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Track Your Ads
« on: October 09, 2008, 06:45:06 PM »
Before you launch your first advertisement or campaign, before you address your first email, you need to find answers to two very important questions.

Who is your target market? What makes them buy or sign up with an organization?

The fastest as well as least expensive method for you to find out your answer to these questions is through testing and tracking.


The intention behind testing is to increase the rate of response to your campaign or offer. For example, you could compose a sales letter and try out different headers for the advertisement. Often a good header can make all the impact that is needed.

Many marketers have had their sales raised by almost 200% just because they altered their headlines. Even if your product yields steady and profitable sales, you should always test and experiment. A slight change can alter your measures from steady to overflowing!


You must always keep a record of whatever you do in your business, not only of your profit and expenses, but also your promotional and publicity campaigns.

Let us presume you are conducting the campaign for an E-zine advertisement. The most important information that you need to keep track of are:

•   Where you placed the campaign including the name of the E-zine and the date the campaign was launched

•   How many subscribers the E-zine has

•   Your expenses

•   The number of responses the advertisement brought— once you divide this into your cost you will know how much you paid for each reaction.

•   The number of sign ups you have achieved as a result of your efforts

•   Name, phone number and email address for the E-zine

•   The URL of the advertisement you utilized. This terribly important if you promote more than one business

•   Any comments or notes that catch your attention— you should retain them, they come in handy later.

•   Headlines used in the advertisement
You could also keep trace of other more significant details depending on how thorough you are willing to be. The main thing is to study the numbers. Some ads may invoke great interest but if the interest does not extend to the product and no one buys it, then your profit is zero.

Other ads may produce a handful of click-throughs but they normally generate more sign ups. It is evident that the second ad is the better one.

You may also use other forms of advertising, for example a pay per click program, and it is absolutely essential that you keep an eye on those numbers at all times. Develop a spreadsheet on Microsoft Excel or best, write it down.

Every cent you need to spend on the marketing should be tracked continuously so that you don’t waste precious funds on profitless issues.

Also, if you have prospective clients, make sure you keep in touch. They might not be aware of your address. You must absolutely maintain tracks for all your prospects.

Do not undervalue the power of testing and tracking. If you follow these steps, you will be aware at all times of where and when you’re making money online.
Never Do Business without a Tracking System

All high-performance business enterprises require tracking systems. A tracking system with well-devised coordinates allows everyone to know how well they are maintaining their duties. It helps people evaluate the need for extra or superior actions if and when required.

It should be the primary thing you establish when you begin your business coaching clients because without a lucid set of aims it is difficult for people to be sure about what ends they have to achieve.

Chalk out objectives for your business, configure the necessary means for attaining success, assign appropriate levels for each and then set performance aims for them.

Let’s assume your interest lies in increasing market penetration. The scale for comparing is your venture’s sales divided by the total number of sales in you market. If your market share turns out to be 10% that is a good thing and implies that your next aim should be to reach 25% before the year is over.

A measurable objective is always attainable. You must always make someone answerable for your project’s performance against each target. You need to develop a timely tracking system for each metric which will collect the required information.

Create a routine for periodic interim performance objectives and a reporting interface so that everyone involved can know how they are doing. The tracking system can be maintained on paper or automated on your computer system. Whichever way you implement the tracking system, ensure that it retains simplicity and that you don’t need to spend too much time worrying about it.

Given below is an example for remarkable less troublesome method of tracking page output. Even while the user was writing faster than the speed of change, the system had no problem in tracking the work on its own. The system was on a computer spreadsheet but could just as easily have been pencil on graph plotting paper. Whenever the user was below the line, he was reminded by the tracking system that he had work pending.

You should begin with 0 in the lower left corner, write units of measurement along the left axis and dates of measurements taken along the bottom axis.

Next you must draw a straight reference line from 0 to your target and then plot your performance against that target. Of course the crookedness or straightness of the line isn’t of primary importance. You must ensure that it perfectly reflects the time-length relationships of your targets.
Evaluate Your Online Ad’s Response

Of all the things a marketer has to do, keeping track of the results of the advertisements he endorses is of utmost importance. It is usually seen that in the direct marketing industry, marketers call for responses and links them directly to his mailbox. This enables him to take account of the feedback he receives so that he is aware of the results of his online ads. Thus he is able to tell which ads work, which headlines catch attention and which products sell.
In the online marketing world gathering and evaluating the responses to your advertisements are as important as the quality of the advertisements itself. For when you know which of your ads work better and how well they work you can improve your advertisements and capitalize better on them and maximize your profits.
When you find out that an advertisement did not have the required impact you can obviously make changes aimed at improving it. You can change the headlines, ad copies, graphics or layout and then put the advertisement to the test again. If you find that there is a problem with the medium that is being used, then get rid of it from your campaign, altogether.
It is good idea to test your ads on a smaller scale before launch the ad in a full-fledged campaign. This is a method used by all how successful marketers.
Keeping track of your ad results provides another benefit, which is that you can confirm whether the publisher has kept and delivered his part of the deal completely, especially if you are paying on a per-click basis.
There are various ways through which you can track online ads and one of the most basic methods is to measure clickthrough, i.e. the number of many people who have clicked on your advertisement. Another useful method is to measure the conversion ratio. But for starters measuring clickthrough should suffice. Here I am outlining two methods of tracking clickthroughs:

CGI Scripts

This is strictly for those who have access to your own CGI directory. You can use LnkinLite, a small but powerful CGI script keeps count of the number of tracks clicks to your site and shows them in the background. Get it at
While LinkinLite according to me is the best free click-tracking software that you can use, you might also consider another CGI script called Prolinkz. ( ) It also must be said here that the software will cost you $45.

Online Tracking Services

Online tracking services calculate the clickthroughs by means of their own servers. These services are usually available free of cost although some versions might need monthly fees and requires you to upgrade the software regularly to avail advanced features.

Here is a list of free online click tracking services:

Here are the paid ones:
The clickthrough rate for banner ads usually range from 0.5% to 3.0%, for E-zine ads they range from 3.0% to 5.0%, and if you can place the text links strategically the range is between 1.5% to 10.0%
Whatever the method you choose to use for tracking advertisement results, it is very important that you keep in mind the primary objective which is tracking and evaluating these results. It is one of the basic and most crucial steps to marketing success!
Ad Tracking Is Essential To Run A Successful Online Business

Internet offers a wide variety of methods and means to advertise your product or services. It is important to have a clear idea of these advertisement campaigns to increase the productivity as well as accessibility of your product.

Online marketing requires certain skills which you need to acquire before you enter the business. Through advertising you are not only promoting the product but also getting in touch with a target audience.

There are several software that cater to the needs of online marketers and ad tracking software is one among those. Ad tracking software can be used for advertising purposes as it tracks the sources from which the customers have accessed your product.

It also helps you in finding out the different kinds of search engines that have been used by the customers to find out more about the product. When you start the advertising campaign you should also keep in mind the end results. Ad tracking software can be used to verify the results of your campaign.

Based on these results you can analyze the whole program and incorporate the necessary changes. If there is a particular ad design that has attracted the attention of more audience you can format your campaign accordingly. The selling of the product demands a very efficient campaigning system as this immediately brings you in contact with the customers. You also need to sharpen your marketing as well as Internet skills to enhance your campaigning business.

You can display the product using pop-ups, emails, articles, and newsletters. The results would help you find out whether the business is making profit or not. You can also display your product on prominent sites that are often visited by users of the Internet.

If you are using other sites to promote your product you should make sure that you are using the right kind of format and the appropriate keywords so that the audience will not only be tempted to click on the ad but also directly access your services. It is advisable to buy an ad tracking software as this would help you throughout the business from the beginning to the end.

You should also concentrate on the different aspects of the campaigning business so that you don’t falter at any step. The software should be put to maximum effect to produce favorable results and this would guarantee success to a great extent.
Ad-Tracking: A Boon to Web Business

Ad-tracking may be defined as constant in-market research that evaluates a particular brand’s performance in the online market. If you have a web-business it is almost essential nowadays to take recourse to online ad-tracking to monitor your brand’s performance.

Ad-tracking is also intimately associated with affiliate marketing, in which a business (or a brand) rewards one or more affiliates for each visit by a potential customer that the affiliate site brings about. As a web-business holder it is important for you to choose the right tracking method, most suitable for your business.
Among the most important tracking methods are:-
•   The hit counter - A program which records the number of “hits” or visitors a particular page has received. It is ideal for people who only want to know how many times a particular page/site has been visited. However, the information is, of course, limited.

•   Direct URL Tracking - An effective method to record evaluates immediate sales. It cannot, however, track users who came to your site through a particular affiliate and visited back later to make a purchase. It is a good method to track sales, but mostly useful if you have a single-page website for business. It however entails a higher risk of link piracy.

•   Cookie tracking - HTTP cookies or Tracking cookies are parcels of text sent by a particular server to a browser (usually a client) and sent back unchanged to the server each time the client accesses that server. They are easy to read in any form. The referral stored from the affiliate’s link in a cookie gets stored in the orders page of the business site and therefore it is also easier to send commissions to the affiliate who refers the site. Therefore, since later purchases from a particular browser can also be tracked, the affiliate can consequently be rewarded for the later purchases of the customer/client as well.

•   CGI/ URL Tracking - Perl or JavaScript enabled method. It serves as an alternative to cookie tracking (for users who have disables cookies for example). It tracks the Visitor from the affiliate site onwards to the orders page of the business/brand site. The affiliate Id is usually embedded in the URL string and is passed on to the next page URL.

•   Self-Replicated pages - Affiliates create templates provided by the brand’s website and is stored in the merchant’s directory.
Several tracking methods are out there for successful evaluation of sales for your particular requirements.
Hit Counters

For those who want to know if their website is getting enough traffic/hits, it is very important to track the website’s traffic. It also provides useful information on online marketing. One of the many ways to track online visitors is by using a hit counter. This is a computer program that records the number of hits, or visitors, that a particular web page has received. Every time the web page is accessed in a web browser, these counters will be incremented by one.

With a high-quality hit counter, the web page owner can access accurate statistical data on the activity of the page. It is thus possible to perform a more extended analysis of the overall traffic to find out whether the right kind of visitors (random or targeted traffic) are visiting the page.

Since they require a minimal level of input form the user, hit counters are easy to install and use. They are regarded as a very useful tool by both business-oriented and non-profit online resources. Therefore, hit counters are used widely on the Internet these days, thanks to their many benefits.

Every hit counter contains numbers, which are displayed in plain text, or as an inline digital image. Though a classic example is the wheels of an odometer, images may be displayed in a diversity of styles and fonts. The hit counter usually displays the date it was set up on or last reset, because it otherwise becomes impractical to guess the time period within which the number of counted page loads occurred.

Trustworthiness is a problem when it comes to web counters. They may not all be 100% reliable. Some webmasters use a traffic generator to increase their hits automatically; others start the counter at a high number to give the impression that the site is more popular than it actually is.

Hit counters are becoming increasingly popular because they are free – all one needs to do is login and select the counter of choice. They are also easy to install, simply copying and pasting the HTML code into the web page results in the counter’s installation.

Therefore, getting a free hit counter is an important step to market one’s website. There are many resources available to effectively help track a website’s statistics, and for a beginner it always helps to know where one’s traffic is coming from. Best of all, it’s free! So go get your hit counter today!
Conversion Tracking

If you are an existing Google Adwords user, then you are likely to already know the importance of tracking your conversions and knowing exactly where these are being generated from. While subscribing to a PPC advertising service, you pay depending on the actual number of clicks your ad receives.

This system has the added advantage that you can integrate it with a Conversion Tracking feature which enables you to track precisely which keywords are generating your productive traffic and which others just lead to unproductive or unconverted clicks.

Your conversion rate is simply a ratio or percentage of the number of people who undertook a designated action on your website (like buying your product, or subscribing to your newsletter, etc) from amongst the total number of visitors to your site, or the total number of clicks on your ad. You can then use your conversion rate to evaluate your relative performance.

For instance, a 1% conversion rate is the usual rate for advertisers who have just launched a sale or subscription campaign; however, attaining even a 10% conversion rate remains rather possible.

Setting up your own conversion tracking system enables you to learn which of your keywords are doing better and also which of your ads is actually performing well and contributing to your profits. To achieve the best results from your campaign, your keywords, ads and your landing page must all be designed to reinforce each other and moreover they must be suitably inter-connected with links and directions.

There are many different factors which are critical for your high conversion rate, and you should be in a position to be able to clearly identify the exact contribution of each factor, the inter-relations among them and all the several means of controlling them so as to improve your conversion rates.

For instance, the main title and the attached description of your ad is highly influential in determining your conversions, so you need to be very careful when planning their content.

So, if you want to sell a product on your landing page and are trying to direct traffic there through Adwords, it would be necessary for you to target and hook your prospects by mentioning in your ad the price of the product and something else about the utility of the product along with the fact that you are selling it.

Unless you can make a visitor think about making the purchase from you, you are likely to waste your clicks and lower your conversion rate to something like one sale for every 200-250 clicks; similarly, if you happen to be using improper keywords or ad layout.

No matter what your product or your ad, conversion tracking helps you to easily find out the efficiency and utility of your campaigns, and regulate your business according to your requirements.
Learn About Several Ad Tracking Software

The growth of e-commerce has led to the inevitable growth of online marketing, which has become an unavoidable and necessary tool for the e-companies. If you want to increase the reach to a larger number of consumers, you have to employ many online advertising gimmicks. But how can you find out which of the online advertisements do really work and which of them don't?

The ad tracking program will help you to understand the comparative advantage of each online campaign. You can not possibly work without this tracking mechanism, because you have to constantly try out various kinds and sources of advertisements to make them effective, that is drawing greater amount of traffic to your website, where consumers can come to know about your product and also make some purchase.

How does this ad tracking device function? To trace the performance of all your advertisements, you have to just put the 'tracking' URL given by the ad tracking program in your advertisement. When a person reads your ad on an E-zine, for instance XYZ, and clicks on the tracking URL, which has been placed in this E-zine, the visitor will be taken to your website and the ad tracking system will register that the click came from that particular E-zine.

There are generally two kinds of ad tracers. The first type is tracking software and the second is tracking service. This tracking software primarily follows the mechanism described previously. It enables you to generate specific web address for each campaign.

In the event that one is using ad tracking software, the visitor can not directly go to your website but their browser goes through a program installed in the web server, an additional counter is created for that address and then only the browser reaches your page.

The tracking software will enable you acquire all the stats via your browser any time with complete details. With the help of this software, it is possible to create more than one tracker. The software will help you find the ROI (return on investment) of your pay per click listings. This will also help yield results on the operations of the auto responders, exit pop-ups, article, affiliate, E-book and reciprocal links, and newsletter, banner and off-line ads.

The use of this software means one time investment. One has to install it only once and it keeps on servicing one for years. One does need some minimum technical knowledge to deal with its installation process. If one is not confident of installing it oneself, the software company can also install it in one’s website for a minimal fee. The tracking URLs carry your own domain name in case you are using an ad tracking software.

There are specific benefits of using the ad tracking software. If you are using software, you need not rely on any another service provider company. Reliance on service provider can make one handicapped in certain situations, for example when their site has a problem or the company shuts off etc.

When one uses the software it requires your site to provide many other system resources like disk space for program and tracking files and so on. Later if there is program up gradations, this software needs re-installation.
Ad Tracking and Budget

Tracking your advertisements, i.e. knowing how your traffic is being generated and where it’s coming from is crucial to your online business. But after preparing and uploading your web advertisement, how do you test its actual efficacy?

How do you assess the whether the ad program contributes significantly to your traffic or converts clicks to sales? How can you gauge what your ROI is? The only answer is by having an effective tracking system in place that enables you to track your ads even over multiple campaigns.

Use a first-rate Service - Don't Settle for a Freebie Ad Tracker!

Don’t compromise on quality and settle for the free ad tracker that allows you to only track one little ad. The free account can only provide you with a faint foretaste of the real difference that quality ad tracking makes to your business.

Only when you upgrade to the real service would it be actually effective, especially if you are running multiple products, services and programs promotions. You have the option of even integrating the ad tracking with your regular system, and you can then keep track of each of your ads and promotional materials.
To find ad tracker services over the Internet, simply search using the keywords ‘ad tracker’ and follow up. If you however, own a website for products/services, it is better to use an automatic e-business system having integrated ad tracking facilities. This allows you to track whatever you want, without any limit to the kind and number of trackers you can activate. You can even track your expenses, which makes calculating the ROI for each of your campaigns that much simpler.

Label Your Ad Trackers For Lightning Fast Reference!

Remember to label each of your trackers with the exact name of the campaign for increased efficiency and facility of referencing later on. With the labels in place you can tell at a glance the respective and relative performances for each one of the campaigns, and allocate resources accordingly. You will know which of your ads is successful, or which affiliate is doing well; you can then decide which ad sites you would like to contribute to again, which ads you should keep running etc.

Use Ad Tracking to Rescue Your Ad Budget

Try and choose an ad tracking service that allows you to also track your ad expense, called expense tracking. This permits you to know your Return On Investment (ROI) against every ad campaign you invest in. The ad tracker service you select should clearly show you the details regarding your visitors, orders, sales, conversion percentage, expenses, profit, etc.

If it doesn’t you are clearly missing out on a real advantage which can boost your sales, make your investments more efficient and streamlined, identify the advertising mediums best suited to your needs and even help you control your advertising budget.
How Can Ad Tracking Increase Your Profits

As a marketer you might often wonder how to gain knowledge about the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The trick is to keep track of the responses that you get for each of the ads you run.

Irrespective of the place you operate, be it a retail store, a service business, a mail order operation, or an Internet marketing business, this is a method that can help you evaluate how successful your advertising is.

Which Publications Produce Profits?

In order to understand which publications produce profits here are few things you can do:

When you have new customers visiting or calling you over the phone, you can ask them about how they got to you. Hence you will know whether they found you through your yellow pages ad or your newspaper ad.

You can also keep a record of the responses and resulting sales from each ad. You can then compare and analyze whether each particular advertisement is producing the desired results.

Once an advertisement helps bring in revenues consistently, keep running it. On the other hand, if an advertisement continues to fare poorly, not bringing enough profits or at worst producing losses stop it immediately.

It is easier in mail order as you can key each ad such that the resulting sales from each publication can be measured.

For example, a random marker, say, "Dept. A" can be added to your name or address in an ad to indicate the issue of a particular magazine you have advertised in. If "Dept. A" is for the July issue then "Dept. B" can be used for the August issue of the same magazine. Another marker, say "Dept. C" can be used to indicate the July issue of a different magazine.

Thus, you can track the response and sales made from each advertisement as orders start coming in. And from that information, the effectiveness of each ad in every publication and the amount of profit it brings in can be determined.

Which Ads Produce Profits?

The benefits of ad tracking extends beyond determining which publications are more effective in producing profits, it also helps you to measure the profitability of the ads themselves.

After you have changed an ad, the feedback you get should show is this is consistently performing better or worse than the previous one. You can take then take the required action depending on this data and either continue or discontinue the advertisement.

Experts will tell you to change one thing at a time in any advertisement.

For example, when you change the price, do not change the headline. This is recommended because otherwise, it is hard to determine whether the difference in results was due to the changed price or the changed headline. Especially while testing an ad for the first time, for greater certainty, only one element should be changed at one go.

When on the Internet, tracking software and services can be used to determine the source of your sales and the general effectiveness of your ads, the quality of the article writing, and other activities.

So, in the end it is recommended that irrespective of where you operate, be it a retail store, a service business, a mail order operation, or an Internet marketing business, always use ad tracking for increased profits.
Double Your Online Income with Ad Tracking

There is an old saying in the world of Internet marketing that the people who are learning the business learn a bit too late that you cannot possibly improve what you cannot measure. This is especially true in case of tracking and measuring the traffic that comes to your website.

If you want to be a successful Internet marketer you need to find and install the tools necessary for doing this task since after all it is the people who visit the site who are the lifeline of it. The way to track and measure the traffic is called ad tracking. You need to understand the basics of ad tracking to realize the value of the process. To use ad tracking to its fullest capacity, unique tracking routes can be created for each traffic source like the banner ads, PPC ads, and email newsletters and so on. When the traffic comes to your website via the provided link, it will come up on the visitor statistics or tracking dashboard.

Getting traffic to your website is an easy task. The difficult part is to earn money by making people visit your website. Not all traffic is the same. What you will be looking for is the targeted traffic, people who are really interested in what you have to offer, down to the very last detail. These are the people who will be your buyers and help you make your money.

Two components that are an integral part of the process of making money through the website are amount of traffic and value of traffic. The higher percentage of targeted traffic you have and the more traffic that you have which is more specifically targeted to your niche, the more amount of money you are going to make.

The value of the traffic is determined by the percentage of the traffic that is making a purchase. This implies that you have to track the source of your traffic to determine its value. This can be done with the help of conversion and tracking software applications that can be connected to your website.

Using an Ad Tracker is the Key to an Affiliate Marketer

Remember all those annoying pop-up advertisements that open on their own when we visit certain websites? Most of us are used to ignoring them, or closing the window with an angry mouse click. However, those pop-ups are one of the most important media of online advertisements.

Affiliate marketing is an online advertisement structure that uses online ads as part of their business campaign.

In the language of Economics, the market consists of a seller and a buyer. In this case, the seller approaches the affiliate marketer to assist him in marketing his product to his consumers. This structure is known as affiliate marketing.

Traders prefer affiliate marketing because they don’t need to bear any other cost other than cost of setup until the method reaps revenue. is such an example. One can use applications like mpa3 to satisfy his own affiliate marketing.

However, this form of advertising can be fruitless unless is tracked well enough. Without an ad-tracker marketers would not know the result of their ads. If they are successful in attracting customers to the products concerned, then they are duly rewarded by the seller.

An ad-tracker is an application that enables the individual who has posted the ad to have an idea of the effectiveness of an ad. It can be used to find the number of responses to online ads, revenue out of such campaigns and which webpage is most responded to. The required data is presented statistically. Date, time and Inter Service Provider addresses, download access estimate, and editing of tracking links can be made with the help of an ad tracker.

Depending on the type of product, an ad tracker can track the ad without a break, or it can do it within specific time intervals known as ‘pulse’. It measures the combined effect of the spending level and the marketing target.

Advertisements can be tracked both through the telephone and the Internet. The data is used in Marketing Mix Models that formulate the benefit of the investment made on the ad.

It is important to know the tools of success to be able to do affiliate marketing effectively. The best part of this form of advertising is that it can be done from home, and the business holds a high return. The ad should be attractive enough for the customer to bother clicking on the window in the middle of other online activities. The campaign should be simple, and demand monosyllabic responses.

•   “Have you ever used Product X?”
•   “If not, what have you used instead”
•   “Are you satisfied with its value for money?”
•   “State your personal opinion briefly to help us serve you better.”

These are some ways of deriving an idea of the effect of the product being advertised. An ad tracker gives an affiliate all the relevant information to discern the same. Also, it estimates the changes required in the advertisement to improve its effects. Once an affiliate marketer succeeds in bringing customers to the seller, his job is done.
The Benefits of Advertisement Tracking Services

If you have a product on your hands, which you think might transform the face of the world, chances are- you have often sought for an avenue that would help you publicize it. In fact, the only way people could access your product, or gain knowledge about it, is through property advertisement and publicity.

The product might be indeed a miracle, yet it needs to be in public sight for it to be a success. It is your responsibility to market this properly. What you ideally need is campaigning that reaches the general people.

Recent market studies suggest that almost 30 percent of commercial proceeds are exhausted on advertising campaigns. If you are spending a lump sum amount of money for the ad campaigns, then it is natural that you shall be worried about the success rate of these campaigns.

To rest your mind on this topic, resort to tracking these advertisement campaigns which shall inform you about the success rate immediately. This is perhaps the only way to determine the popularity, and verify the performance of your extensive campaigns.

This is an innovative and fresh way to boost up your sales. If your product comes into the public gaze, then half of the work is done. It is not always about great designing and spending lavishly on your campaigns. A lot of market research has to be done before launching that expensive project, otherwise it might just sink!

Ad tracking services will guide you about the initial promotional responses from the masses and you could change your campaign accordingly. This is because you get feedback 24x7 due to this unique service.

You can either hire an ad tracking corporation to acquire the ad tracking services for your trade or you can integrate this particular ad tracking software within your website. The ad tracking reveals to you whether the advertisement is working wonders for your website and product, or whether it is not working the way you envisaged it would work.

With the help of certain tools, this software can tract every action of the ad on your website. According to responses, you can shift the position of your ad.

The feedback that you get is these. You get to know about the visitors to your website, the number of clicks on your commercial banner, about all the registrations to your website, as well as the number of sales of that particular product you wish to market.

Ad tracking informs you exactly about the figure of people visiting your website. All of this helps you to figure out the decisions you need to take to boost up your sales.

As for obtaining these services, they are accessible at a monthly fee of $50. The payment might also stretch till $67. Some web hosts provide customers with these services for free.

Adjust Your Marketing Strategy with the Help of Ad Metrics

The practice of keeping a track on the impressions of end-users and compiling data on web trends and user habits is known as Advertising metrics. Nielsen ratings and Nielsen boxes are used for doing ad tracking for television.

It is important for advertisers and marketing people to know what works and what doesn’t. This helps them to come up with effective advertising strategies so that they don’t end up spending money on fruitless campaigns. This is where ad metrics come in.

On the Internet, ad metrics is done by using different software as tools so that the user can keep a tab on the people visiting his/her site. This allows the webmaster to determine which campaigns have been successful and which have failed.

Advertising managers contain detailed information about the users including:

1.   Where the user came from
2.   Which page they left from
3.   The link they use to leave a particular site.
4.   This helps a webmaster to focus on his traffic generation better. It also enables him to zero in on specific ideas as far as advertising and marketing are concerned.
5.   A wide range of ad metric tools on the Internet allows the webmaster to get additional information about the user, such as:
6.   The kind of web browser used by the user
7.   The operating system used by the user and still more information.
The best part about web advertising metrics is, it even lets you know which key words or phrases a browser used to get to your site. They can determine which key words or phrases are popular on a particular search engine, be it Google, Yahoo or Alta Vista. Once a webmaster is aware of the particular words or phrases used to reach his site, he can utilize the keywords or phrases (that already exist on the site), so that more people can visit his site.

A webmaster can use advertising metrics to gather information about the visitors such as, what kind of Internet vehicle brings them to a particular site, whether it is a link from another site , or as a result of a Google search or an image site. It is significant to know if a user landed up from an image site because sites which these sites convert poorly. It’s a good idea to know about the goings on of the traffic on your site and an ad metrics is the best way of finding out.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain

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Great post. All the top Internet Marketers use some form of tracking.

Rest assured if the so called gurus are doing testing and tracking-then it works!!

It does not need to be difficult to implement.


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Re: Track Your Ads
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2008, 10:34:47 AM »
I agree with Jim. If the IM gurus are tracking, it's a must do for those of us that aren't there yet.

Actually, I'm thinking any successful business person (on the Internet or not) does some sort of tracking/testing of their wares or services.

Thanks, Mark, for such great information.


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Re: Track Your Ads
« Reply #3 on: November 28, 2008, 12:06:50 PM »
Yeah, testing and tracking is critical to IM success. It really is.

I don't know how many time I've thought to myself:
"nah, that product will never sell. People don't want that!"
and then the product sells like crazy.  8)

Or I've thought to myself:
"Wow. This will sell great!"
and then nobody buys it.  :(

That's one of the hardest lessons to learn in Internet marketing: "It doesn't matter what I think!"

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain


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Re: Track Your Ads
« Reply #4 on: November 29, 2008, 09:39:13 AM »
That's one of the hardest lessons to learn in Internet marketing: "It doesn't matter what I think!"

That's a very good point. And I might add, it's something that I still struggle with!  8)shh



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Re: Track Your Ads
« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2009, 01:37:40 PM »
Tracking???  ;D

I have trackers on EVERYTHING! I even have tracked image clicks to see what was or was not being responded to!

I have even thought of putting a tracker on my wife... LOL  >:D

All  humor aside, this was a Grade A+ article and I thank you Mark for your sharing it with us!
 ::* ::* ::* ::* ::*

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Re: Track Your Ads
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2009, 08:40:17 PM »
Tracking???  ;D

I have trackers on EVERYTHING! I even have tracked image clicks to see what was or was not being responded to!

I have even thought of putting a tracker on my wife... LOL  >:D

All  humor aside, this was a Grade A+ article and I thank you Mark for your sharing it with us!
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Re: Track Your Ads
« Reply #7 on: April 24, 2010, 01:10:09 PM »
Mark--Thanks for this great article.

Any updates anyone can suggest or 2010?

I've seen an ebook on ad tracking available.  It looked really good, but I can't find it again.  Argh.  Ideas?

Thanks -- MM