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From The Desk of [Your Name Here]
RE: Tapping Into HUGE Social Media Traffic Easily..

Dear struggling entrepreneur,

I know you've been working hard.. real hard.

I know you've been desperately trying to break free of the rat race, build an online business, and give your loved ones a better future. But you've made a big mistake in the past that is about to destroy everything you've worked so hard for.

Your BIG mistake: You put too much faith in Google.

You thought that Google will be here forever. You assumed that if you did what Google told you to do - changed your entire business model to match Google's confusing "terms of Service" and literally kissed their almighty asses - Google might see it fit to reward you with a Top 10 search result.

But how did Google reward you?

Penalties and low rankings. Google slaps. Banned AdWords accounts. Lousy customer support.

And yet, you tagged along with all the other desperate marketers, eager to do whatever needs to be done to please your almighty master.

Don't get me wrong: I'm NOT talking down to you.

I'm merely describing myself, and how my dependence on Google brought me to my knees and almost destroyed my future.

If you're like me, then you should take joy in an undeniable fact - Google is yesterday's news.

Today, social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter are fast become HUGE sources of active, ready-to-buy traffic - and getting them is nowhere as difficult as trying to understand Google's "algorithm" mumbo-jumbo.

Ok, I can literally hear you saying this:

"But I never paid much attention to social media before - is it too late  to get started now?"

The simple answer: Absolutely not!

Today, getting traffic from social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter is easier than it has ever been. You have at your disposal tons of tools and free services that you can use to get maximum traffic in minimum time.

There's only one catch: You need to do it right.

With the "Social Media Blitz" package, we're prepared to guide you step-by-step in getting started with social media. Even if you're already using social media, you will still learn a thing or two from our video tutorials.


22 Step-by-Step Social Media Video Tutorials!

Here's what you'll discover in our step-by-step video tutorials:

twitter intro

Twitter: Introduction to Using Twitter

Twitter is one the most popular websites on the Internet, with traffic rivaling that of FaceBook and Google. In this video we explain exactly how Twitter works, and how to start using it.

twitter links

Twitter: Inserting Short Links Into Posts

In this video we reveal how to convert long website URL's into short ones, and how to post them to your Twitter account.

twitter lists

Twitter: Creating Lists and Organizing Followers

After just a few weeks of using Twitter, you'll have more updates and messages on your main page than you can handle. In this video we reveal a smart way to manage information in your Twitter account, by creating lists and organizing your followers.

twitter retweet

Twitter: Using The "Retweet" Feature

This video reveals how to get more mileage and exposure from your Twitter account using the "retweet" feature.

tweetdeck intro

Introduction to Using Tweet Deck

TweetDeck is a cool and useful desktop application that help you manage (and make sense of) your Twitter account. In this video I reveal exactly how TweetDeck works and how to install it.

tweetdeck setup

Customizing Your Tweet Deck Application

In this video I reveal how to customize your TweetDeck application, and how to add Twitter and FaceBook accounts. Manage your social media activities easily, with just a few clicks!

tweetmeme intro

Introduction to TweetMeme

Want more traffic to your sites? Then you need TweetMeme!

This video reveals how TweetMeme works, and how to utilize it to drive extreme traffic to your blog or website.

tweetmeme wp

Integrating TweetMeme with WordPress

In this video, we reveal how to integrate WordPress with TweetMeme, and make your blog posts go viral!

In a few simple steps, you can have a cool TweetMeme button ready to get your traffic directly from Twitter, and grow your Twitter followers.

facebook wordpress

Integrating the WordBook Plugin for WordPress

Post your latest blog entries directly to your FaceBook profile, and steal some of FaceBook's huge traffic!

Double your blog's subscriber list by integrating FaceBook into your WordPress blog, using a special plugin called WordBook.

fb application

Introduction to FaceBook for Blogs

Discover how the best blogs in the world are using FaceBook's developer API to communicate with readers and get even more traffic.

This video gives you a brief but important overview on FaceBook Applications, and reveals why you need to get your own "app" set-up right away!

fb plugin

Creating Your Own FaceBook App for WordPress

Creating your own FaceBook app is easier that you thought - no programming skills or geek know-how required!

In this step-by-step video tutorial, we reveal exactly how to create your first FaceBook app and integrate it to your WordPress blog.

customize fb app

Customizing Your FaceBook Application

After you've created your own FaceBook app, you can customize it to make it more attractive to potential subscribers. In this video we reveal some simple tweaks that you can do to take your application to the next level.

like button in fb

Adding a "Like" Button on Your Blog

You've seen it everywhere - the FaceBook "Like" button is in almost every website and blog out there. Have you started using it yet?

In this video, we reveal how easy it is to put a "Like" button on each blog post and encourage users to recommend your content to their FaceBook friends.

fb fanbox

Adding a "Fan Box" FaceBook Widget on Your Blog

Social proof is important if you want to gain credibility and be recognized as an expert in your niche market.

In this video, we reveal how to put a FaceBook "Fan Box" on your blog, and start showing off your blog's followers.

promoting fb apps

Promoting Your FaceBook Application

Your FaceBook application isn't going to get new users all by itself! You'll need to promote your application to maximize it's reach and effectiveness..

Thankfully, in this video we reveal three easy and fast methods to adding new users to your FaceBook app.

meebo intro

Getting Social Traffic with Meebo

Meebo is a great way to centralize your social networking activities - integrate FaceBook, Yahoo, Google Chat and more!

In this video we reveal how Meebo really works, and how you can increase traffic to your blog or website using this free tool.

meebo wordpress

Integrating Meebo with WordPress

In this video, we reveal how to integrate the Meebo Bar into your WordPress blog, and make your content instantly "shareable".

Don't underestimate the awesome power of this simple bar - most users report a significant increase in social media activity after using it.

meebo buttons

Adding Buttons to Your Meebo Bar

In this video, we reveal how to customize your Meebo bar by adding more features and buttons to it. Watch as I reveal the easy way to do this, even if you have no technical skill whatsoever.

friendfeed intro

Introduction to Using FriendFeed

FriendFeed is another great social media service that is quickly gaining popularity. It works well with other social media services too, so it's important to factor in the role of FriendFeed in your marketing efforts.

friendfeed overview

Overview of FriendFeed Functions

In this video, we reveal how to use FriendFeed, including how to make it work with your existing Twitter account.

google buzz intro

Google Buzz - Introduction and Overview

Google Buzz is a great tool to communicate with others in your niche market, or with your friends and family. In this video we give you a brief overview of how Google Buzz works, and how to start following people.

google buzz profile

Google Buzz - Customizing Your Buzz Profile

Creating an attractive Google Buzz profile is the most important step in getting more followers. In this video we reveal how to spice up your profile page and add your blogs, Twitter account and other components into your Buzz profile.


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Abandon Google now before it brings you down with it.


[Your Name]

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P/P/S: If you still think Google is going to be here forever, you're deluding yourself. Look at the facts.

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