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Dear Marketer,

A few years ago I committed a TERRIBLE mistake that almost cost me my online business.

I didn't know then that if visitors land on your blog and your site is taking too much time to load they will simply leave...

...And they will never come back.

And that's not all: it's well known that search engines like Google and Bing do penalize sites which are not loading fast enough.

This can be translated into not ranking well and the loss of MASSIVE amounts of organic traffic.

You see, as I was telling you, a few years ago I had a few blogs in different niches that had a lot of demand.

I was making decent money, nothing earth-shattering.

In the same way, the traffic I was getting was pretty decent...

Butthe thing is, for whatever the reason, I was not able to achieve the goals I set for myself... and that was REALLY frustrating me.

I had one single problem...

I Kept Asking Myself Why It Was That Visitors Would Come And Immediately Leave Without Performing Any Action In My Blogs Such As Subscribing Or Buying...

It completely puzzled me WHY people would leave so fast!

But one of the "bombs" that almost destroyed my online business was that Google had degraded some of my privileged rankings that were bringing in stable and solid traffic.

After hours upon hours trying to figure out WHAT was the cause of this, I discovered that my sites where not loading fast enough.

It was then when I decided to work my ass off and do something about it, since my income was dependent on those blogs.

After Endless Nights Without Getting Enough Sleep And Gallons Of Coffee, I Created A Slick And Powerful WP Plugin That Radically Changed The Way I Was Conducting Business Online...

I won't lie to you...

It took me almost half a year to develop this incredible plugin.

I've literally spent COUNTLESS nights of hard coding, and drinking coffee, like there's no tomorrow.

After tons of "trial and error" I was ready to try the first version of this WP plugin and to my surprise, things CHANGED for the better.

I knew that it was the first version, but oh boy, results were simply incredible...

I was able to get visitors to stay longer...

I drastically cut the sky-high bounce rate that was massacring my conversions...

My rankings were greatly improved, which caused a tsunami of organic traffic that was responding BETTER to my offers (people were becoming subscribers and buying more from me...)

In short, my ass was saved.

Naturally, I kept improving my plugin and added more features that allowed me to generate even more positive results to a point where I simply cannot live without this plugin!

Now, for months, I was thinking of keeping the plugin to myself and keep using it, but I wouldn't feel right if I were to do this.

TODAY, for the first time I am offering my unique and POWERFUL plugin to the general public...

Allow me to proudly introduce to you:

Make Your WP Site Faster.

WP Swift page is a very easy-to-use, powerful
WP plugin that will allow you to BOOST your WP site
and make it load lightning-fast.
It will only take you a few seconds to install it and, after running it, improve the loading time for your WP blog.

These are a tiny fraction of the incredible features:

Remove RSD Link, WordpressShortlink, Adjacent Posts Links, Windows Manifest, WordPress Version, and all RSS Feed links   Move scripts to the footer

Merge scripts to one file   Defer parsing of javascript files

Remove query strings   Load Javascripts files from Google Libraries

Remove WordPress emoji script   Manage plugin scripts and plugin styles in page

Move styles to the footer   Merge styles to one file

Minify all CSS styles   Remove extra font awesome styles and extra dashicon styles

Lazy load images to improve speed   Compression level

Optimus API Key   And much, much more!

It's SO Easy To Use That You'll Laugh!

The beauty of WP Swift Page is that I've built it in way that everybody can use it -
even if you have never installed and run a WP plugin before!

Just download the plugin, install it, and voila, you are ready to go!

It can't be simpler!

An Iron Clad, Honest 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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It's not a cool thing when you buy something and later you realize it was a complete waste of time AND money.

It’s happened to me countless times and I am sure to you too.

Well, I am here to put your mind at ease.

And I can only achieve that by offering you some sort of guarantee that will convince you that this is not "just another crappy WP plugin."

That's why I am going to do the following...

Go ahead and try my unique out-of-the-box plugin for 30 days and if you are not completely jazzed with your purchase, no worries.

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{Insert Your Name Here}