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Dear Internet Entrepreneur:

I recently discovered a major issue out there in the marketplace. As I was looking for high quality, HD royalty free stock video I noticed one common theme. I needed to spend an utter fortune in order to acquire just one single clip!

No joke! Look at how ridiculous some of these prices are.

Don't Be Fooled By Their "18 Credits" Cost Either...

Yes, that is $170 for one single HD clip! This isn't right!

Look at these outrageous prices on yet another stock footage site...

I am about to offer you 45 HD 1920 x 1080 Stock Footage Clips for less than the cost of one single clip from the popular stock footage sites on the market!

I am literally saving you between $3,500 and $7,650 if you were to pay the outrageous $79 per clip to $170 per clip prices we see on the market!

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Your HD Quality Stock Footage Solution Is Here...

I acquired a license from an award winning filmmaker who filmed these clips using his cinematic equipment and his creative eye to put together this package. You get 45 clips shot in nature, near cities, on the water, and more! Don't miss this one of a kind unique package!

All clips are shot in 1920 x 1080!

Some of the ways you can use the clips:

  • Motivational videos for any niche market including fitness, business,
    Internet marketing, self help, and more!
  • Use in sales videos.
  • Create .gifs out of the videos.
  • Use as the backdrop for Web 3.0 squeeze pages (with the videos).
  • Use for videos for their clients.
  • Background of PowerPoint slides.

So What's Your Investment?

Well, remember earlier when I said it would cost you between $79 and $170 for just one HD Stock video clip?

I am saving you a huge amount of money, and if I were to charge you $197 it would be a steal for all 45 clips!

I'm giving it to you at the low price of only $47! Thats right! I am changing the way the stock footage industry is being ran! No more paying extremely high fees for your stock footage clips.

I'm giving you so much value at such a low cost because I know that you're going to love the content and you'll want to buy more stock footage clips from me in the future.

And to make this deal a no-brainer, Iím going to throw in two powerful bonuses worth $97!

Bonus #1: 100 Royalty Free Audio Tracks

You are also going to get 100 royalty free audio tracks that you can use with the stock footage clips to boost the production value. Use these quality MP3 audios with the stock footage to create unique and powerful clips for any occassion!

Bonus #2: Training On Using The Clips

You will also get access to a video where someone demonstrates how you can effectively use these clips for your own projects!

This gives you EVERYTHING you need to succeed! The 45 HD Royalty Free stock videos, the 10 royalty free audio tracks, and the training using these stock video clips! All in one package!

Risk Free, Iron Clad Money Back Guarantee

When you invest in the Stock Video Package, you will have 60 days to test drive the stock clips and make as much money as you want. If you're not 100% satisfied for any reason at all, just let me know and I'll give you a prompt, no-hassle refund immediately.

Let's recap everything you are getting today:

45 HD Royalty Free Stock Footage Clips ($2,000 Value)

100 Royalty Free Audios ($500 Value)

Step-By-Step Training On Using The Clips ($297 Value)

All this $2,897 in real value for only $47!

Here's How to Order

Click the "Add to Cart" button below. You'll be taken to a secure order page at PayPal where you can use your credit card or PayPal balance to pay.

Important: after your payment is processed, it may take up to 5 seconds to complete the order.

Yes! I want instant access to this stock footage package.And since I'm taking action right now, I also get the 100 royalty free audios as a bonus and the training as a second bonus. All this for a low one-time investment of just $47.00 and I'm completely covered by your 60-day, money-back guarantee!


All the best!

Your Name

P.S. Remember, this is your chance to get 45 stock footage clips for less than the cost of one HD stock video clip at the leading stock footage sites! Save yourself thousands and invest in this offer today!

P.P.S. Take it all for a "test drive" and see for yourself how great these clips are. Send me an email and I'll refund 100% of your investment. All the risk is on me.

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