Author Topic: Is Article Writing Dead? (Part I - An Overview)  (Read 7085 times)


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Is Article Writing Dead? (Part I - An Overview)
« on: January 21, 2010, 04:59:00 PM »
Well is it? After all we've left our time at school far behind us (further for some over others!) so why do we now have to write essays again?

If you're a marketer you'll know only too well how much writing is involved in the creation of your own online business. From writing posts and pages; filling in a Squidoo lens to creating an eBook; the art of readable writing never really dies for us.

In this series of posts I want to touch on the various parts of your online writing. I intend to break them down into 6 or 7 posts under the following headings:

The above list has links to the actual article next to them so please do click through to the article that interests you the most and of course, if you have anything to add please don't hesitate to put your comments below as I'm not a published author or an 'expert' (yet  ;D) but I just love to write!

These won't be extensively researched articles but something more along the lines of a skeleton that you can add to or subtract from according to your article aims.

Enjoy and I hope you find something here that helps you in the long term.