Protect Your Digital Properties & Manage Members In Just A Few Clicks


As a clever Internet Marketer, you've clearly seen the benefit of using the Turbo Instant Membership Builder as an essential part of your marketing strategy.

.... What if I told you that YOU can also SELL this software to your customers!

That's right... RESALE RIGHTS

YOU loved it; that's why you're will other Internet Marketers and people who wish to sell the software, or protect their members' areas and create their membership sites in just a few clicks and even sell the service to their customers.

This means by getting your Resale Rights' License today, you will use this hot new software to bring in cash by reselling it on to other Internet Marketers - and hey... who doesn't it such a fast and easy way to protect a members' area and establish a users' management system??!!


Your order will be automatically upgraded and you will ALSO GET the advanced Turbo Instant Membership Builder PRO version - WHICH YOU CAN ALSO RESELL for a higher price!!!.

Don't forget: You will get the resale rights for BOTH versions, Basic and PRO so your customers can choose to order either one of them or both!

Once again... here is what I'm offering right now, one time only...

You have ordered the software. You read about the benefits of cranking list building pages you can use and sell.

NOW... when you get the Resale Rights, you will get a) the BASIC version, which you just ordered, b) the PRO version with the extra features, and c) RESALE RIGHTS for both versions so you can also resell them to your customers and keep all the money in your pocket

We've gone an step extra to ensure that this is the most effortless decision you can make.

Once you order the Resale Rights for yourself....

You will also get the sales letter RIGHT NOW – the same one that brought you here WITH THE ADDITION of the Turbo Instant Membership Builder PRO as an option so you can sell both versions! That means you have no writing to do to sell the software.

Again, it will be the same professional sales letter that brought you here – written from a professional and experienced copywriter to maximize conversions AND will also include the Turbo Instant Membership Builder PRO and the EXTRA FEATURES included to that version.

All you have to do is add your order links in the sales letter, upload it quickly to your server, get paid for the sales and deliver the software your customers will choose after they pay you.

That's it.

It literally couldn't be any easier a setup for you to sell it forward.

It's all done for you.

“Sweeten It For Me... Give Me Some Bonuses... What Else Can You Throw In To This Deal To Order It Today?”

OK, pretty much everything you need is thrown in here if you order today. I'll cut out hundreds of dollars in Marketing tools and sales aids... money you would have to pay someone professional to do for you.

Or even worse, do it yourself... wasting time.

This is a Turbo product... and Turbo means FAST & EASY.

There's no need to waste time with extra steps.

It is all ready to go.

With your purchase you automatically get:

The sales letter for selling the software (with both versions, the Basic and the PRO, written by a professional writer

A ‘thank you' page where you can deliver the software to your customers. In fact you get 2 "thank you pages" one for the Basic and one for the PRO version.

Great graphics created by professional designers incorporated into your sales letter

A complimentary set of 9 banners for the Basic version to use online for attracting people to your site; just add them to your blog for example (or use banner marketing to drive traffic to your site)

A complimentary set of 9 banners for the PRO version to use online for attracting people to your site; just add them to your blog for example (or use banner marketing to drive traffic to your site)

A 3-minute demo promotional video that can be added to YouTube so you can get traffic from there to your site where you sell the software

20 tweets for posting to your Twitter account hence driving traffic from Twitter to your site where you sell the software

10 Facebook posts to post to your Facebook timeline hence sending traffic from Facebook (again to your his site where you sell the software)

An affiliate page to run an affiliate program and allow people to promote the software for commissions when the software sold via their affiliate links; that page will include the banners as mentioned above that can be used by affiliates, and 5 promotional messages affiliates can use for promoting the software to their lists, through their blogs, etc.

...and of course, the Certificate of your Resale Rights' License so you will be recognized as an authorized reseller.

You're Covered By An Iron Clad 30-day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.

This means that for you – there is ZERO RISK. All the risk is on me. That's how certain I am. In fact, I believe that you will love this.

And the investment is so small because ....


Turbo Instant Membership Builder PRO is a great way to creates list building pages that attract subscribers - it's a software your customers will love.

You get the First Reseller's Advantage: Turbo Instant Membership Builder has been just released. Be the first to resell it.

Every Internet Marketer needs a clever easy tool to create list building pages to use and/or sell for profits.

It's selling even without your help. I know it does. I created it. I sold it to you, didn't I? And you are smart to recognize the value.

With just some sales you get your investment back (for the Resale Rights' license) and every sale after that is pure profit.

You will have everything you need to sell and promote the software so no excuses.

Hey... You are an Internet Marketer... it is your livelihood to sell products and services. With this, I have given you not only your product that is hot but also ALL THE TOOLS TO SELL IT, promote it and make money in a professional manner.


You must ACT NOW. HERE.



The resale rights may be discontinued at any time, the best time to act is right on this page. Now.

So, use the Resale Rights to your benefit while the offer is here because it will not stay up long and I make no promises to anyone about keeping it up. If you're serious, you'll grab it while the software is hot in the market. While it is here and perfectly timed.

On that note, I hope to see you make the right choice. Just click on the button below.:)

See you on the other side and thank you again for investing with me, risk free.

To your constant and ever-growing success,

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