Dear Marketer,

Have you been trying to break into online marketing? Have you been struggling through systems, eBooks and products that promise the world but give you no results?

Have you been laughed at on message boards, called a newb and been turned away looking for help over and over again?

We have all been there.

People might not admit it - but they have been there. I was there myself in fact. That is why I decided to create a product. I wanted to get the newbie internet marketer up and running in a day. I am not looking to make them a fortune overnight, I am not promising riches. This is not a cure-all, it is a simple reveue model that anyone can set up and earn money from. It is social proof that online marketing works.

The only thing I will promise you is this: ANYONE CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE. I PROMISE this is true. In fact - I will stake my reputation on that very fact. I proudly put my name on:


The Online Business Primer is an all-in-one solution designed for the beginning internet marketer. It is an easy to follow system that anyone can use to set up their first sales funnel.

This system will guide you through building your first email marketing list. All the tools are included!

You recieve:

      • An Opt In Gift to Giveaway
        • Includes 7 PDF Online Marketing Tips
          • Editable versions Incld.
        • A Graphics Pack
          • Includes a number of helpful graphics
          • Includes Editable PSD and PNG versions

      • 2 Squeeze-Pages
        • HTML Incld.
        • Editable Images Incld

      • Autoresponder Drip
        • 7 Emails that correspond to the tips
        • 3 More "Money" emails that links up to affiliate offers
        • List of lucrative and trusted affiliate offers

      • Step by Step Guide
        • Walks you through entire process, including setting up your autoresponding campaign through MailChimp (a free service).

This is everything you need to get started making money TODAY.