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Tired of the 9 to 5 rat race? I was too.

Well, imagine laying off your boss and never having to wake up to an alarm clock again. You feel relaxed and happy because you can do anything you want that day.

And you can travel anywhere you want in the world and keep making money no matter where you go -- even while you're sleeping. All you need is an internet connection and your money comes in on autopilot.

If you're ready to commit to making more online in a week than you do in months at your job...

Then now is YOUR time.  What you're about to discover was designed to give you the step by step, real, actionable strategy you need to profit like mad, and tell your boss to take a hike.

Sound too good to be true? Read on...

For the majority of people working their boring nine to five jobs, this sound like just a fantasy... but I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be just a dream!

You have the knowledge at your fingertips right now, to start making the income you've always dreamed about. Really.  The information on this page could literally take you from struggling with creating any income at all to becoming one of the next hard hitting info-preneurs I'm going to show you exactly how you can take my system and literally begin profiting in a matter of weeks instead of years.

It does NOT matter if ...

You don't have your own product or Niche...

You don't have your own website...

You don't have any name recognition...

You don't have a lot of money

You don't have magical tech skills...


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"How Do I Really Make Money Online?"

What you really want, is a solid step-by step method to help you break through all the information overload and "mind-clutter" you face every day, and...

Easy to use advice to guide you straight through all that information and clutter to the simplest money making system! You want to something that actually works!

Most importantly, you want to have a real online business that has the potential to make you an online millionaire! That's why, you don't want to miss a single word of this letter because it's not your usual stuff...

But wait, Before I reveal these secrets to you, I want to let you know, I've been at the bottom, and understand the trouble you face online...

And even if you are an absolute beginner, you can succeed with this incredibly potent formula.  Take it from me, someone with no prior experience, list, product, or web site of my own.

In fact, if you stick with me for the next couple minutes and read this letter top to bottom, and you are the action taker that I believe you to be then you can get set to…Put in your two week’s notice. Clean out your desk and hand your boss the Pink Slip before he hands it to you… How does that sound to you? Sounds pretty darn good right? (You bet it does!)  But If you’re like me you're probably feeling a little skeptical. That’s ok. Because I was a little more than just skeptical...

I can't tell you how many times I thought I had been scammed after buying the next hottest product offer to hit my inbox.

But it was more than just being skeptical of what was going on, online... I actually had no belief that what "that internet guy" was doing was something I could actually do.

I decided it was just plain and simple, "something for everyone else to do except me!"

Sounds familiar doesn't it... "Yeah you know what I am talking about!"

But when I reached a point of desperation in my own life I realized I had nothing to lose so, I skeptically agreed to give whatever I needed to do a try...and guess what?

It actually worked, and "I" made it happen, and so can "YOU"!

Let me tell you quickly my story of how I ended up getting started.


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It was time to take control of my financial life, and start living the dreams I deserved to live.

"Skeptical", and "very unsure" of what lay ahead, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make a very bold move that could possibly lead to TOTAL humiliation!

It Was Like An Amazing Dream Come True!

I remember how long and how hard I struggled trying my best to just make my first dollar online, and each time I found myself right back to square one with nothing to show for my efforts.

But there it was in front of me all the time just staring back at me.  I just needed to apply what worked and forget about trying all of the latest and greatest secrets that came into my inbox on a daily basis.

I needed to just follow the system that so many others have followed before.  I needed to stick to, "What Works!"

I began applying the strategies and techniques. And guess what? The results were almost immediate!  My websites finally started to take shape, traffic started showing up to my sites, and then finally there it was... that first sale.  As weeks went by I started tweaking and adjusting my strategies based on what was working and what was not.  I had quickly compiled a formula that could be used time and time again, over and over, for products that ran the gamut, and I just couldn't stop the money from pouring in.

I had finally broke through and "I Did IT!"

It was like an amazing dream come true!

OK!  By now you're probably thinking "This all sounds great, and I'm glad that you and everyone else is discovering how to make all of this happen" but your question right now is...

Is It Going To Be Possible For Me?

Yes it is "very" possible for you...

Will it happen for you? That's another question...

What I 'm about to tell you may save you the trouble of reading the rest of this letter.  I have discovered that most people do not want to be told that making money online will require some hard work on their part -- in the beginning.

They want to hold on to their belief that there’s a "magic solution" coming in the next product they buy, that’ll help them instantly create a successful profit-generating website in just a few hours while they lounge around on some exotic beach, or at their dining room table in their PJ's.… And I wonder, is that because so many false promises are being tossed around the Internet on so many sales pages these days? Or, do these people really believe that building a business involves virtually no work at all?  Do you believe that? Is that what you’re looking for — something you can make money with that requires zero effort on your part?

Please let me know when you find it, I'll help you market it, and we'll both make a lot of money.

Making a good stable income online requires 3 qualities...ACTION, DEDICATION, AND PERSEVERANCE.

Using the same techniques I was taught by success affiliates to grow my own lucrative online business, you'll be shown using step by step instructions how to duplicate my success.

All the hard work has been done for you. Now, all you have to do is follow the simple steps laid out in this program and you'll be able to grow your own successful online business.

Introducing: The Easy Sales Blueprint Course

The moment you take action and grab up the Easy Sales Blueprint Course,

This is what starts coming your way...


12 Module Intensive Study Video Course

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(This Picture Is A Representation Of A Digital Download Package You'll Be Getting Everything You See Listed Above & More!)


Here's A Hint Of What You'll Uncover:

Module 1 Part 1-“Getting Started Online” What’s First -   Everyone needs to start somewhere and the last thing we want is confusion! Learn how to conquer making money online once and for all! Know what questions to ask yourself before you start up an online business and discover your answers. Learn and understand that the process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go with your business. By knowing precisely what you want to achieve, you know where you have to concentrate your efforts.


Module 2

 "Part 2-“A Winning Mindset” Your Mind... Your Strongest Weapon! - You may think you have this one under control. Let me show you how this is the single biggest problem that keep so many people from ever getting the results they are really capable of getting, and how you can live in your greatness! You are about to discover a brand new way of thinking as you turn those “I Cant’s” into “I Can’s” Find out how to get in the right mindset and exercise it regularly

* Questions to ask before getting started
* Setting goals that will get results
* Overcoming your mind traffic


Module 3

Passion to Profits “Niche Discovery” - Finding a niche seems easy right? So many struggle with this simple step and in this module you'll learn how to find Niche Markets and know that your targeted market will be eager to buy your Niche targeted products that ensure you reaping the benefits. Learn how specializing your marketing efforts will actually bring you more business and higher conversions. Understand the market's "hot buttons" and be prepared to communicate with the target market as an understanding member--not as an outsider. 


Module 4 Your Backend Products to Create Lifetime Customers -Understand what your One Time Offer will be, learn how to create a down sell or up sell. Coming up with new products and services is a lot of work but it provides you with a great return on your investment; besides, if you don't create new products and services for your customers, your competition will. You do not want to just think "let's make a sale…You have to see the sale as the start of a relationship. You need to plan ahead and ask "What's next?" "Where do I go from here?" We will get you thinking, supplementary products, Complementary Products, and Upgrades to existing products. 


Module 5 Setting up systems -Support, (finding a good system to use, what to look for, our favorites and the positives and negatives to them).


Module 6 The Irresistible Offer” Creating & Positioning Your Signature Product -  Learn how to become the next hard hitting Info-preneur and easily dominate any red hot niche just by creating and selling information. Understand what makes a TOP quality Info Product and how YOU can achieve those elements in a zap!. Know how to “Make them an offer they can’t refuse” Know how proper relationships with your list will help you create the products they crave.

Interviewing the Guru “Transfer of Power & Credibility”-  You need credibility and you need to establish yourself as the expert in your chosen Niche If you want people to believe and trust in you enough to buy from you. This one method allowed me to create a product in 3 weeks, generate over $100,000 in 30 days and build a list of over 10,000 subscribers and helped me become the expert in a Niche I knew nothing about.


Module 7 Lucrative List Building "From Scratch to Millions" - Step-by-Step instructions explaining exactly what you need to do to START, BUILD and MANAGE your own opt-in mailing list. This e-mail course takes you by the hand and guides you thru the very basics of list building then unto some Advanced Business Models you can follow to build your list.


Module 8 Traffic Secrets Revealed “Your Internet Traffic Jam” - You have built your website and waited for people to see your website, but your main problem is getting customers in the door. The very first step to making a sale is to let your customers know that you exist and letting them know where they can find you. Once you know how, where, when and why you should do things…You will begin to see amazing results


Module 9

Email Relationship Mastery “Emails That Get Results” -You get the emails every day from marketers selling you on programs... there's a method to the madness and a way to write that will get your emails opened and get you more sales with every email. Know how to properly start using Email to Reach Your Target Audience and build and manage strong customer relationships with your list of subscribers. Understand how to, and actually write your first follow-up "Autoresponder Message" so that you can send out to your list on autopilot. Start sending email to your entire list at the same time with the click of a mouse. You will walk away knowing why 2-way communication is a must with your list.


Module 10 Joint Ventures “Nothing More Than A Win-Win” -JV’s (Joint Ventures) are always a source of discussion…The JV Partner is the secrets to generating thousands of the most qualified "cash-in-hand" prospects. Find out what they want from you, how to contact them, and how persistence will pay off.


Module 11 Psychology in marketing and the launch process -You'll find out methods to pulling in more sales and getting prospects to say YES to you when it comes to pulling out their wallet and handing you money! Discover how to get your JV’s fighting to get out a promotion for you and driving massive traffic to your sites during the launch process. Find out what drives people to got to have when reading your sales pages… It is all in the psychology and getting inside the mind of the customer.


Module 12 Affiliate Marketing Survival “Beating the Beast” -Your stop here will give you all the information you need to start making money online and give you the info you need to become a successful affiliate. Find out how those affiliate marketing experts are making millions of dollars online every year. When you know why they are highly successful, you can begin to replicate their success. Find out how you can get access to thousands of affiliate programs in your niche, and so much more.

"What's the cost?"

We knew you would finally ask that question. Hey, we completely understand...Please read on for just a sec, because I think you'll be truly pleased.  Think about what your life will be like when you can walk into your Boss's office and tell him, "You're Laid Off." Imagine for a moment, just how that will feel for you.  I can still remember the sheer exhilaration of giving my boss the walking papers.  Can you imagine the first time that you roll out of bed at the crack of noon, and flip on your PC to see that hundreds or thousands of dollars in payments, all made out to YOU, have been sent to your accounts while you were asleep.  How much would that be worth to you?

I am truly in it to help you succeed. And I mean to truly help you. I know you can't do that if you have to work overtime just to be able to put this powerful course in your hands.  I am here to help you quit work...not have you working more.  So, when you make the commitment to yourself to succeed today, you'll get everything mentioned above... the entire $100 A Day Affiliate Marketing & List Building Home Study Course ...the 8 Content Rich PowerPoint Presentations, Plus 8 Homework Assignments ready to show you that you are capable of making this work.  All for the low one time investment of only $_____Wait before I reveal the price there is more I would like to offer you...

First of all...

I Have Removed "All" Of The Risk

I am so sure that you're going to be fully satisfied with this package and the extensive services provided, that I am removing all of the risk on your part with my 6 week full money back Guarantee.

Yes, you have our guarantee that The Easy Sales Blueprint Course is as POWERFUL as I say it is.  I am so confident that you'll succeed with this program that I have removed any risk from the equation.  But if for some reason you find that this program does not meet your satisfaction in any way you may ask for your full refund...No questions asked.

You see, I am confident that this will be one of the best offers you have ever experienced in your life, and the only one of it's kind on the Market today offering you the support and help that you will experience from our program. The bottom line is that I would not deserve your money if I did not live up to my promises. You can rest assured that this course will exceed your expectations.  But more than that, I want this to be your final stop that makes all your dreams come true...

"Are You Ready To Have Control Of Your Success?"

...or would you rather continue living the way you are now?  If you've gotten this far... you're past the part where I asked you if you were ready to succeed. This is the part where you have to prove it.

This is literally the best possible opportunity that I can give you to quickly and easily make money. Now the choice is yours. Are you going to except this opportunity, and finally start making money online? Make the right choice and click the order button below, but...I believe in this so much I want to show you just how serious I am here!


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But don't take it from me. Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials I have received about my programs...










How About You Becoming One Of The Next Testimonials? 

"You ready to lay off your boss... or would you rather get up for work in the morning?"

I want you to take a moment right now and really allow yourself to imagine waking up tomorrow, not to the annoying buzzer of your alarm clock that has woken you day after day intruding into your morning, but to the quiet bliss of nothing. You awake when you feel rested and not one second earlier. You stroll into your comfortable home office, turn on your computer and then head to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. You leisurely head on back to your nice quiet office and set down to check and see how much money you made while you were asleep. (Yes while you were asleep...)No big surprise to you, your inbox is  full of brand new, "You made another sale!" notifications, you just can't help but grin from ear to ear. You laugh at the point in your life when you used to feel stressed every time the phone rang and it was a bill collector asking for money you didn't have to give.

Now it is all right there in front of you.  Once your grueling task of checking the email is all finished you decide to take the rest of the day off...You smile again, as you recall the exact moment you walked into your Boss's office and told him or her that you quit, and that you were going to take charge of your own life for a change. "How about it... Are You Ready For That Life Yet?

"Are you're truly ready to take that next big step...If you're ready for the life you've always dreamed, and the life you deserve, then the time is now.  I have spent several weeks and months putting together the most unique, complete and powerful "A-Z Internet Marketing Startup Home Study Courses" you will find.  This is the exact same system that allowed me to Layoff My Boss and begin making money on the internet full time.  I did this with one goal and vision in mind...I did it for you... I want to help you to transform your life and allow you to take complete control of your financial destiny... to give you what you need to finally turn your dreams into reality... and finally have the means to do all the things you ever wanted!

Let's Be Totally Honest Here...This Isn't For Everybody.

It's for the person that is worn out by the under delivering and over promising offers they get blasted with daily.


It's for the person that is tired of struggling online and tired of searching endlessly for the step by step system to take you to the promised land of online riches.


It's for the person that is ready, now, to tell your boss you have had enough.


If that's you then my hat's off to you for taking it to another level and guess what...I'm going to discount this even more to help you get started today.  If you're committed enough to take action, you can get the entire potent and cutting edge Easy Sales Blueprint, for only $Add higher price here $Your Price Here!

But you MUST act now, because this price is only good for a limited time. Very shortly it will be going back up to $ and then $

Lets make this an absolute no-brainer opportunity

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It's time for you to make the change you've been dreaming of. 

It's time to ask more than just "What Do You Want" It is time to ask, What Are You willing To Do To Get What You Want?

It is time you start making what you deserve...




Yes YOUR NAME HERE!! " I've had it with the way things are going in my life, and  I am definitely READY to take you up on this POWERFUL offer.  By clicking the order button below, I acknowledge and understand;

That I'll get my order processed promptly and my space reserved in the premier "Easy Sales Blueprint Course where I will receive 12 weeks of Professionally designed, animated, detailed, content-rich Power Point presentations, 12 weeks of comprehensive Homework assignments that go with each of the 12 modules.$1297.00 Value

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I understand that if for some reason within 6 weeks I find that this program does not meet my satisfaction in any way I may ask for my YOUR PRICE HERE full refund...No questions asked

Everything mentioned above is mine when I make the smart decision and the commitment to myself today. 

I am ready too grab my 12 module Easy Sales Blueprint Course and all of my bonus' right now!  With that I am clicking the secure "Order Now" button below, and entering my credit card information this instant!

***I understand that I must act now because this fabulous offer is ONLY good right now, and is not guaranteed to be YOUR PRICE HERE if I choose to come back to this page again in the future.





Just a few weeks from now, you'll be amazed when you look back at what you've accomplished. You'll be truly amazed and so proud.

You will stop for a bit... Celebrate your accomplishments... And never worry about your website strategy ever again.

I have worked thousands of hours to develop these strategies and tactics for my own businesses and have found what actually works to make money.

I would be honored to teach you what I know so that you can shift into high gear and race along the information highway--straight into the winner's circle of more profits.

To Your Success,

      Your Name & Picture Here

PS:  I am sure you are trying to decide whether this is right for you. Remember, be decisive in nature. Successful people make decisions quickly and change them slowly. You know this is exactly what you are looking for.

P.P.S. - I would hate to see you lose out because you weren't sure. Remember that this is fully guaranteed and that you are risking absolutely nothing. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that you have an 6 week money back guarantee. If you decide for any reason that you're not thrilled with this home study course, I just simply refund your entire purchase price no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. - Remember... I am going to do everything that I can to help you succeed. This is the EXACT step by step system for success that will allow you to start living your dreams. Believe In Yourself And Sign Up Now...


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