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Dear Fellow Internet Marketer

Take a look at any successful internet marketer and you'll find that there are certain methods and techniques that they pretty much all seem to use.

Now I've been around the old internet marketing world for quite a while - and I reckon I know by now what makes up a successful online business...

Ok - so are you ready for a shock now?

It's mostly the BORING and ESTABLISHED stuff you should be concentrating on in your online business...

It's NOT the latest fancy techniques and secret underground strategies that contribute the most to people's success.

It's the old tried and tested things such as building your list, creating information products, building membership sites... and such like.

If you concentrate on those things then you should start to see some success online.

Actually, that might not come as a great shock. If you've studied internet marketing in any depth then you'll realize that these are the things which make up most marketers income.

They are the bread and butter of most people's online business and they are what I call the ESSENTIAL internet marketing methods.


Here are just SOME of the things you'll discover inside:

  • The things you should be doing NOW if you want to achieve success online...

  • How to create your own unique product in record time, even if you've never done it before

  • How to build your list FAST

  • How to create your own membership site

  • Blogging - and why you should be doing it

  • A cool little technique that drives instant traffic to your sites - and other effective traffic generation techniques

  • The essential tools of the trade which you need to build an online business

and much more!


Yes! I want to learn about the things every internet marketer should be doing...

I want to finally achieve success online and learn the things that can make up a bread and butter online income.

I'm ready to invest in your report today and I understand that the price below may increase at any time.



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Heard people talking about the importance of list building but don't have a clue how to go about it? Want your own product but don't know how to create one?

This report should help...

Think of it as a crash course on some of the essential elements of internet marketing.

I can't guarantee your success of course but I DO believe hand on heart that if you use the strategies I outline in 'Essential Internet Marketing' then you're much more likely to succeed online than if you spend all your time chasing gold and going after the latest fancy, glitzy techniques.

Best wishes

[Your Name Here]


P.S. If you've ever wondered what makes up the income of most real-life marketers then this is the answer.

P.P.S These methods aren't anything new - but they ARE tried and tested.