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Skyrocket Your Online Income With Backend Sales
« on: October 02, 2008, 03:32:56 PM »
Skyrocket Your Online Income With Backend Sales

No matter what type of business you are in, or whether you market your products online or offline, the backend offers are the ones which determine whether you are going to make marginal or staggering profits.

Many business owners seldom realize how important reselling their existing customers is. They solely focus on acquiring as many new customers as possible. They fail to understand how revolutionary the backend marketing concept is.

We must keep in mind that a ‘backend’ is different from an ‘upsell’, and not confuse the two.

The products or services you provide your customers with after the initial sale are referred to as ‘backend’. These products and services can be your own as well as of others, which you will be reselling. Usually initial sales are followed by backend offers after a certain time lapse.

On the other hand, the additional products and services that are offered to customers while selling something and before the sale has been completed is known as ‘upsell’.

Why Is The Money In The Backend?

The reasons why applying the backend concept in your business can ensure unlimited profit are as follows:

There will be no customer acquisition cost, as you will be selling to customers you have already acquired.

You can cash in upon your goodwill. If you have properly established a firm relationship of trust between you and your customer, as general statistics show, about 35% of your customers will purchase from you again.

For example: Suppose you sell information products.

Assume that the selling price of your initial product (frontend) is $97, while its original cost price is $30. You run an advertisement for $600, which got you ten customers.

Your gross profit will thus be $670 ($97 X 10 customers) - ($30 X 10 customers), while your net profit will be $70 ($670 gross profit - $600 ad costs) for 10 customers.

Without having applied the ‘backend’ concept, your net profit would only have been $70 for 10 customers. However, if you offer these 10 customers with the backend product or service, which gets sold for $250 a few days later, and 30% of these customers avail it, you will make another $750($250 X 3 customers). Overall, you will make a profit of $820.

This is an example of how powerful the ‘backend’ concept can prove to be. Even if you do not make profit from your initial sale, you can make it up from your ‘backend’ sale.

The backend concept can really help you to raise your profit margin by several notches. Keep supplying your existing customers with additional product offers, as money really lies in backend sale.

The Importance of a Backend Strategy

When you start peddling information products on the Net for profit, you’re likely to think that you need to create many and varied items for the various different niches. But you’ll find that you need to take an approach that is going to leverage your lists of products when anyone buys any of those products.

Say you’re selling to other Internet traders. Suppose your product deals with ‘finding the right niche’. Next, you need to develop a backend product which is related to your front-end product, be it an accompaniment or complementary.

Then, when this second product is ready, announce it to your list of existing customers, who have already brought your first product. If they liked it, they’re very likely to purchase the new product, which is likely to suit their needs as well.

In fact, the saying, “there’s gold in the list” is often used to refer to the many marketers who have built vast fortunes and created multi-million dollar empires by selling, not similar things to different customers, but different things to the same clientele.

You need to do several things:

Firstly, you need to keep every customer for life. Even if a $0.05 click-through can procure you a paying customer, it’s more desirable, evidently, to make a $10.000 profit off him/her over the years rather than a one-time $47 profit.

You should also create an efficient backend strategy for your information products which is tailored to your customers’ needs. Pick their brains without letting them know that it is simply for product-creating.

This should actually be rather easy. People like being asked for their opinion—creating a poll or questionnaire and mailing it to your list should garner you a lot of information about what your customers want.

And while your follow-up products are being created, continue supplying questions and/or useful information to your clientele, so they don’t feel used.

You needn’t constantly send them sales-pitches. Once their names are added to your list, start sending them some bits of helpful information that they can access for free. Once they’ve begun to somewhat trust you, and you’ve proven that you’re working in their best interest, they’ll not mind buying from you again and again.

If you’ve gained the trust of your clientele, they’ll help you profit over the years. You merely need to discover what they want and over-deliver with the products you create for them.

Taking the Advantage of Backend Selling

It’s odd that many companies don’t focus on building a database and taking advantage of backend sales.

There are, of course, countless examples of the value of building databases: Google, for instance, bought Youtube for $1.6 billion. It is extremely important to maintain and update your database to let your clients be aware of what special promotions you are offering and to keep them forever aware of the existence of your business. Having a good relationship with a large clientele is one of the biggest assets of any business in these consumer-oriented times.

Besides, though most companies focus on front-end sales, the backend is where the most money is to be made. Your database means you can constantly market new products to your clients, allowing them to effortlessly upgrade, and expand your business further.

Backend sales are all about adding value to your clients’ purchases and persuading them that their main, front-end purchase would be much improved if supplemented by a number of backend purchases. If you market your backend good well enough, you can make a large profit even while seemingly offering the front-end product at a much cheaper price than other businesses.

For instance, let’s suppose company A purchases Toyota Camrys at $18,399 and sells them at $17,999. Company A thus loses $400 on the front-end sale. Meanwhile, other companies, which also obtain the cars at the price company A does, sell them at, say, $18,999. These companies thus technically make a profit of $600.

As people are more likely to purchase cars from company A, the others may justifiably complain that they are losing customers, and wonder whether the owners of company A were procuring cars at a lesser price.

Of course, company A, not being a charitable concern, is in fact making a profit. What company A is doing is concentrating on backend sales. Numerous extras, which would normally cost, say, $3,000 dollars are being offered with the car, for an extra price of, say, $1,400.

 In this way, company makes a profit of $1,000, instead of suffering an apparent loss of $400. In addition, they can offer special discounts on finance, say 4% instead of 6%. This enables company A to build up a loyal clientele and ensure that the customers poached from other car dealerships would not be poached back by them.

You, too, can utilize backend sales and databases to make large profits.

Getting Started with Your Backend Strategy

A back end product is what you sell your after you've sold your main product.

Building a business requires acquiring new customers. However, that is expensive since marketing costs have to be raised to attract new buyers. According to a research by Fortune magazine it's easier to sell a product to an old customer than to a new one since buyers are always apprehensive in their first purchase.

An old customer trusts you and this enables him to buy other products from you. A foundation is created on whose basis you can introduce new products to the customer. This enhances their Customer Life Value and brings greater returns on your marketing investments.

While determining your back end product, remember to keep it compatible with your main product. If you select an inconsistent product the customers will feel that you lack expertise and this can damage the customer's confidence in your main product also.

If you are undecided then you can always ask your customers' opinion regarding different products. Your customers will appreciate the gesture and your survey will bring you valuable information.

Conducting Surveys

If you possess a customer list then it is practical to conduct the survey by mail or phone. Prepare a simple survey questionnaire and mail it to your customers in self addressed envelopes. If you don't have the required customer list then get your sales clerk to conduct the survey in person with each sale. However, a one-to-one survey might not be preferable to every customer.

Another way of determining your backend product is to check what your competitor is selling. If you have the same target customers then their product will work for you too.

It's easier to acquire the rights to sell someone else's product than to start from scratch. You can acquire fully developed products at bargain price from a company going out of business. So, keep a check on local newspapers for bankruptcy listings.

Why Do You Need a Backend Marketing Strategy in Your Business?

You have tried every trick in the book but your ecommerce website is not being as successful as you expected it to be. This might be because you have neglected a whole area of business—backend sales. In today's cut-throat business world, it is important to cash in on backend sales, lest your competition overtake you.

Here are a few reasons why backend sales are so important.

First and foremost, it is far easier to sell a product to an old customer than to convince a new customer. According to marketing estimates, your chances of success are eight times higher when you sell to old customers.

This is primarily because these people have used your products before and know how good it is. They are able to see you as a reliable products and service provider whose products embody some value and usability.

So, to succeed in business, you must care for your old customers. While marketing a new product, it is best to start with these older customers as they are not only more likely to buy your product, but will also be more forthcoming about their complaints and comment about it because they are familiar with your brand, know what it stands for and what expectations to have of it.

Also, giving your older customers some preference helps build trust and opens up lines of communication that you never had access to before. Through this, you are in fact showing your older patrons that you are privileging them, which is bound to rebound on your business in a positive manner.

Offering big rebates to your customers on backend products is also known to be an extremely successful ploy that is often used by internet marketing gurus around the world. These discounts give your brand a chance to re-connect with your customers. It also helps revive inactive customers, which is a lot more important than it sounds.

You need to understand early in business the opportunities an inactive customer offers you. These customers, while they might not be buying anything right now, have in fact bought and used and appreciated your product before, and are in fact only a phone call or an email away from resuming their business relationship with you.

If these are not big enough reasons to get you to understand the importance and worth of successful backend marketing, then nothing ever will. Continuity and a fostering of long-term business relationships is an integral part of a successful business venture.

Your business cannot start and end with just one product. You need to keep providing your customers with new solutions and added benefits to keep your business booming.

Backend Marketing Method

When your business is in need of some kind of a push, you mostly resort to the old method of broadening your clientele. This is not an easy task, and more often than not, you cannot tide over your dipping sales. An easy and innovative answer to your problem is the method of backend marketing. This is the trick that most salesmen have mastered, and it involves nothing but a bit of persuasion to make another sale to a customer who has purchased your product.

This is relatively easy for a salesman because once the client has purchased your product he has shown that he believes in your product and has thus invested his money. This also shows that they trust your services and won’t be averse to buying something recommended by you. You do not have to spend time building up their trust in you by proving that your company has excellent credentials.

You could work out this backend marketing strategy by suggesting a product that aids in the performance of the product your customer has already purchased from you. The key to a higher profit is to recommend a product that has better performance than the one just bought, and hence more expensive.

If you have recently kept an eye on, you must have noticed that a statistical account of the products purchased by each customer is maintained.

Suppose you decide to buy a book through, they will display a list of customers who have bought some other book-perhaps indirectly related to the one you chose- while buying the one you are going to purchase for yourself. They suggest you to check out this related book. You might even like the suggestion and go for both the books, even though you set out to buy just one.

Similarly, if you follow this simple yet effective marketing strategy, you could effortlessly bring in the profit you require and make your customers feel that their needs are being efficiently met with. Meanwhile your clientele-base gets strengthened.

You could offer to knock off a small percentage of the sales price in a bid to sell your expensive product. The customers feel that they are making a good bargain and they buy it!

Simply put, this tactic entails nothing more than first selling a reliable product to your client and then suggesting something more expensive yet useful to aid the aforementioned product.

Promoting Back End Products for Increased Sales

A clear concept of what is a back end product and its relation to business is a must before its promotion. The good that is related to the main item a customer has purchased is a back end product. A secondary sale is simpler than the initial sale because the customer already relies on the merchant.

If a seller/ merchant does not use back end sale tactic he loses out on vital profits. This write-up deals with the methods of endorsing the sale of back end goods.

A sentence written on the “thank you” part of the website is the best place to endorse back end sale. A line written mentioning the back end item along with the purchase of the actual product and adding a discount attracts the client. 

An innovative concept for new customers would be to give them a gift item along with their purchased products. One must use these texts for back end endorsements as well.

A free accessible section of the website is the ideal place for back end endorsement through rebates and discounts. Regular customers can be rewarded by special packages for the back end goods. New products should be promoted through an offer that allows loyal customers to buy them with a discount before they are available to all.

An e-mailed thank you that further promotes these back end products should be dispatched to consumers. This thank you is necessary business etiquette.

The website should always have option of user up dates for various listings like product up date, new items, bulletins and special offers. When the customer knows that they can withdraw their subscription when they want to they tend to sign up more easily. So this place can be another platform for back end promotion to regular clients.

A bulletin for customers must include back end goods as well as latest up dates of the website. The data always has to be innovative and novel. This keeps the customer interested in the website.

Merchandisers of electronic items especially of the downloadable sort must have links to other related electronic items and back end goods for higher revenue.

All kind of businesses can use these tactics for supplementing profits. The undertakings that don’t use these tactics are losing out on vital profits.

Backend Products- Your Key to Long Term Wealth in Internet Marketing

The average marketer tries to hit it big with just one product. However, the rich internet marketer resorts to backend products by trying to market a line of related products to his already existing customers.
Even if you manage to come up with a ‘miracle’ product which will get you pots of instant money, it will only get you money for a limited time period. You can have a thousand customers, each of whom can buy your product at $50 a piece and get you $50,000. However, that will not get you unlimited profit.

You can keep promoting your miracle product month after month, but it will not ensure any additional income after a certain point.
Consider having everything preplanned and offering your customers with related backend products! Even if a small portion of them take you up on the offer, your bank balance will overflow.
Suppose you are marketing an e-book on how to lose fat for $50. The additional products that you can sell on this account are an online coaching manual for $1500, inspirational music for $30, an instructional fitness video for $30 and there can be many more! One just needs to be creative with their ideas and approach.
You do realize that if you can manage to build a trustworthy relationship with your customers, and even if just 10% of them avails all your additional offers, you will triple your income and instead of a meager $50, you will earn $156,000!
You can also ensure further income by employing the continuity program, which works somewhat like a magazine subscription.
You can either create a site which will require members to pay a monthly fee for accessing the ‘platinum’ section, or a software program which will require them to do the same.
In case of a physical product, replenishments can be offered to customers for a certain price at regular time intervals.
For example, you can keep aiding your customers with a regular supply of regeneration juice, which they are sure to run out of after a certain time. You can charge their cards unless they request to cancel the order.
You do now realize how important it is to get your customers to avail your backend products, which will ensure a constant flow of income. It always helps to have a series of multiple or backend products and marketing them to your existing customers, instead of trying to market just the initial one time product.

Choosing the Products for a Successful Backend Sale

Successful businessmen with their own product, who have made a mark in the commercial field, often say that a huge share of the profits is earned from the backend products. Very few remember to apply this strategy while marketing their own products. All it requires is a bit of persuasion and earning a good reputation from your clientele.

Backend products consist of recommended services or products that aid the performance of something already purchased by a customer. For a golfer, suppose, who has recently bought a good set of golf balls, the discounted recommendation of a manual that provides helpful tips for a golf game, is a rather good offer.

He’d more often than not buy the manual, thus earning you revenue. The customer who has purchased from you has already invested his trust and money in your products. Hence, you need not spend a lot of time on establishing your credentials while looking out for a probable sale.

The primary product that you have sold should be of a good and respectable quality. This will encourage your customers to believe in your counsel. Follow up your backend sale as well as the primary sale with proper after-sale services. This establishes your goodwill and your ability to take care of your customer’s needs. Make sure that your backend product is related to the primary product, and if possible give your customer a discount!

Here are a few ways you could go about backend marketing:

Mailers- this consists of sequential messages that are set up on your auto responder. They will begin with the customary thank you letter once the purchase is done. Next, send off a message to your client offering to help out with any initial difficulties. Include the discount coupon of another related product or service that your customer might find useful.

Include the discount offer on the backend product on the primary purchase bill.

Form a special announcement list or bring out newsletters informing your clientele about these products.
If you have been developing a line of your own products, perhaps backend marketing is the easiest way to increase your profits. Follow it up with good after sale services. You could also get into a partnership with a company that can ably provide you with good backend products.

Try selling product related tools or e-books as your associated merchandise. If your primary product provides with 20% of your profit, proper backend marketing can bring in upto 80% of your business profits.

Affiliate Marketing and  Backend Selling

Affiliate marketing program results in a profitable situation for all parties connected. The merchant as well as the affiliate both earn profit. The merchant benefits by spending less on marketing and the affiliate earns commission by referring a visitor to the website of the merchant. This set up runs all the time once it is established.

This situation can be further profitable with back end selling involved. Back end selling is a famed support to affiliate marketing as it increases the revenue earned.

When a second product is sold to an old paying customer, the secondary product is known as the back end product.               
It is easy to sell a back end product because it is complimentary to the previous item. The level of reliance that already exists between the consumer and the merchant or affiliate makes the latter sale much simpler.

Back end sale has increased profits of both online and land bound companies. When the initial sale is satisfactory the consumer naturally returns for other purchases.

Usually with back end selling the aim is to make the customer realize his need for other related products. If the consumer is conscious of these related goods only then will he make the purchase.

Back end sale method has increased the revenue of several companies. So obviously it has led to the expansion of many online ventures. If one makes proper usage it works excellently with affiliates.

Affiliate marketing will draw many fresh consumers and lead to the primary sales, while back end selling will build trustworthiness among the buyers. In other words, back end selling is a key constituent in creating a captivating method in affiliate marketing.

All affiliates should look into the financial promise of back end selling when it's coupled with affiliate marketing program. Both of these can make the affiliate earn an amazing amount of income.

Back end sale complements affiliate program perfectly. Back end sale builds consumer dependability and trust and the affiliate marketing leads to the first sale of a product.

All affiliate marketers may turn to back end sale for increasing their income. These two used together garners a surprising amount of revenue.

Backend Products and Affiliate Programs

If you can successfully master the art of backend marketing, you will be able to combat the drooping sales once and for all. The techniques and methods that are often taught in reference to backend marketing have been underutilized, given the restricted vision of marketing professionals.

Backend marketing is in fact a relatively easy exercise for a salesman because once the client has purchased the product he has shown that he believes in the production company and has thus invested his money.

This also shows that they trust your services and won’t be averse to buying something recommended by you. You do not have to spend time building up their trust in you by proving that your company has excellent credentials.

80% of your net profit can be derived from backend products. Here’s how-

Once you have been trusted by the customer, you could charge more on the backend product without his questioning him. The customer is aware of your services and the quality of the merchandise, and he approves of it. It is your task to persuade the customer that he requires that particular backend product. And the chief prerequisite in such a sale is that the principal product is of a reliable quality.

This is the power of backend marketing that could boost your income within a few days, yet most marketers do not understand the potential of this technique. This is proved by the fact that most affiliate programs pay less than 50% commission on such products.

Say, you put up for sale your manufactured goods for $50 and you offer 50% commission. You have five associates who have made ten sales each.

You earn $1,250 after paying their fee. Consequently you have fifty customers. If five of them end up purchasing your $100 backend product for a profit of $500, your profit will be $1,750.

If you give away 75% as payment or commission to your affiliates, by giving away higher fees, you obtain ten affiliates. For every hundred customers you can make backend profit of $1000.

Even after increasing the associate commissions by twenty five percent, you make more profit. And you tend to gain more affiliates who are content with the higher percentage of commission they obtain. The more customers they direct to your website, the more you profit!

So, you have more subscribers, more affiliates and more customers. This runs like a profit reaping machine!

How to Increase Backend Sales from Your Current Customers

If you are selling a product that is giving you very good profits at the front end, but are making very little or nothing at all from your backend operations, you could actually be letting go of a golden opportunity to make money.

Many smart entrepreneurs out there are actually making a fortune for themselves by catering to the needs of customers for backend products. The top of this list is dominated by information products and some kinds of software applications.

But before we start the discussion, what are backend sales? The frontend sale is the main product you have on offer. Thus, the backend sales are other products that you are able to sell to the customer along with this frontend product.

This is how it works: if a customer has purchased a product on your website and clicks a link to download her product, you can send them thought o another page that makes a 'one-time offer' to the customer before they go ahead to their main download page.

There are, in fact, a number of ways to increase your backend sales so that you make more profit. Backend sales are important and in one sense easier because the customer is already buying a product and is in a purchase-friendly mindset to start with, which makes it easier to sell him anything.

This concept of backend sales will also have a bearing on how you develop your main product. You should develop a product that will encourage higher backend sales. While designing your frontend product you should know that you don't necessarily make only one sale to a customer.

If someone likes your product, they will surely come back. At the same time, just having a backend product does not always mean that it will ring in the sales. The backend product must be related to the frontend you are selling.

One smart thing many e-businessmen have discovered is to offer a small discount on the frontend product if the customer buys one of your backend products along with it. This is tempting to the customer for the savings it will mean, and also the convenience a complete package offers.

Finally, one thing that everyone must do for garnering higher backend profits is to capture the names and email addresses of your customer for follow-up later on. This might sound simple but many people actually neglect it, at their own cost.

So, what you basically need is a little creativity and some initiative to make your backend sales make you more money than you ever thought possible.

Backend Sales and Email Marketing

You may have scored an early deal from your ecommerce website and want to step up your marketing initiatives to drive home the advantage, and expand the base with more new customers.

Now, while it is indeed desirable to keep a lookout for new opportunities to grab customers, you must take care that you don't lose your old customers who have actually expressed faith in you and your product by purchasing it. With email marketing you can secure for yourself backend sales numbers without too much new investment on advertising.

But you may ask, how can one expect email marketing to be effective, given the pervasive antagonism amongst email users towards spam? The answer is simple—what is called opt-in emails in marketing jargon. In this variant of email marketing, the person gives you permission to send you advertising emails.

One simple way to secure this permission for your website is to offer some kind of freebies. Ebooks are known to be popular. But it is advisable that you give something that is related and relevant to your ecommerce website. You could offer one of your cheaper products, which would not only be more appreciated but also a sort of promotion for your brand.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should desist from sending direct product advertisements as many people don't like being advertised to. What you should do is develop interest through interesting write-ups that will give some background information about your product. You should develop an e-newsletter that can be sent to customers.

You must prepare enough material for a 7-day advertising cycle so that you don't let the customer slip away, while at the same time not boring him or her with repeat content. You may also wish to utilize an autoresponder service in case you have a very long mailing list.

Autoresponders, apart from making things more convenient for you, also reduce chances that you will be hauled up for spamming. Paid autoresponders are known to be more effective than the free ones, and also don't require you to carry another company's advertising on your autoresponder as is the case with a free service.

So, the crux of the matter is that in your rush to get more, new customers you should never neglect your old patrons. If you have a useful, reliable product, it is these older customers that will bring you more gains, as they have tested your product and are happy with it.

How to Double Your Sales with Backend Selling and Up Selling

The prime purpose of any business, whether online or concrete, is to make and close a deal or a sale, by taking money for a product or service which we provide, and thereby gaining revenue.

While engaged in online business, you should always try to get newer people to buy from you, so that your customer base builds up.

It is also essential that you keep your existing customer base happy so that they keep returning to you. A returning customer is generally a happy customer and making him return over and over again is termed back end selling.

Along with back end selling, where people who have previously purchased from you or have used your services return to you for a repeat purchase, it is also important to promote up selling.

Up selling occurs when a customer who has returned to you, comes back for not only the earlier products but more that that, thus effectively have a sale value greater than the last time he or she visited. This reflects that the customer is happy with your products and services over and above that of your competitors.

The lions share of your sales and profits are going to come from a section of your customers which is quite small. It is this small group of people that you need to keep happy and therefore returning to your website.

You also need to pitch hard and ensure that people enjoy shopping on your web site and leave wanting more, in order to bring over people from being casual customers into the group of people who are your primary profit drivers. You want these people to come back over and over again and not go elsewhere, so you need to ensure that the old adage of “the customer is always right” is followed to the maximum, and these prime customers are kept happy.

The next step, after ensuring that your customers are returning, is to get them to buy more than what they were planning to buy. When they are finalizing a sale, offer them some other product along with their chosen product at a discounted rate or a product which compliments the one that they have chosen. This is somewhat similar to what happens when you go to a fast food joint and you are asked if you want fries with your burger.

So, basically you should always try to convince your customers to buy more than what they were planning on doing and then watch your profits soar. Yet just because you are up selling doesn’t mean that you should ignore the needs and requirements of your customers.

Up selling is a tool which should be used for the benefit of both you and your customer and never to their disadvantage as if a customer feels that he was coerced into buying something, he might not return the next time. All sales should always be beneficial to both the buyer and the seller ad never o only one side.

Back end selling and up selling are powerful tools at the disposal of any one into sales and you should use these tools to the best possible use that you can.

How to Increase Your Backend Profits Quickly and Effortlessly

If you are selling a product and making profit on the front-end, without any attention to up sells or other forms of backend profits, chances are, you’re missing out on a lot of profit as well.

Fortunes can be made by selling backend products to customers eager to devote time and money to their interests.

Basically, suppose you’ve already sold a product to a customer and then give them a link to a page where they can access it. Now, instead of linking them straight to that page, you can create an up sell that shows the customer a one time offer, which can also be called a backend sell.

So, while a front-end sale is your main product, anything you sell the customer who has already bought it is a backend sale. Increasing the backend sale can greatly increase profit.

When you create a product, realize that you can make more than one sale to the potential customer. Anyone who’s making one online purchase is likely to make two.

Many people go wrong while offering the customer extra products. You have to ensure that the extra you are offering is connected to the front-end product. For example, if you are selling information about generating revenue with free traffic, as your front-end product, then the backend product must also be about generating traffic.

Another thing you can do to increase backend profits is have an extra offer on the download page itself. This way, when the customer visits the page to download his/her purchase, he/she will notice the product. Offers placed on the download page need not be as connected to the front-end product as those placed on an up sell. This lets you advertise any product.

Another method to increase backend profits is to simply request the name and e-mail address of your customer. Having obtained this information, you can mail him/her catalogues, or simply notify them about your products via email. While this sounds obvious, a number of people fail to do it. This is a good method of increasing our backend profits as it helps you build a relationship with your clientele and forge a loyal customer-base.

These are simply a few basic tips to get you started. Once you settle down and think of more ways to increase backend sales, you are likely to find that your profit margin has increased considerably.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that,
but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.”
~ Mark Twain


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