Author Topic: I'm doing "Comedy Night" at Moby's Pub on SSI and need some jokes!  (Read 2635 times)

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I've never tried to be a comic before, so I'm going to try singing some songs and make them funny if I can.  Anyone on RRW is welcome to share some jokes with me that I can use for some material.  I'm just going to "wing it" like I do with my songs, but at the same time if I've looked at some of the jokes, I might remember them and could share them in my song or if I use speech instead of music at any juncture.

Thanks a lot for contributing something I can use ahead of time.  If you can't or don't then thank you for letting me ask you in the first place.  Since I have started communicating in the forum I am having a good time.  Thank you for everybody's feedback so far when I have questions, problem or leave comments.  God Bless!     PaluRainbowSong

PS - Since I wrote this, I had an experience of 2 real life happenings that in the end turned out to be funny (I thought)!  I was in a drug store called Pharmasave.  I was walking down the isle.  I saw a girl with what looked like a garden tool in her jeans' pocket.  While passing her in the isle, I asked her if she were a gardener?  Her response caused me to laugh!  She said, "Yes.......... armed and dangrous!"  (Ha ha)

My next experience was waiting for a prescription to be filled.  Next to me was a conversation I overheard between a customer telling the female clerk what kind of medication she needed "for a small area."  After a while the druggist assistant returned with the medication!  She said, "Here is your prescription for malaria!"  (That wasn't what she needed, but mistook hearing "a small area" for "malaria!")  (Ha ha)

Both were real life experiences that became jokes for me in the end.