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Hi There!

WEB/AUDIO can be used for many things. It has a great flash player that you can use for anything! Podcasts, music, interviews, or anything you would need a audio player for.

However, that is not where the real gold is in WEB/AUDIO! The gold is in the flash testimonials that have never been done before! Audio Testimonials are so crucial to increasing your conversion rate, but setting up a audio testimonial on your site can be a pain.

Not with WEB/AUDIO because it has a super simple WIZARD to setup flash testimonials, or flash audio players. You can have your flash testimonial or flash player done within seconds..yes seconds!

Since the are done in flash they have stunning visual design, but you don't need to touch any flash to have this on your site! Enter your information into the wizard, and your done! No messing around with html, or CSS.

Who Am I? My name is Dylan Jones, and I have been a web designer for many years. I done many audio players for clients over the years, and I was using other solutions for audio. They all embedded the audio into the players, so if the client needed to change the audio for some reason - they came back to me! I hated always having to do this for clients.

So I developed a good flash player! I created a flash player that gets the audio from an XML file, so all they need to do was change the audio file in the folder. I used this for many clients, and they were all really happy! No more coming back to me for audio changes!

This was the birth of WEB/AUDIO! I discovered the insane power of having audio testimonials - thats what all my clients needed me for, and they spent BIG $,$$$ for me to do it! They needed a beautiful way to display testimonials, and have a audio player.

The flash testimonials run through a XML file, so you can edit the testimonial information at anytime. It's as easy a opening up notepad and editing the testimonial, and pressing save! :)

I encourage you to take advantage of this software, and use it! Testimonials can drive a business to new heights, and there is no better testimonial then a audio testimonial!


low quality video for faster load time! :-)

4 Startling Facts Why You Should Be Using Audio On Your Website NOW!

Increase Your Conversion Ratio!

Adding a audio message on your website can dramatically increase your conversion rate! People like to hear a real humans voice, and it easier for them to feel an emotional connection to you, and your products. Hearing a real voice can build trust with the visitor in ways copy never can! Increase your conversion rates with audio testimonials!

Increase Your Credibility!

Having a audio message on your site telling the visitor who you are, and why your product will help them will show them that there is a real person behind your product. Not-faceless product that people often think are scams. Increase your Credibility by adding audio to your site!

Get More Subscribers!

Adding a audio message above an opt-in forms can make your subscription rate go up by 300% instantly!! Nothing works better then hearing a voice when you are giving your personal information.

More Traffic & Stronger Visitors!

Having audio on your site can yield a lot of traffic! If you are using web/audio for a podcast then people will coming back to your site everyday for a new episode! Having audio on your site will get you better, and highly targeted traffic.

5 Reasons Why WEB/Audio Stands Head and Shoulders Above All Other Solutions!

Well when you decide to put audio on your website, you have many options to do so! So why choose WEB/audio by MonetizeDesign? There is many reasons to choose WEB/Audio over the other solutions.

Startling Fact #1:- The design of the actual players! There are many audio player solutions out there, but none compare to the design, and style of WEB/audio. If you want to achieve the same quality of design you will have to pay BIG money to get them professionally designed. We are the only solution that has designs that will increase your sales - others have extremely out dated designs!

Startling Fact #2 :- The Wizard! The wizard is less than 5 steps! You can have your audio player setup in seconds! Now other solutions stuff there wizards with really useless features. You have the audio ready, you just need to it play it on the web, easily. THIS IS WHAT THAT DOES FOR YOU! In seconds!

Startling Fact #3 :- Flash Testimonials! Web/audio is more than just a audio player you can create full flash testimonials. Showcase your top testimonials in an impressive style - who else has that!?? NO ONE! WEB/audio also includes html testimonials for longer testimonials. Increase your conversion rates with audio testimonials!

Startling Fact #4:- Custom Designs! You can use the WEB/audio technology for your clients! Its so easy to create beautiful flash players, and you can design the style! In minutes!! no monthly subscription fees like services like other solutions. It's a small one-time investment.

Startling Fact #5:- GREAT DOCUMENTATION! None of the solutions have this amount of great documentation as we have for web/audio. How to's on each part, template psd files, video tutorials, pdf design guides, everything you need to master WEB/audio!

"Hope you'll excuse my brief note... I'm
off to pimp my sales page"

Hi Dylan,

All I can say is WOW! It's about time someone with your eye for design took on the task of making testimonials rock!

This package is awesome... and I really appreciate the time you took to document everything so it's easy to use 'right out of the box.'

Hope you'll excuse my brief note... I'm off to pimp my sales page

Brian McElroy

Lets see the WEB/audio Package

"You have a WINNER in your hands !"


You have a WINNER in your hands !

This is one of the most innovative and well thought out packages I have seen ... and I have seen many !

Not only does it provide what I think are the BEST looking testimonials and audio components ... but it does so in such an effortless manner that anyone can become an immediate professional !

Graphically speaking Dylan, you have RAISED the bar ... the clean, crisp WEB 2.0 styles that you include are just the ticket for success in today's marketplace, in ALL Niches.

Speechless and Very Impressed

Best regards


What can you use WEB/audio for?

Audio Testimonials Intro Messages (opt-in message!)
Podcasts Audio Books (audio reports)
Music Audio Interviews
Audio Tutorials And Much More!

Flash Testimonial!

Lets see the flash testimonial in action!

The Technology Behind WEB/audio

What is the technology behind web/audio? Unlike other solutions WEB/audio is using XML to send the audio file to the player. Other solutions embed the audio file into the flash player, and stream it. While, WEB/audio does stream the audio, the player is very light weight! You can edit the xml file at anytime and change the audio file, in case you need to change something. It's so easy, and so flexible! :)

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Flash Audio Players with 6 designs, Roll Out and Simple Designs - Even create custom designs!

Flash Testimonial Player! Beautiful Design, and beautiful conversion rate!

Easy Wizard! WEB/AUDIO has a wizard step by step wizard that gets your players done in seconds!!

Great Documentation! Huge FAQ, video tutorials, psd design templates, pdf's, and email support!

NOTHING LIKE THIS ANY WHERE! There is no other product on the martket like this - anywhere!

Contains The Real Power Of Audio Testimonials

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Thank you for your interest in WEB/AUDIO, I hope it gives you much success!

P.S. Audio testimonials can dramatically increase your sales literally overnight! Unleash the power of having audio testimonials on your products with web/audio!

P.S.S. To get the quality of work that has been put into WEB/AUDIO would cost you $5,000 + to get done if you outsourced the work! Take this chance to get it for dirt cheap, and "pimp" your sales page!

P.S.S.S. I heard creates really cool products...its just what I heard! :)

This product is a Monetize Design created product. We only create the best, and strive to be the best.