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I don't think that drumming up all the cliches is needed...

The days of putting up a website and getting it ranked on its own are long gone. They might as well be as far back as the dinosaurs.

You can spend countless hours developing the perfect website and still get ZERO results if you don't understand Google's complicated ranking algorithm.

Sure, you can cheat a little and buy some Pay Per Click ads, but everyone know that they actually get much less clicks than the organic search results.

Not to mention the amount of time and money it takes to have a highly-profitable Pay Per Click campaign. It's extremely difficult these days to turn a profit.

What Google wants is clouded by their very hard work to keep that a secret, but they've tipped their hat enough to let us know that there are a few very important aspects to their ranking process.

The SINGLE Most Important Thing You Need To Do Is To Get Targeted Backlinks!

I'm sure you've already heard this doznes of times before. It's not exactly breaking news, but that doesn't mean it's not truer now than ever before.

In fact, since the highly publicized last Google algorithm shakeup, this tried and true method has only solidified it's foothold of paramount importance.

It's really not that difficult to get a flood of highly-targeted, organic traffic coming to your website while you sleep, while you hang out with your kids and while you do all the cool stuff you like to do... if you understand how to do backlinking correctly.

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