...The RIGHT Responses?

You probably hate not getting replies to your emails.

I mean, who doesn't?

You take the time to write the email, you double check to make sure you nailed it - click send - and nothing.

That's OK though, email isn't really an instant messenger - so you wait.

You give it an hour. Nothing. You decide you might as well wait until the end of the day to check again. Nothing. Once more before bed can't hurt right? Nada.

You check in the morning and still no response...


Just kidding. Panic might be too strong a word.

But then again ...is it?

Sending out important emails and not getting a response is definitely deflating. It might not make you panic (I'd lie if I said I've never panicked about it thought) but it is very annoying.

Why would someone ever not respond to an email?

It's Probably Not Them ...It's You

Sometimes people are just busy. Sometimes people just suck at email. Sometimes emails get "lost".

BUT - it could also just be you.

You might just not be good at writing effective and engaging emails. There is no shame in this. You might not know any better.

The good news: anyone can learn how to write better emails. In fact, just a couple simple tweaks might drastically increase your response rate.

If you want to write emails that get responses:

Effective Emails

Effective Emails - is the perfect report for you.

This user-friendly guide will walk you through the basics of writing an effective email that will get responses!

The report focuses on six major areas of concern:

    • An Introduction to Email
    • Email Etiquette
    • The Subject
    • The Body
    • The Call to Action
    • Mistakes to Avoid

Fixing your emails has never been easier. If you want to start getting real responses from your emails, then hit the button below:

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