Author Topic: Is Article Writing Dead (Part V - The Article Body)  (Read 4721 times)


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Is Article Writing Dead (Part V - The Article Body)
« on: January 22, 2010, 03:46:28 PM »
To satisfy most article directories; your piece of writing should be around 400 words in length. This gives you enough words to be able to get your point across.
Now, the opening paragraph and the conclusion should account for around 5-10% of the word total i.e. around 20 words each. Thus you have 360 words for the 'body' of the article.
If you hunt around on the net you'll find that the classic articles have around four subheadings. These subheadings perform two tasks:

1) They allow readers to skim the article to find info they are interested in


2) They break up the text into manageable chunks to read.

These four subheadings means you have to get your point across in around 80 words. You are going to have to revisit your pre-writing exercises to find out the information that will go under those subheadings.
You could also employ the pre-writing strategies for each subheading just so you know what you're going to say with your 80 words. Chunk it out, freewrite it or combine them both for a diagrammatic sensation!

It is a good idea to combine information sources within your article body as this lends an air of authority to the subject matter and shows the reader you know your subject inside and out.