lessons teach the exact same things that the product creators did to build their own successful businesses!

I understand that making that first dollar online is the biggest obstacle. There's simply no way to build an online business without knowing how to generate income at will.

Perfect for those just starting out...

If you're a complete newbie, and just getting started online, this is perfect for you. The lessons are easy to follow.

The quality of these training videos is top notch.

Essentially it's a HUGE shortcut.

Time is your most valuable asset...

Your time is your most valuable asset and this saves a huge amount of time. I really mean this part because I know how much time can be spend online looking for ways to generate revenue online.

So that's a huge shortcut. Instead of having to spend days, weeks, or even months findng a systme that works for you these 5 modules are all proven to help you generate cash online. You have before you 5 seperate ways to make a living online.

Not done packing in the value yet...

We are not quite done packing in the value here, although I know at this point you are ready to invest in this amazing deal!

We love to add value and here are some bonuses to help make this an easy decision for you. We carefully selected these bonuses to ensure they enhanced your chance at success.

Bonus #1: (Include Your Bonus Here!)

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Bonus #2: (Include Your Second Bonus Here!)

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Bonus #3: (Include Your Third Bonus Here!)

Tell them about your 3rd bonus here if you have one. 

Bonuses Alone are worth $225...

(Tell What Your Bonuses Are Worth Above)

So in case you weren't adding up the numbers, the bonuses alone are valued at $225, and you'll get access to all of them today in this Rapid Cash Marketing package along with the entire Rapid Cash Marketing course modules, technical training, audio files, and PDFs.

So with over $225 of value, you're probably wondering, what's the price of this package?

Well here's the good news.

I know you have been looking for this information for a long time, so I am willing to offer it to you lower than you may be expecting.

As you have seen we could be charging $97 or more for all of this.

After all, as I've explained, this is some of THE most in-demand information on the planet.

You're getting the entire 5 module Rapid Cash Marketing course, all corresponding files, and the bonuses. 

And you're also getting $225 worth of bonuses on top of the $300 in value for the main producgt. So that would definitely put this in the $525 range.

But as I said, this is a special launch sale.

Just look at everything you are getting now:

  • Rapid Cash Marketing 5 Module Course
  • PDF Files for Each Module
  • MP3 Audio for Each Module
  • Technical Training With Each Module
  • Bonus #1
  • Bonus #2
  • Bonus #3

What will the price be?

It's not $525.

It's not $277.

It's not $97.

It's not even $47.

Right now, you can get this all for an amazing price of only...


That's it.

So click the order button now so you aren't paying more later.

Click Here To Order Now. Only $27 (Limited Time Sale)

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

By the way, we're also backing it up with a 100% money back guarantee. You have 30 days to go through the material, and even learn from the bonuses. 

If you decide it is not for you a refund will be issued!

OK, so there's no reason to hesitate. We know you're going to be blown away when you see the quality of the videos in the Rapid Cash Marketing course.

We also know that we're giving you the very best up-to-date information that has been proven to work for many others.

I think you'll agree that it was one of the best $27 you ever invested.

And we're truly backing up that statement with a full 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

So don't miss out on it.

I mean this is a crazy deal if I ever saw one. $27 for everything. It's a one-time payment, with no monthly fees.

Take Action - Don't Get Left Behind

Those who take action achieve success! It has proven itself time and time again throughout history.

If you study any successful business, than you know that it started with someone taking action. 

Are you going to sit on the sidelines?

Are you going to be someone that takes action, or someone that sits on the sideline while an incredible opportunity passes you by?

There is no need to say no to this offer because we are even offering a money back guarantee so you can’t lose.

Think of all the things that you spend $27 on.

How much do you spend when you put gas in your car, or take your family out to eat?

How much do you spend each week on coffee drinks or espressos?

Think of the snack food you have in your pantry. I am sure it is more than $27/month.

We're backing it up with a 100% 30-day money back guarantee, so your investment today is totally risk free.


YES John Smith I Want To Secure My Rapid Cash Marketing Package Immediately!



(We reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)



Thank you for your time!

To Your Success,

John Smith

P.S. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Remember you get the full 5 model Rapid Cash Marketing course in video, audio, and PDF format. Plus you get the bonuses. You will learn how to build your business the way many others have.

You owe it to yourself to say "Yes!" to this one of a kind opportunity.

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the service and it's potential. Results vary with every individual, and your results may or may not be different from those depicted. No promises, guarantees or warranties, whether stated or implied, have been made that you will produce any specific result, income or sales as a result of purchasing this service. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee you will earn any money.


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