Thousands Of
Attention Grabbing
Sales Page "Scribbles"
Just Like The Ones Below...







Get 1,000's of different marketing phrases....


Get 1,000's of different marketing shapes, bullets, arrows, and other attention grabbers....


(The above is just a tiny sample of all the images you will get)


ear Friend,

So what are these sales page scribbles?  I'm sure you've seen them before. What they are is basically simple shapes and text that look like they were hand written or hand drawn by someone into the sales page. They make the sales letter look more personal.

Why is that important for you?

Most of the big name gurus use them in their sales letters, and for good reason. These scribbles actually increase conversions. And we all want better conversions, don't we?

The fact is, a sales page with just plain text is boring. Nobody wants to read a big block of text. I'm sure you've heard this before. What you need to do is...

You need to break up your sales copy into easy to read chunks.
You need to add sub headlines throughout the page for people that like to skim through the sales letter.
You need to highlight, bold, underline, and basically emphasize important text to make it stand out.
You need to add simple images like arrows, graphs, bullets, screenshots, photos, etc., to make the sales letter more interesting and engaging. (Again, no one wants to look at plain text for half an hour)
And you need to make your sales copy more personal, as if you're writing to a friend, one on one, in a conversational tone.

Of course there is a lot more to a good sales letter than that, but all of these little things increase conversions. And you can do all of the above with these "scibble" images.  Instead of a sales letter with plain text, you can make it look as if you've written on the page yourself, with your own handwriting.  Sort of like writing a note to your friend.  And this makes a BIG impact.

Here's the deal, after looking over dozens of sales letters for all the popular and successful products, I created a "swipe file" of all the most used phrases and images on those sites. And then I created my own versions of all those items, in "scribble" form. And what I've come up with is......


"The Ultimate Collection Of Scribble Images For Your Sales Page..."


And let me tell you something, this package is HUGE!!!  There are literally 1,000's of different files, and over 100mb of content!

Here's exactly what you will get....

Module # 1 consists of marketing phrases.  Here you'll find all kinds of things like:

Full sentences that lead into another paragraph.

Section headings like "Testimonials", "Step 1, 2, 3, etc.", "Bonus 1, 2, 3, etc.."

Calls to action like "Get your copy now", "Take action now", etc..


Single letters and numbers

Single keywords

And more

Basically, there's a huge variety of stuff.  Pretty much anything you can think of to add to your site is in here.  And there's also a big variation of each "marketing phrase".  You get 3 different colors, 5 different fonts, and 3 different sizes for EACH phrase.

Let me show you in a screenshot....

As you can see, you get A LOT of stuff.  But that's only half of the package....

Module # 2 consists of marketing shapes.  Here you'll find all kinds of things like:




- Underlines

Some key phrases with graphics around them

And all kinds of other stuff

Again, each of these shapes comes in a variety of different colors and sizes....

Each of the scribble images comes in transparent PNG format.  Which means you can use them on any color background, and even on pattern backgrounds (not just white backgrounds).

No special software required.  Just insert these images into your sales letter like you would any other images.

All you have to do is download the package, and then give your sales letter an instant makeover in minutes. 

Well, there are over 27,000 files in this package, and it took quite a bit of hard work to put all of this together.  I can easily charge something like $167 or $97 for this.  But I won't.  You can have this package today for an introductory low price of.....








That's like $0.001 per file. :)

I do also have a money back guarantee, just in case that price is not low enough...

56 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try the product for 56 days, and if you're not satisfied just send me an email and I'll send you a refund.  So there's absolutely no risk on your part.  All the risk is on me.

Hope you see the value in this offer and will give this product a try.  To place your order click on the link below.

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  You don't need any special software to use this product.  Just add these scribbles to your site like you would any other images.

   I know I'm over-doing it a little with the graphics on this page.  But I just wanted to show you there's a HUGE variety of graphics here, for almost any part of the sales letter.  And if you don't use all of them, I'm sure you'll find at least a few images you like and will use on your sites.  For just 27 bucks you can't go wrong.