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Sure, there are some women who claim that they will never sleep with the guy on the same night that they meet him. (And maybe they're being honest.)

But, you and I both know that lots of women have done it, are doing it right now, and will continue to do it in the future.

And believe me when I tell you this...even many of the so-called "good girls" out there, who will never admit to such a thing, have done it! (Just ask the women in your life about their "good girl" friends...)

Yet, very few guys are able to meet and instantly seduce beautiful women in this way.

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  • How to go from "first contact" to enjoying hot, passionate sex with her in just a matter of hours -- without experiencing any resistance or awkward moments in between!
  • How to make the process even easier by finding and going after only those women who are already open and comfortable with the idea of "same night" sex with a guy who can easily connect with her physically as well as emotionally. (You will learn exactly how to create those kinds of instant connections with hot women.)
  • How to use the power of "touch" in such a sneaky, clever and seductive way that it will make her want to kiss you first! And, then it will make her want to continue moving things forward until she is happily and willingly undressing in front of you. (You will get 15 additional "bonus" pages that explain this sneaky strategy in detail.)
  • How to easily handle any last-minute resistance that she may have so that "closing the deal" will become easy and effortless. (Last minute resistance is normal. Which is why you will also learn some effective techniques to minimize or even eliminate this type of last-minute resistance from coming up.)
  • How to strategically and methodically set things up in a way that will make her view you as exactly the kind of guy she wants to sleep with on the same night...even if it's her very first time doing the "same night" thing.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes guys make when trying to seduce a girl into "same night sex"... so that you won't have to worry about getting a "No" that most other guys are so used to hearing.
  • How to appear to be the kind of guy that sexually-adventurous women will seek out - specifically to have one-night stands with...and even to continue having a "friends with benefits" relationship with! (You can be the guy that these women can't seem to find fast enough.)

And that's just the tiny tip of the giant pile of powerful seduction and persuasion techniques you will learn here...

This special, revealing new report titled, "Same-Nite Sexual Encounters" is about to make "same night sex" and one-night stands a common and frequent part of your life!

So you may be wondering... what exactly is it that makes these women willingly sleep with a guy that they have just met?

(NO...it's not about how the guy "looks"...what he's wearing...how much money he has...or what kind of car he drives. There's more to it than that...)

First of all, you must understand that it's really NOT about whether she's being 'good' or 'bad.' (Or whether she's the "one-nighter" type or not.)

It's about the connection she feels with the guy. And, it's also about how things progress from there on, over the course of the next few hours of the night.

Sometimes, it just happens without any planning...things fall into place "just right" and it naturally leads them into the bedroom (or wherever they can find enough privacy.)

BUT...what if you KNEW exactly what those steps are... what those things are that women need to see, feel, and experience...in order to sleep with a guy, the very same night she meets him!

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"Same Nite" Sexual Encounters
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