Dear Offline Warrior,

Times are getting tough and more and more people start to tap into a hidden goldmine with offline businesses. How do you stay ahead of the game?

Lead generation is a life blood of any offline client and they will pay you HUGE commissions per lead. And guess what, you can generate such leads much cheaper online if you know what you're doing!

The thing is do you have a proper landing page that will suck the most leads possible out of as little effort as possible?

You May Be Losing Thousands Of Dollars Monthly With Not-Optimized Landing Page...

If you're currently sending 100 visits to your landing page and getting 10 leads from it, what if you could DOUBLE your conversion? You would literally DOUBLE your profits overnight!

For the past few weeks I've been working on the ultimate pack for Offline Warriors that makes lead generation as simple as 1-2-3.

Introducing Lead Generation Machines

I came up with 3 unique landing page designs that are universla and can be used in any popular offline busineses.

All these templates were carefully designed for highest conversions to bring you biggest profits!

See the preview here:

Here's What You'll Get

  • 3 Unique "Lead Generation Machine" Landing Page Templates (PSD + HTML) - Get MORE leads for LESS money! All templates are highly optimized to get you the biggest amount of leads from the traffic you get.

  • Focus Targetting = More Leads. With these simple plug-and-play templates you can focus on specific businesses that makes conversions skyrocket!

  • Are you still paying for overpriced graphic designers?? Enough is enough. Save money with these dirt-cheap templates! Save $2,000.00+ you would pay for all these landing page designs!

  • Save money on waiting days (if not weeks) to get your design delivered. Does it seem like you're always waiting for someone, pulling your hair off frustrated, to get your projects done (and never actually finishing it...)? Get it in your own hands NOW, finish your projects faster and enjoy quicker $$$!

  • Edit these templates in Photoshop (any CS version will do). No Photoshop? No problem. You can hire cheap graphic designer for $10 on to do it for you. It's simple, easy, and even a complete newbie will be able to do it.

  • 100% Compatibility with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Don't lose leads on not-optimized landing pages.

  • Click-And-Play Aweber READY. Just change these 5 small elements to integrate your Aweber code into the landing page! It's super simple and almost ready for you to start selling leads for BIG PROFITS!

  • Start selling lucrative leads in the next 20 minutes! It's super simple and quick. After you get the templates, just watch my short video training and start making easy $$$!!

  • FREE BONUS 1 - Video Training How To Quickly Edit The Templates In Photoshop ($27 Value) - In this quick and easy-to-follow video training you'll see how I edited and customized the template in a matter of minutes. Just change the logo and text in your HTML editor and you're done!

  • FREE BONUS 2 - 60 Days Free Email Support ($17 Value) - Problems with creating, editing, using these landing pages? I'm here to help you, give you additional trainings and guide you so you can use this pack, increase your conversions and make more money in your business!

Happy Customers

All I can say is WOW!

Well, maybe not all This is a totally can't miss - amazing collection of very useful and extremely valuable graphics.

I'll be making use of many of these graphics very soon so thanks big time for releasing this WSO at such an affordable price.
-Brad Wilson, San Diego, USA
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got me exited!!

Bought it and would buy it again and again!!

Awesome work!

Best regards

-Jerome 007, Texas, USA

I'm IN! What's the Cost?

If you'd order a custom landing page design to a regular designer, you may expect to pay from $197.00 to even $497.00.

3 Unique Landing Page Designs would run for about 3 * $197.00 = $591.00.

Yet you won't need to pay it! Only on this page... right now... for an extremely limited time...

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Lucas Adamski

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To Your Success,
Lucas Adamski

PS. Remember, you're covered by my "No-Questions-Asked" 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don't like Lead Generation Machines, simply send an email and we'll promptly refund you in full.

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