The Simplest Way Known To Man To Make Money With Local Marketing

Even If You've Never Built A Website Or Landed A Paying Client In Your Life

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Dear Friend,

With the hundreds of products out there that teach you different aspects of local marketing, you'd think it were one of the most complicating things you could do.

QR codes...

Facebook templates...

Reputation management systems...

Why make it harder than it needs to be?

Cut Through The Noise And Discover The One Thing Local Businesses Want

Oddly enough, the average local business could care less about QR codes or Facebook fan pages.

Heck, these people don't even have a website yet.

For the most part, their business still comes 90%+ from referrals.

The electricians, tree services, sub-contractors, and the like that I know personally don't know a lick about computers or the internet in general.

If you can build a drop-dead simple website, then you can get paid for it over and over again like clockwork.

In My New 17-Part Video Course, You'll Discover The Simplest and Fastest Way To Dive Headfirst Into Local Marketing To Local Businesses

  • Intro to the Local Marketing Pro
  • Discover How To Choose The Best Areas To Target
  • How To Choose The Best Niches
  • How To Easily Register A Domain
  • How To Get A Hosting Account
  • How To Easily Setup Your Hosting
  • How To Quickly Install Wordpress
  • How To Configure Wordpress
  • How To Change Your Wordpress Theme
  • Add Content To Site Quickly and Easily
  • Market Site Through Online Methods
  • Market Site Through Offline Methods
  • How To Get Paid
  • How To Quickly Add Clients Information
  • Upsell Client To More Services
  • How To Turbocharge Your Business
  • How To Get Others To Do The Work for You

Truth Is... You Can Be A Green Newbie In The World Of Internet Marketing, But An Expert To Local Businesses

Right now I'm handing you a map that reveals the quickest and easiest way to skip the ranks to expert status.

In the eyes of local business owners, you're an expert if you know everything you'll learn in my quick course.

It's true...

How would you like to stop being a "newbie" or "intermediate" and suddenly be THE EXPERT?

Because In Less Than 2 Hours From Now, You'll Know Everything You Need To Take Local Marketing By Storm

You don't need to take every training under the sun.

You don't need to read every book on marketing.

You don't need to take highend courses or coaching programs to pull this off.

Because in less than 2 hours from now, you'll discover everything you need to know to get started today in local marketing.

Try it out.

You'll Use These Same Skills For Months, Even Years... So Think Of It As An Investment In Yourself

If you think about it, this is like the ultimate investment in yourself.

You're not doing this just for right now.

You're doing it for your future.


Because now you'll use these newfound skills for the rest of your career to rake in profits from local businesses.

Who Is This For?

I don't care whether you just started online today or you've been online for 6 months or even 6 years, this is for marketers of all levels.

You'll discover how to find the right clients and how to get paid.

You'll discover how to do the simple service you need to perform that you can charge frankly whatever you want for.

You can charge a flat fee or you can even charge a flat fee plus a monthly fee for maintaing the simple website you've built for them.

How Much Does This Cost?

What's it worth to you to learn an entire way to make profits from local businesses starting in hours from now?

What's it worth to you to have skills that pay you out up to thousands of dollars per month for the rest of your life?

What's it worth to you to cut through the "clutter" in the offline marketing arena, simplify, and never need another local marketing training?

Based on how lifechanging this will be for you, what do you think this 17-part video course should cost?

You Won't Even Invest $197 or $97 For This Amazing New Video Course

Why?  For selfish reasons frankly...

Because I want you to try out this product "for peanuts" and get a taste of the quality of products I release.

That way, when I offer something to you down the road for $97, $197, $497, or even $997, you'll invest in it without even thinking twice.

That's why you'll get this full course for a measly $7 today.

Test Drive It For 30 Days Risk Free

Invest a measly $7 in this 17-part video course right now and test drive it for 30 full days.

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If you don't get skills you can use starting today to get clients and build simple websites for cash, then you get a refund.

If you don't think this course isn't worth at least 10x what you're investing for it, then you get a refund.

In fact, if you're not happy for any reason, then just send me an e-mail and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked.  No jumping through hoops.  No hard feelings.  We'll even part friends.

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