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Re: local website
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Have you made yourself your 'ideal site visitor'?

I'm assuming that, from your content, you're looking for visitors from inside NWI itself rather than out-of-towners.

OK so you're looking for NWIndianians (or are you NWIndians?) with 'young' families?

So the parents are in their high 20s / low 30s with children under 10?

So, what do young families wanna do with their time?

Obviously a huge focus might be entertainment for the kid/s - now that could cover anything from Build-A-Bear workshops at Southlake Mall, Merrillville to building sandcastles at Indiana Dunes.

Naturally cost is going to be very high on the list so you might want to think about splitting your attractions up into price bands.

I'm going to stop here as I'm not really qualified to ask you more questions being neither a dad nor a NWI-er but I'm fairly certain that if you can devise your own 'avatar' or 'ideal site visitor' then you'll have a better idea of what sort of content you want to concentrate on.


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Re: local website
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Hey Paul,

I found an Events plugin that might be close to what you're looking for:


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Re: local website
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I'm curious to hear - how is this project going?

And one brand new question - why wordpress and not some other platform?