Crowd Control

Think Social Media and The
Internet Have Put An End to
Personal Networking?

Think Again.

You live in an age where it is easier to connect with people than ever before.

You can hop online right now and connect with family, friends, long lost loves or even people literally across the globe. You can do this in a matter of minutes.

This type of "social networking" has probably changed your life in some way - be it, small or large.

Have you given up on personal networking though? Old fashioned, face-to-face, networking. Does it take too much of your time? Are you too shy? Does it seem too antiquated?

If you feel that way, then I might have some bad news for you...

Research by Ronald Burt, a professor at the University of Chicago, shows that even being one step removed from a person within a network almost completely reduces the benefits to you.


What does this mean to you?

Well, it means that face-time still counts. I am not talking about iPhone's here either. REAL face-time.

There is still value in getting yourself out there, shaking hands, and yes ...even exchanging business cards.

I get it though, you might cringe at the thought of that.

  • You might not feel like you have the time
  • You might be too shy
  • You might feel like an introvert
  • You might not know what the hell you are doing
  • You might just be straight-up unprepared.

That's natural.

A lot of us feel that way.

Networking isn't always fun. Feeling unprepared to network is even worse.

Don't worry though - we created this guide for YOU:

Crowd Control

Crowd Control - is the perfect introduction to personal networking.

This simple report is easy to follow and will introduce you to the basics of personal networking. It even includes a personal networking checklist so you can feel totally prepared for every meeting or event you attend.

Sections include:

    • What is Networking?
    • Why Should You Network?
    • Networking Skills
    • Networking Obstacles
    • Face-To-Face Networking Checklist

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