Author Topic: Is Article Writing Dead (Part VI - The Conclusion)  (Read 4872 times)


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Is Article Writing Dead (Part VI - The Conclusion)
« on: January 22, 2010, 04:11:56 PM »
We're almost there with these eight articles and we've come to about the third most important part of your article; the end.

To use a fishing analogy your headline has caught your reader's attention, the lead has hooked them, the article body has pulled them into the boat; all you need to do now is smack them sharply on the head and you have a delicious article ready for publication.

Again there are a selection of endings to use as below:
  • Ending 1: Full Circle. This conclusion style answers the questions that your lead asked thus wrapping everything up neatly.
  • Ending 2: Summary. Tell 'em what they're getting, tell 'em, tell 'em what they got - can't beat it really!
  • Ending 3: Quotes: You may have found an excellent quote during your research that wraps up the whole business better than you could. Good end quotes can be some of the best ways to end an article or report.
  • Ending 4: Finish it. Don't leave the reader hanging - this isn't an afternoon soap!
  • Ending 5: Direct Ending. Reinforce the main point of your article by considering the last paragraph as a mini editorial on the article body and its meaning.
  • Ending 6: Advisory. As it says, this is your chance to give your reader a bit of direction, advice or an insight for them to leave with.

No matter what type of ending you use it is worth remembering that people often remember both the first and the last thing they read (or are told) so ensure that your lead and your conclusion are strong and meaningful.