Protect Your Digital Properties & Manage Members In Just A Few Clicks

"Membership Builder & User Management Software Stops Your Password-Trading Thieves Dead in Their Tracks!"

PLUS This Amazing Solution Makes it EXTREMELY Easy for YOU to Run a Password-Protected Membership Site… Even if You Don't Know PHP from a Bar of Soap!

Read on to discover how this simple software saves you time,
money and a whole lot of frustration…

Turbo Instant Membership Builder

Dear "Residual Income" Marketer,

Have you ever used a 50-pound brick as a fly swatter?

Talk about overkill.

And yet if you've ever thought about running a simple password-protected membership site, you've likely seen plenty of examples of script overkill.

Simply put, you don't need a complex membership software any more than you need a brick to swat flies.

Sure, if you were running a fancy-pants membership site and needed all those bells and whistles - and if you had a few hundred or a few thousand bucks to drop on a script - those scripts would be good solutions.

But you don't need all that stuff. And you sure don't want to spend a week installing and configuring a complex script when you're running a simple site.

Because all you're really looking for is…

A simple way to lock up your member's area and let your members - and only your members - access the password-protected part of your site…

So you turn to the most obvious solution of putting your membership files inside a directory and password protecting that directory.

Good solution, right?

But it won't take long before you realize this "easy" solution makes it super-easy for the thieves to come out of the woodwork and steal your products!

Next thing you know you have a good number of your members sharing the login info with their friends. And those friends pass it along to other friends, who post it on forums… and the cycle continues.

Oh sure, it's flattering that they like your products and your membership site that much, but come on…

They're stealing your hard work
right from under your nose!

And that's enough to get anyone red-in-the-face and hopping mad!

You see, there are some great membership solutions on the market - but they're complex, expensive and usually require you to set aside plenty of time to install, configure and manage them.

Turbo Instant Membership Builder is a powerful yet simple and affordable way to run a secure a membership site or any directory on your server that can contain ANY page or file.

It's So Easy, You'll Have Your Site Up and Running In LESS Than FIVE Minutes!

Here's how the script works…

Well… it cannot be simpler… because ALL you have to do is…

Upload the files in the directory you want to protect.

Yep. That’s it.

Once done, just deliver the registration link to your customers after they have paid you through for accessing your membership site.

Now ask me…

“What if members share their login codes??”

Here is the trick: You tell the software how many different computers (IP addresses) your customers can use to log into your site. If a customer goes over that limit - BAM, they're stopped cold. That means you never have to worry about your members sharing their passwords with others!

And you're done! It truly is that fast and easy to set up and run your password-protected membership site!

But of course the above description just scratches the surface of what this script can do for you. See for yourself the complete features and benefits you'll enjoy when you start using Turbo Instant Membership Builder:

The intuitive admin area makes managing your site
so easy even a child could do it!

Fully automated registration saves you time - you don't have to lift a finger because your members choose their own passwords and usernames!

If you want to manually add a member, you can - in just a couple clicks of your mouse!

Need to kick someone out of your site? It's easy - you can ban and/or delete them in a couple clicks!

Saves you time and money by cutting support requests. That's because members who use their email address as their username can recover forgotten passwords automatically!

And if you do need to change someone's password, you can… and it takes just a few seconds!

You can run a membership site with a virtually unlimited number of members!

Plus here's a bonus: You can install this script on as many servers as you want… NO extra charge! Now you can run as many membership sites as you want!


Here's a thorough demo video where you can see how Turbo Instant Membership Builder Works!

Take a few minutes to watch it now.

Just watch the video!

Get More Results Without An Extra Work!

You can just use the software with your existing member pages - nothing to change: just upload the files and have your pages protected!

You can even choose what page your members will see AFTER they log out! And that means plenty of backend selling opportunities for you!

Locks Your Membership Site Up Like Fort Knox!

Some info for the technical minds:

Turbo Instant Membership Builder works with any system using an Apache authorization to secure usernames and passwords. If you see a .htaccess file extension in your site's public HTML folder, then your system uses Apache authentication. And no worries - you don't have to know how Apache authentication works, nor do you have to know a thing about .htaccess files. All you need to know is that Turbo Instant Membership Builder uses this secure username/password authorization to lock up your membership tighter than Fort Knox!

Stops Password-Sharing Thieves in Their Tracks!

Finally, no more lost revenue due to members sharing their passwords!

Turbo Instant Membership Builder lets YOU decide how many different computers/locations can login from a member's username and password.

For example, you can set up each username and password with 2 IP addresses, so your members can login from work and at home. But the system won't let them login from a third computer - meaning if they share their username and password with others, those people won't be able to get in!

It's simple - but it works perfectly to virtually eliminate password-sharing thieves!

Quick and Easy Installation and Configuration Protects Your Site in Less Than 5 Minutes!

Bloated, complex scripts can take hours or even days to install and configure - especially if you've never installed a script before.

But Turbo Instant Membership Builder is so easy to install that you'll be up and running in less than ten minutes - even if you've never installed a membership software before!

Manual Is Included! NO DATABASE IS NEEDED!

Turbo Instant Membership Builder is a PHP software - all servers support PHP so you can install it on any server. You do not even need to know about databases, MySQL users and such! Again:

All you have to do is to UPLOAD the files…!

Since you can access Turbo Instant Membership Builder online, it does not matter if you use Windows or Mac or any other type of computer.

An illustrated PDF manual and an instructional video on how to install and use Turbo Instant Membership Builder are also offered.

You Also Get a 30-Day No-Risk
100% Money Back Guarantee!

You don't have to give your firm commitment today - all you have to say is "maybe" and you'll get instant access to Turbo Instant Membership Builder.

Go ahead and download the software. See for yourself how quick and easy it is to protect your site and have a user management system up and running in minutes. Discover for yourself the benefits of Fort Knox-Like security, easy membership site management, and more…

Go ahead and give this script a test drive for a full 30 days. If you're unsatisfied for ANY reason, all you have to do is log a ticket to our helpdesk and I'll refund your money ASAP - no questions asked! That's a promise!

Let's Get Your Membership Site Up and Running Today.
Here's How to Order Risk-Free Right Now…

Here's the deal - you get all the features and power you want in a membership script and none of the features you don't need. That's what makes this script simple to install, easy to use, and surprisingly affordable.

EVen though this script is worth more than what I'm asking, I realize that a HIGH price tag puts it out reach for some people… especially those who need it the most.

And that's why I'm going to cut you an extraordinary deal today.

Act now and you can have this fully functioning membership site script for just...

Now I can't promise this special deal will last forever. I'll probably take that offer off the table and everyone will pay full price. But if you order today - right now - I promise you can lock in the discount price if you order now!

Let's recap everything you get when you order today:

You get a simple yet powerful, secure and affordable software for running your password-protected membership sites!

Just direct customers to the registration link after their order.

It's so easy you'll have your site up and running in less than 5 minutes - even if you've never installed a software before!

Easy-to-use software includes intuitive admin area, support PDF manual and video, and a full 30 days of money back guarantee!

Extra licenses are free! That means you can install the script on any server and as many times as you want at no extra charge!

Turbo Instant Membership Builder includes only the features YOU NEED, such as easy member registration and the option to manually add members, delete members and change their password!

This software logs IP addresses and stops password-sharing thieves from entering your member's area!

PLUS it allows you to make money every time your members log out or log in - now you get to choose which page they see first when they log in and which page they see after they log out!

You'll Be Up and Running
Just Minutes from Now!

That means there's just one thing left for you to do: Order now. All you have to do is click on the order button below now to lock in the low price.

You get everything INSTANTLY upon the completion of your order - no matter if it's 3.00 AM!

Click the button below and start protecting and/or creating your membership sites today!


P.S. Using Turbo Instant Membership Builder is like having a snarling pitbull standing outside the door of your membership site! Start putting more money in your pocket by keeping the thieves out!

P.P.S. You can spend the rest of the day looking for a better membership script for the same price - but you won't find one!

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