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You probably already know that WordPress is THE blog platform for anyone who is doing anything on the Net - especially those of us who are making our living online or planning to do so in the near future.

And probably - you already know that the way to optimize and customize any WordPress driven blog is through the use of plugins - those cool but light-weight little scripts that make your blog do all kinds of cool stuff - both for you and for your readers.

But which plugins should you use?

Which ones work best?

Which ones are compatible with my WordPress version?

It often takes HOURS OF VALUABLE TIME to figure out the answers to those all-important questions.

After all, the WordPress plugins catalog is HUGE - currently listing over 11,000 entries ...

And while the downloads are FREE - finding the right plugin for your needs can be a huge drain on your time - and in some cases even an absolute nightmare!

But not anymore - not when you have this valuable time-saver always at your fingertips ...


101 Free WordPress Plugins image

We have drilled deep - we have tested - we have tossed out the garbage.

And we have hand-picked 101 of the highest rated and most useful WordPress plugins ... the ones you will need to make your blog:

1. Stand Out From Your Competitors

2. Functional and Easy to Manage

3. User Friendly to Keep Them Coming Back.


    Save You Countless Hours of Search Time

    Provide Quick Download Access to All the Plugins You'll Ever Need

    Avoid the Anxiety and Frustration of Trial and Error Testing

    Eliminate Accidentally Using Outdated or Incompatible Plugins


Now you can get the plugins you really need to fully optimize your Wordpress blog platform and turn it into a user-friendly marketing powerhouse.


Here are a Few of the Cutting Edge Plugins You'll Have...

    The Best Plugin To Load Your Pages Lightning Quick

    The Best Plugin For Automated SEO

    The Best Plugin For Mobile Marketing Optimization

    The Best Plugin For Auto-Rotating Your Banner Ads

    The Best Plugin For Embedding Adsense and YPN

    The Best Plugin For Adding AWeber Autoresponder Interface

    The Best Plugin For Turning Any Blog Into an Instant Amazon Store

    The Best Plugin For Setting Up a Chat on Your Blog

    The Best Plugin For Featured Content Display

    The Best Plugin For a Spam-Proof Contact Page

    The Best Plugin For Handling Duplicate Content

    The Best Plugin For Building A Social Network

    The Best Plugin For Handling 404 Errors

    The Best Plugin For Hosting A Podcast

    The Best Plugin For Preventing Image and Content Theft

    And 86 more to boot ...!



Each Plugin Listing Gives You All the Info You Need ...

    Plugin Name

    Description of the Plugin Function

    Direct Link to the (no cost) Plugin Download

    Minimum WordPress Version Supported

    Current WordPress Version Compatibility

    Last Date Plugin Updated

    Average User Rating


If you're blogging - and your time is valuable - you simply can't pass this up.


I'm tossing in 24 of the hottest WordPress themes covering various categories from Anime to Video ... all at no further cost.

The options and features embedded in these themes compare to those of premium themes you would otherwise have to buy.

But you are getting all 24 of them absolutely free.

Each theme listing in this directory gives you all the info you need:

    Theme Name And Category

    Screenshot of the Actual Theme

    Quick Download Link

    List Of Required Plugins For Theme

    List Of Theme Features


Take a Look at the Screenshots from This Collection




As a bonus ... I am including my never before released WordPress and Blogger guides.


65 Illustrated Pages

52 Illustrated Pages


Have you ever needed to recap a specific bit of information or help - remembered seeing it recently - but can't remember which training video it's on?

Then you got sidetracked for two frustrating hours - shuffling through a dozen different video files trying to find it?

Don't get me wrong ...

Video media is a great learning tool. But when it comes to teaching a mechanical process (like setting up and tweaking a blog) many people find it easier to back-reference from a traditional media constructed of pictures and text.

So even if you DO already have access to video training for Blogger and WordPress - these heavily illustrated step-by-step guides will be an asset in your digital library for a long time to come.



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