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How To Profit With Follow-Up Messages
« on: July 13, 2009, 02:08:12 PM »
How To Profit With Follow-Up Messages

After you send out the first email in an autoresponder series, it's very important to followup a day or two later. People may have skipped over it the first time, sometimes people need to see an ad a couple of times before they click or buy or the first e-mail subject line never grabbed their attention. Nowadays internet software and email filters can block you email messages from even getting to your optin subscribers. Here's several good reasons to followup with your list subscribers. Just make sure to be honest when you use these followup strategies.

#1 Price Increase

Warn your prospects that your product is about to go up in price. With this slow economy people are very price conscious. If they have any interest in your product they will want to buy it for the lowest price possible.

#2 Easy Payments

Inform your prospects that you have added an easy payment plan. If your product is very expensive, people may be hesitant to dish out all that money at once. A payment plan will be easier for them to budget in the cost over a certain period of time.

#3 Server Down

Notify your prospects that your server went down briefly with all the traffic you received. People will assume that with all that traffic your product must be good. And they will understand why they had trouble visiting your web site the first time.

#4 E-mail Filtered

Tell your prospects that your first e-mail may have been filtered. You can say you forgot to spam filter check it or you noticed from your e-mail stats that many of the e-mails did not get delivered. Either way people understand that e-mail isn't as reliable as it used to be.

#5 Price Decrease

Advise your prospects that you actually lowered the price of your product. I guess the only reason you may want to do this is because it's not selling well at the current price. You can say you mistakenly over priced it or blame it on the economy.

#6 Bonuses Added

Alert your prospects that you have added new bonus products to your offer. It could be bonus products that you added or some of your joint venture partners donated. People that didn't want to buy before may change their mind because of the extra value.

#7 List Problems

Brief your prospects about the problems you had with your list server or auto-responder service.. Because of the problems you're not really sure if the first e-mail you sent out made it ok. People understand the technical problems that can arise with the Internet.

#8 Sale Ending

Forewarn your prospects that your sale will be ending very soon. It will create urgency because they may not have another chance to purchase your product in the future. The closer your follow-up message is to the deadline the more effective it will be.

#9 Quantity Warning

Educate your prospects that you don't have very many copies of your product left before they sell out. The fewer amount of products you have left the faster they will decided to buy. People who want your product don't want you to run out before they buy.

#10 Holiday E-mail

Enlighten your prospects that they may have missed your first e-mail because of the busy holidays. People usually ignore, skip over or delete a lot of e-mails during the holiday time because they are busy, have less time and are spending more time with their friends and family.

#11 Answer Questions

Inform your prospects that they may not have understood your product or offer. You can say you have a lot of e-mail questions about the product so you decided to answer the most popular questions in your follow-up e-mail.

#12 Affiliate Bonuses

Notify your prospects about all the bonuses your top affiliates are giving away if they order through their links. Your list members that didn't buy before may buy from your joint venture affiliates because they are offering a lot of affiliate bonuses.

#13 Bad Link

Tell your prospects that some people had trouble clicking through to the first link you sent. It could be you had a typo in the url, the redirect link was broken, the shortening link service wasn't working good or you copied and pasted the wrong link.

#14 Affiliates Welcome

Advise your prospects that you are now adding an affiliate program with your product. It could be that many people were asking you about promoting it. You may get orders from people that are really just interested in promoting your product for commissions.

#15 Free Samples

Tell your prospects that you have added a sample of the product on your ad. Sometimes it takes a taste of your product to give people a craving to purchase it. Plus, people like free things and if anyone asks you for a sample, its likely there are others that want one too.

#16 Offer Adding

Educate your prospects that you have added something new to the offer or sales letter. It could be new graphics, pics of the people who submitted testimonials, a better guarantee, extra examples, a pic of yourself, video or audio information, extra bonuses, etc.

#17 Free Trial

Alert your prospects that you have added a free or low cost trial option to your product. People really jump on free and low cost trials because they won't be risking very much, if anything to try out your product. This will convert the people that wasn't sure before.

#18 Bonuses Left

Warn your prospects that there aren't many bonuses left for your product. One of the  biggest reasons people buy is all the bonuses they can get for risking their money. If they are teetering on their decision they will lean towards buying because of the fear of loss.

#19 Limited Deluxe

Forewarn your prospects that there aren't very many deluxe versions of your product left. If you are offering different prices and package levels of your product this will work good. Usually people will pay a few extra bucks to get the best one you offer.

#20 E-mail Testimonials

Show your prospects some of the e-mail testimonials you've been getting since your last e-mail. People will read the glowing endorsements and think 'wow, I could be in their place if I would have decided to purchase the first time'.

#21 Ad Extension

Let your prospects know that you have added some extra days or quantities of your product to the sale. Maybe it's that you couldn't believe how fast it's selling out and you want to give everyone a second chance to get the product.

#22 E-mail Saturation

Inform your prospects that they may have missed your last e-mail because they were getting drowned with so many other launch e-mails at the time. As you may know the bigger businesses or marketers have an army of affiliates to bombard people with e-mail ads.

#23 Sale Results

Show your prospects the results of the sale so far since your last e-mail. It could be the number of people that visited your web site, the conversation rates, how many products you have sold, etc. Meaning you could say the product is smoking or on fire.

#24 Affiliate Income

Update your prospects on how much money some of your affiliates are making selling it. If your affiliates are racking up big commissions people will know your product must kick butt and they may be interested in joining the affiliate program.

#25 Forget Something

Advise your prospects of something you forgot to mention in your last e-mail. Usually you want to remind them of a great part in your offer, a major benefit of your product, or something good that happens after they purchase.

#26 Quick Results

Educate your prospects about some of the quick results people have been getting from your product since you first started your sale. People like to get their benefits fast. If other people can convince them, then they will end up buying fast.

#27 Big Mistake

Warn your prospects about a mistake you made on the sales letter or last e-mail. It could be a misspelling, bad grammar, how you explained something, how something is confusing some people, etc.. If people don't understand your offer they won't buy.

#28 Payment Options

Notify your prospects that you have added different payment options to the order page. Sometimes people like to pay with different methods and third party merchants. If people don't like the the payment methods it may stop them from ordering.

#29 High Conversion

Show your prospects some new high converting tools you just added to the affiliate program for your product. It could be a new high converting e-mail that one of your affiliates used, banners that are getting tons of hits, etc.

#30 Real Busy

Brief your prospects on how busy you have been since you launched your product. It could be that you're not getting any sleep or not having time to eat or go to the bathroom with all the sales and customer support e-mails you are getting.

Grabbing your prospects attention with just one e-mail can be a large challenge for any online business. I hope that these e-mail follow up marketing strategies will get you started on the right path as a successful e-mail marketer. But don't just rely on these reasons, they aren't the only follow up strategies that will persuade people to open your e-mails, click on your links and order your products. Try to think of a few good ones on your own.

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Re: How To Profit With Follow-Up Messages
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30 Ways To Profit With Follow-Up Messages

How does that look as an Headline for an PPC ad?

Just curious. :::ww