Your Own Personal Graphic Manager for Any Website Use The URL for Graphic and You Have Full Control Over Your Graphics

Bonus - Create Your Own Call-to-Action
Buttons w/ The Built-in Flash Editors

Now for any site like forum, blog or advertisement that asks for an image that you may want to change at a later date you can now use your magic graphix URL and have full control over your graphic. Quickly upload your image, replace it, or at a chosen date show a different image if you have a time-sensitive offer.

Full Control

Once you post the URL anywhere you can change and edit your graphic on the fly..

Manage Graphics

Create unlimited graphic projects that you can use all over on your blogs or forums.

Change on The Fly

If you have your graphic on a forum ad - you can change it to sold out on the fly.

Upload Graphics

Upload any .PNG file you want and it will display using the custom URL generated for you.

Change on Date

Display one graphic and then on chosen date change it to another graphic automatically.

Call-to-Action Button

Create call to action buttons that can be used in all types of "actionable" situations

Flash Editors

Built-in flash editors to create graphics and save as .png files to upload and use right away.

Personal Management

Your own management of all your graphics that are ready to post anywhere and edit immediately.

Help Video

Watch the help video to see how easy it is to create magic graphic campaigns and post online.

Download the MagicGraphix PHP software and just upload all the files to your FTP and it will work instantly, no need for a database or any complicated setup. You will have access to your own personal graphic manager to get urls that are dynamic images that you have full control over. Get your copy right now.