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Re: Marketing With Articles
« Reply #15 on: June 21, 2011, 02:35:23 PM »
Hey, all. Great ideas and tips about Article Marketing...

It really seems to be one of the best/cheapest ways to drive traffic, although it does take a lot of time.

I'm in the midst of starting a campaign as we speak. I want to get as much mileage from my efforts as possible.

So I've written a post for my blog, rewritten it slightly for eZine, will redo again for other submissions

 ( I plan to target sites like Info Barrel where you can use Adsense on your page and easily get your article "Featured" for super traffic),

 and finally reformat the content and do a screen capture video for my You Tube channel... All linked and driving back to products on my blog.

With a little extra work that 1 article will really be working overtime.

Hey Grumps
Why not make it really work for you?
1) Add the content to linked back to your blog
2) Record yourself reading the article then send that out as a podcast linked back to your blog
3) Reformat article and use it to create Squidoo web pages and Hub pages again with back links
4) Take the sound track to your Youtube submission and release that as a tutorial
5) Take the Youtube video and release it as a mobile-ready mp4

As you've shown article marketing doesn't just have to be about submitting to article directories.

Good job and I hope your campaign is successful

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Re: Marketing With Articles
« Reply #16 on: July 07, 2013, 03:59:38 AM »
Wow, wonderful topic. One of the most popular marketing strategies for business is Article Marketing.  I love your all words specially "How can article writing boost traffic and income?"
I'm interested to read your next post regarding article marketing and hope you will write soon Mark :)

Thank you very much for this excellent share.

Kashfiya !!! :cool: