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If you have been using WordPress for any amount of time, one thing you know is over time it becomes a sluggish beast. The fact is this issue is not the fault of WordPress core, but rather plugins and theme you have installed!

In simple terms, plugins and theme(s) add extra code to your pages. This extra bulk must load before the actual content your visitors came to see. In today's world of "I want it instantly", this is bad...

What if you could fix the following issues within minutes:

Increase Load Time
Improve Search Engine Ranking
Save Some Bandwidth
Make YOUR Visitors Happy!

This may sound like a bunch of hype to make a sale but, what you are reading is 100% true. We have discovered a way to tame the beast and you can use the same method in minutes from now.

Simple to Install, Use and Understand!

Stats At a Glance

Remove the Junk

Reduce Huge Images

Before Using Plugin Example

After Using Plugin Example

Settings At Your Fingertips

Point & Click Menus

One of the biggest issue with plugins like this is creators usually attempt to group everything. You, the user ends up with a complex jumble and the frustration begins...

We have attempted to "un-group" and created different sections to manage all levels separately. This resulted in a much better flow and easy to understand admin area.

Easy To Understand Stats

We have taken great care to create a very powerful system but it would be useless if you could not track real time performance!

True Performance

You will be able to verify the plugin is working by interfacing with a trusted service called GTmetrix using their free API level.

Let's Review A Few Top Features

  • Merge all javascripts to one file

  • Load JS files from Google Libraries

  • Move all javascripts to the footer

  • Defer parsing of javascript files

  • Merge all CSS styles to one file

  • Move CSS styles to the footer

  • Minify all CSS styles

  • Remove WordPress emoji script

  • Remove RSD Link & Shortlink

  • Remove Manifest & WP Version

  • Remove extra font styles


I can totally understand if you are one of the "skeptics" and you most likely have learned to hate overly complicated WordPress plugins. Unlike many similar plugins, we took extra care to make ours simple as possible. Once you activate there little configuration! You simply start using to speed up your sluggish site within minutes.

If you get stuck, open the PDF manual and browse to the section in question showing you step-by-step how to proceed. It does not get any simpler than that!

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  • YES can use on unlimited personal sites
  • NO can use on client sites
  • NO can resell to others
  • NO flip or sell sites
  • NO sales page

Easy Spin Writer Gold


  • YES can use on unlimited personal sites
  • YES can use on client sites
  • YES can resell to others
  • YES flip or sell sites
  • YES sales page

Easy Spin Writer Gold