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Is Article Writing Dead (Part III - The Title)
« on: January 21, 2010, 06:32:26 PM »
In Everyone's opinion the title is THE most important part of your article.
It is the one chance you have to grab your prospect and raise their interest level far enough to get them to read the rest of your article.
Most online writers will tell you that this is the part of their writing that they spend the most time on; writing and discarding effort after effort because they know that a good title will automatically 'force' the reader to, at least, skim read the text.

There seem to be 10 different ways to write an attention grabbing headline. Let's take, as an example, the working title of: The Future Of Ebooks. (a nice attention grabber if you ask me?!)
  • Style 1: Descriptive: "The Ebook Of The Future" (almost as boring as the example)
  • Style 2: Rhyming: "Ebook? Can't Hook? Grab A Look!"
  • Style 3: Alliterative: "The Excellent ebook ecourse - The Future of ebooks"
  • Style 4: Challenge: "Do You How You'll Be Writing Your Next Info Product?"
  • Style 5: The Factual Statement: "Ebook Writing - Where We're Going From Now"
  • Style 6: Shock: "Your Next Ebook Could Be Phoned In!"
  • Style 7: Dramatic "Trapped In The Past -- Still Typing My Ebook?"
  • Style 8: Stats & Figures "Authors Agree -- 90 Percent Of Ebooks Are Dreadful!"
  • Style 9: Emotional Appeal "How Can You Be Expected To Type Without A Keyboard?"
  • Style 10: Witty "Keyboard Pecking -- Is There A Cure?"

The good thing about creating the title is that you don't have to do it right from the get go. In fact, if you leave the title until you've completed the article you might find it easier to come up with that all important catchy selection. Look through your pre-writings and see if something comes up.

The rest of the articles will be done tomorrow.

Remember to leave any additional info below.

Cheers for now