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Article Marketing Strategies
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Article Marketing Strategies

Many internet marketers find writing & submitting articles for their site to be a very tedious task. Many people who need to write articles also procrastinate as much as they can to delay the amount of writing they need to do. Many people dread writing articles because they find researching for the topic and writing down original materials will be too taxing on them.

While the search engine wars continue to escalate, marketers are looking for ways to improve not only their standings but how their companies are perceived online. Both can be solved with the advent of article marketing. Through article marketing strategies, marketers and companies now have the ability to alter perception, increase goodwill and improve web traffic all at the same time.

The use of articles to provide information and to alter perception has been used as long as mass printing. Press releases are one of the most traditional forms of article marketing wherein articles are used by business owners to subtly advertise their products in space that isn't typically bought or is not considered as advertising space. To such a degree, because it is not paid for, articles are considered as more credible than typical product content or company hand-outs.

The article increases likelihood to be seen and printed when the content to a good degree, is helpful on top of it being a plain marketing tool. The same rule adapts to the Internet age wherein marketers have articles made by professional writers, freelancers or global companies and submit them to article directories. Most of these articles have a keyword-rich density wherein specific words are placed intentionally within the article, so it can easily be picked up by search engines.

It is also a common practice in todayís online age to submit to more than one article directory in order to gain higher standings in the search engines although it is believed that duplicate content usually doesn't gain high standings in the search engines. Article directories are said to quickly increase web traffic because of its ability to include a backlink going back to the original site and because it is constantly searched through by search engine bots. In addition, article directories are also free submission sites.

You do not have to create a new website along with paying for unnecessary expenses such as buying the domain and the hosting plan. And despite the clamor for unique articles to submit, there are plenty of article marketing services such as Private Label Content or Article Spinning that continue to give out rights to articles to more than one purchaser.

Each SEO expert will have a different formula when it comes to article content. There is still a present battle as to what the most efficient keyword density is or whether keyword stuffing really does work, whether it is quality rather than quantity that counts in article marketing.

There are still even continuous arguments as to whether article marketing is an effective method to gain exposure and traffic for websites.  Nevertheless, the common formula used by most articles is this: a 500-word article with a 2% to 3% keyword density. Anything more is already considered as keyword stuffing and is banned by most article directories because it tends to oversell the product or service rather than coming up with good-quality content.

Article Marketing is one of the most-explored methods for increasing web exposure to date, although admittedly, its potential for growth and usage is still very much young and will most likely continue on for years on end.

Benefits Of Article Marketing

The popularity of middlemen sites like GetAFreelancer and Craigslist is evidence that article marketing is growing faster by the minute. And if you've just found yourself considering trying a few articles just recently, then you may be a little bit too late. Article marketing has shown many benefits in the few years that itís been used as an SEO tool for improving traffic and exposure. Here are a few reasons why article marketing is becoming an effective method for increasing visibility:

International Audience

While the audience may intentionally be for a specific target, because the medium is so vast and so open, content canít help but be distributed to the larger audience in the World Wide Web. The article and its content may now have the potential to be read, explored and back linked to your site which means more possible International customers for the company. An article also has greater longevity online unlike more traditional media such as newspapers or magazines. It can stay there for a week, a month or a few years depending on whether itís relevance changes.

It Improves Credibility

Articles are not considered as an advertising tool alone. In itself, it can stand as a helpful supplement for the audience. It is up to the marketer then how he can successfully inculcate promotions on top of the significance of the article. Articles can give your product or service a touch of expertise that paid advertising can never provide. In which case, articles should first and foremost be informative rather than promotional.

Multiple Uses

One article has the ability to be used in different types of online forms. It can be used as a blog, as an article, as an ebook, as a course module or as an emailed newsletter. Give small tweaks to the article and you have the ability to recycle it as will. Tweaking an article will only mean a few minutes of your time or a few dollars for someone to do it for you. Whichever the case is, you have the ability to increase your exposure exponentially with only one material.

Cost- Effective

Articles are inexpensive to make and even more inexpensive to distribute. Once you submit one article to several article directories, you have the ability to increase traffic several times. On your part, your only investment is time in making the article. If you insist on buying the services of writers to write your article for you, this may only mean an investment of $20.00 on your part or even smaller than that for a good-quality piece that can be used for months, even years on end.

Long-Term Effect

After publishing the article, all you have to do is sit back and watch your reputation increase and let the article pre-sell your ideas for you. This way, prospects now have an idea of your abilities and the extent of your know-how about a particular subject. Articles can also pre-select your clients for you. Since they know where you stand about particular issues, then those who come to you are those who clearly agree with your ideas or at the very least, are sincerely interested in finding out what you can do for them.

Effective Article Marketing Strategies

Knowing what to write, how to write it and where to distribute should follow a well-developed SEO strategy that constitutes not just article marketing alone but a whole magnitude of online marketing efforts. The plan starts with a goal. Determining your goal will determine what strategy to follow. For most SEO webmasters, increasing traffic is the primary goal. Traffic generates successful leads, which might successfully translate into sales. Submitting articles to article directories increases your chances of being seen on several accounts off-site. But, as said, where to submit it and which articles to submit depends on a few factors. Here are a few things to think about in order to shape up your article marketing strategy:

Choose Relevant Topics

Article marketing is a great tool in the sense that you donít have to limit yourself to core topics. The more relevant topics you can come up with, the more articles can be made. This means that thereís more likelihood that your market will also increase based on the affiliates that you can connect to your main topic. Check out the latest search trends and see if there are possible topics that you can connect with. If youíre maintaining a website, keep a thematic repertoire and add to them every once in a while so you can keep the target market interested.

Updating your website and coming out with good-quality articles will give you a mark of expertise, increasing the credibility of your company in the eyes of potential customers.

Choose Relevant Article Directories

While one should be very aggressive when it comes to the distribution of articles, you should also choose the marketing directories well to see if it fits your market and whether the site is appropriate for distribution. When it comes to article directories, there are those that can obtain higher page rankings like Ezine. It maximizes the exposure of your articles and your products easily. On top of article directories, there are plenty of other mediums which can help with article exposure such as through blogging, emails or ebooks. Forums are also great ways to share information while allowing backlinks back to the site.

Market your Articles

Sometimes it isn't enough to simply float your articles. You have to make the public aware of the relevance of your articles through off sites such as social networks, email links and blogs. However way you can advertise your link will help in letting the reader find their way to your article. Advertising your article will also be helpful by selling it as a course module. Only an exclusive number is allowed to read it following a certain contest or promo. Place in the proper keywords in your Ads too so that search engines and social networks can easily pick it up.

Test the Significance of your Keywords

Selecting your keywords which should be carefully placed in the articles, is half the battle in article marketing. So, be sure to do a test first before deciding on which keywords to float around otherwise your attempts in article marketing shall only fall in vain. Ask a selected few in your target market to think of top twenty related words they can think of when relating to the product. If some words keep coming out constantly, then you've got yourself some words to work with.

Creating Effective Article Content

Because so much of article marketing today is plainly dedicated to providing backlinks or putting in strong keyword densities, it is sometimes forgotten that the quality of the articles should first and foremost be the priority. When the quality of the article is at par with the product or service, this creates not only traffic but a good reputation for your products.

Using too rich a marketing ploy in your articles will actually lessen your credibility rather than add up to it, so itís better to provide great content always. After all, you never know when a prospective customer is going to read it. A good article will already have pre-sold your product for you even before first contact.

Here are some useful tips on how you can create great content in your

Provide a Good Headline

The headline is the bait which will serve as basis whether your article will further be read by the potential customer or not. A good headline must be informative but at the same time appealing to customers. Do not overplay your words too much to the point that you will have lost your customer.

Summarize Everything in the Lead Paragraph

A lead paragraph is the first paragraph in the sentence. In typical news form, the lead paragraph should have answered the 5 Wís: What, Where, When, Why and Who. Even if you aren't working in formal form, a lead paragraph is still important because most article directories provide a short glimpse of the articles for readers and then cut out the rest, then it is up to the reader to click on the link provided to continue reading. A lead paragraph should already capture the reader early on.

Word Count

SEO Marketers are in constant argument of what the proper word count should be. Some argue that short articles are better while others argue that longer articles are preferred. Whatever the case, the common standard followed in todayís SEO Market is from 500 to 700 words.

Keyword Density

Keyword density, like many elements of article marketing is still under constant debate. However it is said that it should only be between 2 to 3%. Anything more would be considered as keyword stuffing and will be banned in most article directories.


Most writers forget to pass their work through Spellcheck. This is quite a shame since most writing software has a built in program that checks spelling, better synonym options and the like. Although one shouldn't rely on spell check entirely as itís still better to peruse the article via speed reading (or thoroughly reading if you have the time), SpellCheck is a great way to find minor errors in the piece that might be considered embarrassing should it be published.


Place in this area the name, a link of the website and a call to action if need be. Resources are the best ways to put a nail on the coffin so to speak. It can add credibility and finality to a great article. Also, it lets the reader know about the other qualifications of the person.

Using Articles To Generate Web Traffic

Your small business is just starting and you may not have a lot of marketing budget to go around. Thankfully, there are a lot of online options now that can be instrumental in helping you generate more traffic which means more leads for you without having to break the bank trying to let people take notice of your site. One such tool is article marketing. This is quite easy to understand when you bare it down to its essences. Article marketing simply means coming up with articles related to your product or service and floating it around the web with a backlink to your website.

Although this seems quite simple, article marketing has huge effects in terms of exposure, credibility and web traffic. If, for example, yours is a specialized product which needs careful research before purchase, article marketing can help drive a nail to the purchase.

You must understand though that article marketing is an indirect way to boost sales. Consumers will not just read your article and immediately buy it solely because the article says so. But in a highly competitive market, having the right keyword with the right content will help give your product a competitive edge over other niche brands. In other words, generating good content off your site will help generate leads on to your site.  For article marketing then, sales become a secondary goal. The primary goal is to get someone to click on to your website. In which case, many attest that there has been a 15% to 20% increase in their website when articles have been submitted to various directories.

A Thing or Two about Article Spinning

Article spinning is the ability to recycle one article into several articles so it can be submitted to multiple article directories. There have been many debates regarding the affectivity of article spins. The point of article spinning is to drive more quantity to the directories without necessarily providing a change in the message or an increase in credibility. There are also some who have reported success with article spins. They attest that the more articles you have, the more traffic is generated on to your website because potential clicks are also multiplied with every article floated.

Good-Quality Articles

More than just the bulk of articles though, what should be given most priority is providing plenty of good-quality articles for the readers. Useful content affects the perception of the brand. A successful or comprehensive SEO strategy turns your brand into experts on the subject at hand with the help of article marketing.

Good-Quality articles are those that are easy to read, comprehend and understand for readers. Be sure also to edit them, keeping the right length in mind. Cut unnecessary elements like too much garbles or redundant ideas. If you articles are inserted with keywords, make sure not to overdo them. The common practice is to keep keyword density down to 2% or 3% at most. Anything more is considered as stuffing and might be rejected by popular article directories.

Using Articles To Boost SEO Rankings

If youíre still relatively unfamiliar with article marketing, hereís an overview. Article marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools for the Web. Its effectively lies in the fact that it is quite flexible to use, it has a long shelf life and it reaches an international audience intentionally or unintentionally. Articles are a great way for companies to give their mark of expertise on a certain area without having to resort to hard selling through formal advertisements.

Article marketing can achieve several different goals for the marketer at one time. It can increase credibility, provide the audience with useful information and strengthen reputation in a very cost-effective manner. But most of all, article marketing can boost SEO rankings through offsite presence.

The Wonders of Article Directories

Putting articles in article directories can create multiple backlinks that can, in turn, generate traffic and exposure to the official website without you having to pay a penny for it. It is said that on average, good-quality backlinks can create clicks to the website by about 15 to 20%. This is quite substantial, and with partnered with great content, can easily imprint your company as a reliable source of information.

It is recommended that you use multiple article directories at once although in order to do this, the article marketer will have to vary the content to a good degree. Article directories will not accept duplicate content. In a way, this works for the marketer because customers donít want repeat content. This only has a tendency to annoy them and create ill will with the brand. Submitting to as many article directories will boost SEO rankings substantially.

There are some article directories though that can create higher rank statuses than others such as Ezine or ArticleBase. These article directories set up certain rules and standards. Passing them will give you a valuable link for your website.

Good Content for Submission

Apart from being grammatically correct, article directories look for interesting content. They do not accept keyword stuffing, so one should watch out for this when making the articles. Anything more than 3% keyword density will not be accepted. Also, the length of the articles should only be moderately between 500 to 700 words. Anything more will make the content hard for readers to discern.

Staying away from Blatant Promotions

Article directories are also careful not to accept content that have very blatant promotions or advertising. This is not only due to the lack of credibility that articles with promotions bring but also because too much promotion tends to lessen the readability of the article.

Focusing on making good-quality articles will reap tremendous rewards globally. The more useful the content is, the more people will be interested to reprint the article for their own purpose. Creating articles that are helpful and informative will also garner return visitors apart from the ordinary transient visitors. Article marketing will also benefit from the marketer creating backlinks for the articles themselves. This way, visibility of the articles increase and its functionality will have increased tenfold.

Using Articles To Create Back Links

Because of the millions of online businesses out there, it might be difficult to standout with plain marketing tactics alone. Perhaps that is where article marketing plays a great advantage. With article marketing, you not only gain exposure, you raise the credibility of your product or service tenfold. Apart from this, your company or your brand will create a mark of goodwill with active and potential customers.

Articles that are used for marketing are quite viable instruments for adding in URL backlinks. They can easily be heralds of your marketing efforts offsite in order to create more activity onsite. Its longevity depends on its quality and on its functionality. The better the article, the more it will garner repeat visitors instead of just plain transients.

For those who are unfamiliar with how a backlink works, hereís the simple process. The article is placed on an article directory. The backlink is placed somewhere in the article. Most place it on the resource area while others imbed it somewhere in the article body. This depends on whether the article directory actually allows such imbedding to take place. Others donít. If interested, the potential customer clicks on the backlink. The backlink leads back to your site, preferably one which is used as an official website.

The popularity of the article directory is very important for your backlinks to work. First-rate article directories are usually the first to appear in search engines which means they gain more exposure. Check the page rank of the article directory chosen and see how they fare when you may either create plenty of content and submit it to multiple directories or you can just focus on one major directory that is quite sure to garner plenty of traffic. Whichever strategy you choose, just be sure to check and proofread all submission. Similarly, you may create your own backlinks which leads back to your articles. This will help give it the proper traffic that it needs. You may place a link in other sources such as in your official newsletter, in blogs or even in social networks.

Again and again, one should be reminded to place good-quality articles in the article directories. The significance of your backlink depends on the significance of the articleís content to other people. If the content is boring or useless, chances are they wonít even bother clicking back to your website.

Devote a certain part of your time to making the content as functional as it should be when youíre the reader. If you donít have the time to do this, contact middlemen sites which are excellent sources of talent. Content Writers of all types can be contacted in order to provide significant write-ups at a relatively short amount of time. Both quality and quantity matter when it comes to article marketing. The more updated articles you have in article directories, the more backlinks are floating around that can lead back toy our site. Donít be afraid to submit more and more articles. After all, this is free promotion.

Article Marketing Through RSS Feeds

Article marketing is inarguably one of the most effective forms of marketing for the Web today. Why? Simply because a good part of the Web is text, and this tends to be easily infiltrated by the relevance and functionality of articles no matter what category or industry itís in. An article can help promote itself. Similarly, an article can also help promote another article. This is quite an easy chain to understand as text can become promotional products in themselves.

Promoting an article has many purposes. It may be used to increase the page rank in several search engines or it can simply be used to increase exposure no matter what the quantity is. An RSS is a great way to promote articles.

Understanding RSS

An RSS stands for ĎReally Simple Syndicationí and it can easily be found by clicking on an authorís profile page in the website. Clicking on the authorís name will direct the reader to the authorís page. The link comes in many forms. Sometimes you have to click on the ĎSubscribe to this authorí link or sometimes they come in an icon.

An RSS is functional and effective in the sense that it can compel readers to further subscribe to what the author has to say. Generating an RSS is uncomplicated and is one of the easiest ways to generate leads and build loyal customers instead of just transient one-time visitors. An RSS notifies the reader of any changes that have been made to the website he or she has subscribed in. This way, the reader doesnít have to visit the site constantly just to check for updates.

In a way, an RSS acts like mail marketing although it is far more organized. While articles have the tendency to be read as Spam in most mailing sites, an RSS easily handles it through RSS aggregators. The RSS organizes the content of all the websites youíre interested in. And after which, a title and a short description is placed. If the reader finds the content interesting, he can easily click on a link connected to the feed.

The Importance of Updates

Like blogs or mail marketing, an RSS feed has to be constantly updated in order for it to generate traffic. Readers tend to get easily bored with a site or with an author that takes too long to update. Hence, an RSS feed should be constantly fresh and significant to the reader. The more clicks an RSS feed generates, the more traffic it gives to the website affiliated.

Starting an RSS Feed

There are several RSS submission sites that can be tapped into so that the author can have his own RSS feed. Always be sure that the content placed is unique and is relevant to the articles connected to it. There are several automation tools that one can take advantage of so that RSS feeds can easily be organized although it is still best to go manual so that you as author will have full control of when to submit content.

The Difference Between Article Marketing & Article Writing

There has been a constant mix-up of these terms thatís been interchangeably used online. But for those who are greatly affected by both terms, you should realize that there is a very vast difference between article marketing and article writing.

Article Marketing, like most forms of marketing, has one goal. That overall goal is to sell a product or service. At times, they use certain forms of promotions to sell the product. In the case of article marketing, articles are being used in order to directly or indirectly sell the product or service. Article marketing has many sub goals. It can be used to increase an official websiteís visibility. Other times, it may be used to increase traffic. Still, at other times it may be used to give the necessary credibility to an author or product online.

Article marketing is a unique and efficient form of backlinking. By providing relevant content along with a backlink to a website, articles can easily presell the product or service for the author even before actual contact with the product.

Unlike article writing which focuses on the longevity of the content alone, injecting with it creative styles and fashions, article marketing is used as a strategy to make the name of a product or service more visible on a certain medium. Most times, the preferred medium is the internet. It can use such strategies such as keyword density, trending or providing a relevant call to action in its resource box in order to compel the reader to buy a product.

Article Writing is usually focused on content alone. And at times the popularity of the author increases the popularity of the content. In article marketing, the process is reversed. It is the article that increases the popularity of the author. At times, it makes use of article directories that collects several articles from several authors and marketers all over the Web.

Because the medium is quite fast paced unlike in the more traditional magazines or newspapers, it follows that article marketing has its own characteristics as well. With web articles, the author isnít allowed to garble. There is no need for long introductions unlike when youíre building up content for a book or magazine. Web articles have to be to the point and should be broken in easily readable texts.

Most times, a web article has a call to action. Most times too, a web article leads the reader to a website which is a continuation of the content of the article.

Overall, article marketing is used by businessmen, entrepreneurs and web-savvy individuals for promotion. Whether it makes use of the dynamics of creative writing, magazine writing and other forms of article writing, the bottom-line is that article marketing overall aim is to sell a product or service. Of course, with cutthroat competition on the Web today, it helps if the article is compelling and only subtly places promotional content. Anything too blatant tends to veer off most customers as this is considered a form of hardselling.  Should it provide informative, helpful and award-winning content along the way is really just a bonus to its overall goal to Sell.

The Importance Of A Compelling Author's Resource Box

First off, what is a resource box? Because of the myriad of marketing terms out there, a resource box is not the most common term available to laymen, although it is one of the most significant areas in article marketing.

A resource box is the small box (this may not necessarily be a physical boxed layout) found at the bottom of the article that contains descriptions about the author and the company which he is affiliated with. A basic resource box contains the following:

ē The name of the author
ē A brief part about the authorís credentials
ē A brief part about the authorís website or company website
ē Significant links to the authorís website or company website

One of the main goals of article marketing is to mark the company or the author as an expert in the category or industry. Perhaps that is why the authorís resource box is one of the most important parts of the article. The goal of the article is considered useless if it doesnít compel the reader to further find out about the company, the author or even as a short term goal, the link which it is connected to.

An authorís resource box is also the area where authors can provide a call of action related to the article. Since most do not choose to place it in the body of the article primarily because most article directories do not allow it, the resource box is the only part that you can entice the reader to an action youíd want to be generated with regards to the article.

An authorís resource box needs to be as enticing as possible in order for readers to further continue to the website affiliated. Like the rest of the article, the descriptions found in the resource box must also be keyword-rich. Keyword-rich means significant words related to the category or industry in mind is placed in the content. An authorís box needs to be short but effective so be sure to choose which keywords to place that can instantly create a buzz with readers.

As short and brief is essential, do not fully load the resource box with all of your achievements. About 1 to 3 sentences is enough for you to place the unique selling proposition. In the same way, it is also not recommended for an author to place in all the websites he handles. Choose one main website that is relevant and updated, and build promotions from there. A lot of authors make the mistake of placing a website that isnít related to the article. So, be sure that the website placed is a relevant continuation of what they read in the connected article. Otherwise, donít place the URL there.
Typically, the rule of thumb is that the resource box should only be 15% of your overall article. Too much content about the company tends to backfire on the company. Instead of portraying a positive image, readers tend to skip the content altogether.

Lastly, make the call to action interesting. You may entice them with free reports, a free ebook or a monthly subscription. Whatever the case, make sure that the relevance and functionality of the offer is at par with the article theyíve read.

Taking Full Advantage Of Article Directories

Because itís such a cutthroat competition out there, most especially in the online scene, itís no wonder that plenty of people have resorted to expensive marketing strategies just to keep up with the rest. Unfortunately, very few elements in the online world are truly measurable in terms of sales. That is why most marketers just tend to measure visibility and exposure, which to many, are as just as good as sales. If youíre visible online, then it follows you have greater chances of increasing physical sales.

Even if the online world is highly visual, most of those found online are still in text form. Information is being published constantly online, and this insight can carefully be taken advantage of by most article marketers who come up with relevant information that can uplift the reputation of companies and increase its visibility at the same time. Search engines today look for keyword-rich text. This is not to say that marketers should resort to keyword stuffing just to get ahead. On the contrary, article marketers should be very careful in using keywords in the sense that they should only improve rankings and not brand the company as one that uses a marketing ploy to get ahead.

Publishing on Article Directories

Nowadays, apart from using the official website to inform consumers, article directories are constantly being used in order to publish information. Article directories are great tools offsite that can lead traffic onsite. Backlinks are allowed in article directories. But there are some article directories that can get higher page ranks than the rest, in which case, the value of your backlinks depends on the value of the article directory you joined. Article directories are websites that allow marketers to post articles for free.

Depending on the strategy, you can either play based on quantity or based on the quality of articles. You can post to as many article directories as you want using spun articles which do not rank as high as original good-quality articles. Or you can post to selected article directories, focusing only on a series of good-quality articles. However you choose to play it, always remember that your articles have the potential to stay afloat for a very long time. Think of long-term strategy and the reputation you might gain from using such a strategy.

Each article directory has a given set of rules when it comes to content and publishing format. Most do not allow keyword stuffing or blatant sales promotion in the articles published. Article directories which can garner higher page rankings such as Ezine or ArticleBase usually also have stricter rules when it comes to article standards. Be sure to provide interesting information in the resource box as this is the part that will lead to your official website.

Follow Rules Carefully

Prior to submission, be sure you follow guidelines strictly if you donít want article directories to ban your account. Count the number of links in your articles and make sure they adhere to the number in the guidelines. You may resort to using spun articles however this will not rank as high as original articles with relevant content.

If you donít have the time to make the articles yourself, then search online for content writers who can help you with your content. It would be ideal to have the same content writer do sets of articles for you so that the voice is consistent throughout.

Generating Maximum Exposure

When youíve decided to use article marketing tactics, chances are youíve already figured out there are some sites that are easier to publish into than others. Fortunately or unfortunately, these are also the same sites that can help attain higher page rankings and exposure, and publishing with them is a must if you want to gain more foot in the online world.

Most article directories like Ezine or ArticleBase have strict guidelines because they need to. If not, most of the content online wouldíve been exploited for blatant sales promotion online without regard for the relevance of its content. Here are a few tips prior and during submission, so that youíre sure to generate more clicks onsite:

Donít Overdo It

While it may be tempting to stuff you article with keywords, it is recommended that you only use a 2 to 3% keyword density. Otherwise, your article might get rejected by reputable article directories. In the same manner, one should not too many links in the article. Each article directory will have their own guidelines as to how many number of links is allowed in a single article. Be sure to follow the guidelines and veer away from such blatant marketing ploys.

Provide a Summary of your Articles

Article Summaries are the first thing that the reader will read. Article Summaries are usually used to entice the readers to click further on the full article. 2 to 5 sentences are appropriate enough. Like a good movie trailer though, one should not give everything in the article summary. Just entice the reader with a few key ideas and leave the conclusion hanging, so that they would want to click on your article to read further.

Place a Keyword on the Title

First off, the title must grab the readerís attention. A question is a great way to title articles as it can entice the reader while the whole article provides the solution for the question. Search engines easily pick up keywords in the title, which means your article gets a greater chance of your target market actually reading it.

Study your Target Market Well

Are you sure that your target market is actually reading articles from the article directory you constantly submit on? The most popular article directories are not necessarily the ones that reach your target market as well. A less popular article directory is more preferably if itís the one that can reach your targeted market. Research on which article directories your target prefers. Make a list and find out the top 5 preferred article directories. From there, you can make a decision as to which ones to actually submit on.

Market your Articles as Well

Youíve probably already heard of placing backlinks in the articles, but how about using backlinks to market your articles? Placing the link of your article in your email, in your social networks or in blogs are a great way to ensure that readers are actually aware of your article. Articles pre-sell the product or service for you and tag your company as an expert in the category, so be sure to make your potential consumers read them.

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