How To Auto-Generate Real Visits To Your Offer, By Real People Who Are Already Interested In What You Are Offering...Using Automation.


Seriously - How would you like to actually start getting people to click through to visit your offer who have already expressed a deep interest in exactly what you are offering them?

This is exactly what GTA-Yahoo Edition software can cause.


Regardless of whether you are an affiliate promoter, a product seller, or a professional list-builder... This Software Is Going To Impact Your Operation.

Lower on the page I have provided a pretty full accounting of what the software does, but for now, the short-version is this: You can put your ad right in front of people who are hyper-interested in your offer.

My name is Cliff Carrigan, and although I'm reasonably known as a professional video marketer, I'm also an avid affiliate marketer who specializes in custom list building.

I've won, placed, or shown in the top 10 on countless affiliate contests through multiple merchants (jvzoo, warriorplus, clickbank, etc.).

What's cool about that is that I usually actually create a custom list for each product type I promote, and it's no secret how I do it. I use solo ads and I use Yahoo Groups. And until very recently I had been list building using groups manually (the software is brand new).

I use groups for backlinks to my videos, I use groups for direct list building, and most importantly, I use groups for direct instant gratification sales. - Putting my ads right in front of people who are actively discussing a topic directly related to my offer makes the whole process pretty smooth and easy.

Now, this may annoy the heck out of you, but I don't post my income for the world to see. Yes, I know it's a common practice for people to post income shots and then include a disclaimer. I get it, but that doesn't change the fact that my income is very personal and private information not to be shared with the general public.

What I'll do instead is simply hope that some of the people I have worked with in the past will pop into this thread at some point and share their own input.

This was a pretty long introduction, so lets go ahead and get into this thing!

Back In The Day....

Back in the day, people didn't post their links on pages just to have a link pointing back to their site. They posted their links in places where other people would see the link and click through to look at their offer. (I really liked those days)

Back To The Future... (Today)

People have become so habitual in just slamming links around the web that a lot of the newer people think that that's the right thing to do... It's not.

The ultimate goal today is the same as it was all of those years ago... To get your information in front of people who are most likely interested in what you have to offer. The only reason for backlinking at all is for SEO purposes... So that you are listed higher in the search results. Why? Because you want people who are most likely interested in your offer to see your offer.


The automated solution to hyper-focused traffic with the added benefit of great backlinks




This is how you push ahead of your competitors in both positioning and targeted traffic volume so you can finally achieve your goals.

Blogs, websites, articles, videos, list building - it doesn't matter... If you want to get them performing at their highest potential you have to have links pointing directly to your offer, and get it in front of the people who have the highest interest levels so you can actually reach the people who you need to reach.

Most marketers are still in the dark about how to achieve that, but the answer is right out in the open for everyone to see.

The primary thing I looked at was highly targeted traffic. I wanted to find large groups of people who were passionate about my target topic and put my ads in front of them.


The Problem Has Been The Same For All of Us...

A lot of the time we all get information overload (even me)... what happens is that so many people come out with cool new ways and tactics and we end up jumping all over the place.


I have been a full time marketer for many years, and I still get caught up in the excitement from time to time.

Ultimately, all it ever does for me is end up costing me a lot of time (and frustration) while instead I could have spent my time doing things I know need to be done rather than chasing that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


For a long time I overlooked the elephant in the room...


If you find a group of people who are actively discussing the exact same or closely related topic you are targeting, and you have a way to put your own advertisement right in front of those people, then you are in a pretty powerful position.

Now, add to that the fact that you can also drop a live link to whatever you are promoting and then the powerful nature of what you are doing compounds and gives you a new level of power that few marketers ever even reach so you can do things and reach levels that most other will never attain.

Get this straight in your mind - Everything you do should always be focused tightly toward getting people to land on what you are offering.

Rather than try to keep the whole process a secret, I'll just walk you through it right here and now...

I use Yahoo Groups to advertise in and get backlinks from. You have to do some digging because a lot of groups have been abandoned or have been completely overrun with porn ads, but the reality is that there is still a massive presence of groups who are hyper-focused on their topic and they actively engage in conversation about it daily.

These are real people engaging in conversation about their topic - Some groups only have a few people in them, while other groups will have thousands of participants so you can reach them all.

So, the key is in reaching them all.... The big ones and the small ones. The cumulative effect can be nothing short of astounding.

For me, as I began getting deeper and deeper into marketing to these groups I realized that automation would make life a lot easier on me.

I really didn't want to spend 4 hours per day filtering, then joining and posting my ads (which is minimum what it takes to do it manually). The results are worth it for me, but I know how to develop software so it just made sense for me to automate the whole process.

Of course before I built my own software I decided to search around the net a bit to see if someone had already built the same thing... and sure enough I found a few.

The problem though is that none that I found were updated, and most all were very specific in nature (a.k.a - very limited).

For example, there are people who sell "safelist" submitters. Well, these are usually actually just yahoo group submitters that already have the groups pre-selected that you can post in.... Way to restrictive. Using safelists can be an amazing list builder, but not if that list has been beat to death for the past 10 years.

Another example is the people who sell "article" submitters. Many are just pre-selected Yahoo groups... again, way to limited.

So I decided to go ahead and build this software so that it wasn't limited. I promote all sorts of different things and I like getting my ads in front of the target audience of my own choosing rather than letting someone else force me to post only where they want me to post.

In fact, group posting has made such a significant impact on my volume of ultra-targeted traffic that I am in progress of building a full suite of group submitters and of course everyone who gets this first release will get all future group submitter releases for free.


But there's even more to it... Yes, I get direct traffic from groups, and I get backlinks, but I have also managed to build a pretty significant and active mailing list from it too.


The cool thing is there isn't any secret or mystery about it... Quite a few of the niches I work in aren't Internet Marketing related at all. In fact, many of the people in those niches have never really been exposed to IM on any real scale.. So I do the simplest thing.

I drop a link to my squeeze page, and below that I drop a direct email link to my list and simply tell them to email me directly. - Example:

You wouldn't believe how many people will read your post and then just shoot you an email, and of course the moment they do that, they are now on your mailing list. - It's the perfect way to NOT over complicate things.

Lets get back to the software before I get side-tracked again...

What it does is lets you give it a keyword or phrase, and then it goes and searches for relevant groups, then once it builds a list of groups that match your target, it will filter through that list and remove the ones that will not allow you to post, and it filters through a few other things as well.

Once it has your final list completed, it will go and subscribe to each group for you. Once subscribed, it will then go and post your message in those groups. (Simple.)

It will also save your work (campaign) for you so that you can re-run it as often as you like. this way, if new groups have popped up in your niche or you want to expand your reach for any given keyword or phrase, you can easily do that, and of course you'll already be subscribed to many of those groups so the whole process will be much faster on each run that you do for that campaign.

The software allows you to create/save/run unlimited campaigns... For me, I have about 60 different campaigns that I run through, and I add more as new keyword ideas come to mind.

Like any automation - This software can be abused, but I did take steps to limit the level of abuse.

For example, there is no text spinner in it. Ultimately when you are spinning text it isn't going to look good to the person reading it, and while that's fine from some perspectives, it isn't a good thing to do when you have real people looking at your post... those people could be buyers.

I also didn't put rotating proxy support in it. While I understand that proxies have other uses than just blackhat stuff, I also know that abuse patterns can go through the roof.

I did however put in the ability to set a single proxy into the software because this program targets only English speaking groups, and if you are in a country where your search results are coming back in any other language, then I wanted you to be able to use an IP (proxy) that will allow you to appear to come from an English speaking country so that the software will work for you.

Automation Is Your Friend!

You can continue to struggle along aimlessly trying to get a little traffic to your offer, a few backlinks, or more people into your list - OR - You can zero-in on something that's working NOW, and let the software do the hard work.

Hard-Core, Straight To The Action, Custom Software
GTA-Yahoo Edition






I'm so confident that this software is going to have the same impact on you that it has had on me, that I'm giving you a full 30 day 100% money-back, no questions asked guarantee.

It's really simple - If for any reason, or no reason at all, you decide that you aren't going to run this software every single day, just send a simple refund request and we'll refund you. No hassles, no reasons why, no questions.





One: This software is for PC ... If you have a Mac, it may or may not work with your emulator.

Two: Once you have worked it a few times and get the hang of it, this software can be used as "Set & Forget"... In other words, you can turn it on and leave and it will take care of everything for you.

Three: This software targets English speaking groups only. It has a proxy option for those who are not in English speaking countries.

Four: Do Not Contact Me Through WarriorForum PM's ... It's too restrictive. If you need to connect with me, my direct email is: