Author Topic: A Freebie for you all  (Read 4509 times)

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A Freebie for you all
« on: February 02, 2019, 03:21:02 AM »

I offer a freebie on my website so I thought you guys might like it also.


Hope you like it


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Re: A Freebie for you all
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2019, 09:44:48 AM »
Welcome to the group Janet

As they say, you only have 1 time to make a good first impression.  With that said, I can honestly say I'm not impressed.  Here's why:

From the name of pdf in the link, I knew it was Aurelius's product (both Mark and I are members of his plr site) which is in the gold membership :

Boost Your Website Traffic 
Product Rights: Master Resell Rights   
Added on: 11/13/2018   

Since you didnt alter it, it potentially means one of a couple of things:

1 you aren't a member of Aurelius's Nicheplrclub (Which used to be known as Nitrowealth) which is where this plr ebook comes from


2 you are a member of Aurelius's plr site and you simply used the book as is without altering it which means you're lazy


3 you got it from some membership site where they offer mrr products. (per the license no one can offer plr to the product)

Let's use this as a teaching moment:

1 There is nothing wrong with offering an ebook as a freebie but you have to know your audience (You're an affiliate marketer so you know about knowing your target market).  The only people in this group that will benefit from this freebie are those who are not gold members of Resell Rights Weekly. 

2 If you have the plr to a product you should never use it as is.  In the Internet Marketing Black Belt Section of the Gold Membership, there is a great course on using plr called Profit From PLR Course  There are some other great courses on using plr in the membership as well.

3 If you dont have plr to a product, you can still do some great things with it.  With the ebook that Janet offers, I would have taken other ebooks (preferably not available in the RRW membership) and made a package.  This package could have been on the same subject OR it could have been an Internet Marketing Package (what you would need to get a good Internet Marketer..she's already got traffic covered, things that could be added in affiliate marketing, product creation etc).  You could have even said something like:

I've been inside the gold membership and put together a free (name the niche traffic/internet marketing..etc) package that I think will help out this community.

By saying that, it gives them impression that you put some effort into putting something unique together for the members (even though it's material from the membership....people like it when you put in the effort)

You can even spin it like this:

I've put together some resources from the membership in order to create a free package that will help accelerate a beginner's success in (name the niche)

Just some things to think about.